SAP Package SDAD

ABAP/4 Dictionary: Cross-object, Mass Processing

Technical Information

Package SDAD
Short Text ABAP/4 Dictionary: Cross-object, Mass Processing
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDAD is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package SDAD contains 2 database tables.

DDPAMSCTRL DD: Controls Parallel Handling during Mass Activation
DDTYPES Table of all Dictionary types and classes


The package SDAD contains 2 views.

DD2526V DD: Base tables of buffered database views
H_TSRCG Help view to display the identifier for RDDSRCG0


The package SDAD contains 60 structures.

DCDDOBJ DD: DD objects and their type
DCDELDEPTB DD: For dependencies during mass-deletion
DCDELTB DD: Objects to be deleted in the mass activation program
DCDEPTB DD: Dependencies between DD objects
DCGENTB DD: Objects to be activated in the mass activation program
DCINVDEPTB DD: Dependencies between DD objects (inverse)
DCNTDELTB DD: Information about Nametab to be Deleted
DCOBJDUPTR DD: For DD Objects with Occurrence in Several Trs (MrgAct)
DCOBJINDX DD: Object with Index from E071
DCTABLCTRL DD: Contains Additional Info for Activator (Input Structure)
DCTRTB DD: Assignment of Tr Number to Transport (Mrg. Act.)
DD01TV Versioning: foreign languages for domains
DD01VD Version display: Domain
DD02TV Versioning: foreign languages for tables
DD03TV Versioning: foreign languages for fields
DD04TV Versioning: foreign languages for data elements
DD04VD Version display: Data element
DD05VD Version display: Foreign key fields
DD06TV Versioning: foreign languages for SQL tables
DD06VD Version display: SQL table
DD07TV Versioning: foreign languages for domain fixed values
DD07VD Version display: Domain fixed values
DD08TV Texts on the relationship definitions
DD08VD Version display: foreign key
DD09VD Version display: Technical settings
DD12TV Versioning: foreign languages for secondary indexes
DD12VD Version display: index
DD16VD Version display: Fields of SQL tables
DD20TV AS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts
DD20VD Version display: matchcode objects
DD22VD Version display: Lock object header
DD23TV Versioning: foreign languages for matchcode IDs
DD23VD Matchcode ID
DD25TV Versioning: foreign languages for views and lock objects
DD25VD Version display: View header
DD26EVD Version display: base tables of a lock object
DD26VD Version display: Base tables
DD27VD Version display: View fields, lock arguments, matchcode fld.
DD28JVD Version display: Joins of views
DD28VD Version display: Selection conditions
DD30TV Versioning: foreign languages for search helps
DD30VD Version Display: General Attributes of Search Helps
DD32VD Search help fields
DD35VD Version display: search help attachm. to structures: header
DD36VD Version display: parameter-field assignm. for s.h. attachm.
DD40TV Versioning: foreign languages for table types
DD40VD Version display: table types
DD42VD Version display: table type key fields (TTKF)
DDCOMPAREC Changed Components. Return of RS_VERS_COMPARE_TAB
DDGENTAB DD: Structure of Gentab (Mass Activation Program)
DDMASS DD: Structure for mass activator parameters
DDMASSAC DD: Control operations for DD objects during mass activation
DDMASSTST DD: Control Structure for Test Mode Mass Activation Program
DDMATASKCT DD: Control Parameter for Mass Act. for Each Task
DDMSACTRC DD: Return Information about Activation
DDNAMECONF Return structure for function module DD_NAME_CONFLICT_AREA
DDOBJ DD: Name of an ABAP Dictionary object
DDTRMERGE DD: For merging objects with different obj. func. values
DEPERROR DD: Dependent tables with errors
RSVRSHEAD Header line for version display and comparison (DE objects)


The package SDAD contains 10 programs.

RADMAPRCMP DD: Compare mass activation program action logs
RADMASDL DD: Mass Deleting Program
RADMASDS DD: Database selections
RADMASDSC DD: Database selections
RADMSIIBU DD: Activates DD objects for parallel mass activator
RADMSSEQ DD: Table Sorting for Mass Activating Program
RADVVTY2 Version display/comparison of table types
RSVRSTY1 Version Display for Tables
RSVRSTY2 Compare Table Versions
RSVRSTY3 Retrieve a version of a table

Search Helps

The package SDAD contains 1 search helps.

H_TSRCG Help view to display the identifier for RDDSRCG0

Message Classes

The package SDAD contains 1 message classes.

DO DD: Domänen-, Datenelement-, Massenaktivierung