SAP Package SDB2

DB2/390: DDIC

Technical Information

Package SDB2
Short Text DB2/390: DDIC
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDB2 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDB2 contains 1 function groups.

SDB2U DB2/390: General Utilities


The package SDB2 contains 3 transactions.

DB2 Select Database Activities
DB2_IXFIX DB2-z/OS: index fix (padded, codepg)
DB2X DB2/390: database check

Database Tables

The package SDB2 contains 7 database tables.

DD02DB2 DB2/390: Table Parameters
DD12DB2 DB2/390: Index Parameters
IADB2 DB2/390: TABART <-> Index storage parameters
IGDB2 DB2/390: TABKAT <-> Index storage parameters
TADB2 DB2/390: TABART <-> Table storage parameters
TGDB2 DB2/390: TABKAT <-> Table storage parameters
TPDB2 DB2/390: Pagesize <-> table storage parameters


The package SDB2 contains 25 programs.

RSDB2ADM_IXFIX DB2-z/OS: index fix (admin)
RSDB2ADM_IXNAME DB2/390: index name fix (administration report)
RSDB2ADM_PADDED DB2/390: index name fix (administration report)
RSDB2ADS_OLD DB2/390: Adjust Schema
RSDB2CHK DB2/390: database check
RSDB2CHK_CODEPAGE DB2/390: check codepage setting
RSDB2CLN DB2/390: Database Objects Cleanup
RSDB2CMD DB2/390: OS commands
RSDB2DBO DB2/390: Storage parameter analysis of database objects
RSDB2DFX DB2/390: Defer index creation within upgrade phase PCON
RSDB2DSC DB2/390: Data set creation
RSDB2FIX DB2/390: Fix check
RSDB2MAS DB2/390: Mass Processing
RSDB2MOD_IXNAME DB2/390: index name fix (correction report)
RSDB2MOD_PADDED DB2/390: index name fix (correction report)
RSDB2NAV DB2/390: DBA navigation
RSDB2TRP DB2/390: tool to handle DDIC corrections
RSDB2URS DB2 UDB for OS/390: CPU Usage of Reports (for Upgrade Only)
RSDB2USP DB2 UDB for OS/390: Write Spool to File (for Upgrade Only)
RSDB2XTT DB2/390: Upgrade specific report
SDB1FDB2 DB2/390: Catalog requests
SDB2FDB2 DB2/390: Catalog modifications
SDB8FDB2 DB2 z/OS: Catalog Modifications (<= v8.1)
SDB9FDB2 DB2 z/OS: Catalog Modifications (>= v9.1)

Message Classes

The package SDB2 contains 1 message classes.

SDB2U DB2/390: Messages for Functiongroup SDB2U