CTS: Object Editing (Including Transport Objects)

Technical Information

Package SCTS_OBJ
Short Text CTS: Object Editing (Including Transport Objects)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SCTS_OBJ is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SCTS_OBJ contains 9 function groups.

0SOB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SCTO Interfaces: SOBJ Transport Objects
SLGO Expand Log. User Object to TR Basic Obj.
STCU Transport System: Customizing Utilities
STR7 Object Checks
STRD Request Processing
STRV Selections of Objects
SXSS Check Existence (Extension)
TR_OBJECTS Object Type Administration in CTS


The package SCTS_OBJ contains 2 transactions.

SOBJ Maintenance Object Attributes
SOBT Maintenance Object Attributes

Database Tables

The package SCTS_OBJ contains 14 database tables.

OBJH Object: Header
OBJLAN Object: Special Rule for Original Language
OBJM Object Method
OBJS Object: Object List
OBJSL Object: Object List - Logical Object
OBJSUB Subobjects
OBJSUBRESN Reserved System Suffixes for Sub-Object Names
OBJSUBT Object: Short Description of Sub-Object
OBJT Description of Type T Objects (Separate Transaction)
TLOCKTST Lock Table: CTS (Test Copy of TLOCK)
TLOGO Obsolete
TLOGOS Obsolete
TLOGOT Obsolete
TRCHECK Transport Organizer: Checks when Request Released


The package SCTS_OBJ contains 5 views.

V_OBJ_H Object: Header Data
V_OBJ_M Object: Methods
V_OBJ_S Object: Piece List
V_OBJ_SL Object: Object List - Logical Object
V_OBJ_SUB Object: Sub-objects


The package SCTS_OBJ contains 16 structures.

CTS_MSGCNT Message Context for Application Log in Correction Interface
CTS_OBJMSG Object-Related Error Message when Recording Changes
KO008 Screen Fields for Querying Request
KO026 Screen Fields for Dialog Box EDIT_CHECK 'Cancel or display'
KO110 Structure for Syntax of Sub-Objects (or Transport Objects)
KO200 Interface Structures for Objects in CTS
OBJ_0001 Screen Fields OBJ Maintenance
OBJ_PARA Parameter Structure for Maintaining OBJ Tables
RSE_TLOCK Lock Table for Serialization of TLOCK Selections
SCTSOBJECT Structure for Search Help Using Object Type
TLOCK_INT Program Structure for Lock Entries
TRCHECKRES Object Checks: Result
TRPAR_INT Results of Transport Type Check
TRPARE ImpExp Parameters for External Correction Interfaces
TRPARI Import/Export Parameters for Internal Correction Interfaces
TRSOURCES Object Check: Source with Main Program


The package SCTS_OBJ contains 21 programs.

RDDKOR45 Break Down Logical Transport Object
RDDKOR47 Call Program for Function Modules of TLOGO Maintenance
RDDKOR48 Display Entries Broken Down with TLOGO
RDDKOR59 Display Objects with Post-Import Methods
RDDKOR60 Display Objects with Post-Import Methods
RDDKOR62 Consistency Check for SOBJ Object Definitions
RDDTLCK1 XPRA for TLOCK Conversion (for Namespace Extension)
RDDTLOCK XPRA for TLOCK Conversion (for Namespace Extension)
RDDTLOGO Display/Change Maintenance Objects
RSWBO_CHECK_TLOCK Consistency Check for Lock Table
RSWBO010 Object Selection
RSWBO011 Release in Background (Object Checks Optional)
RSWBO019 Modification Browser
RSWBO020 Display Repaired Objects
RSWBO040 Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks
RSWBO050 Analyze Objects in Requests/Tasks
RSWBO060 Include Objects in a Transport Request
SAPMTOBJ Specification of Maintenance and Transport Objects

Search Helps

The package SCTS_OBJ contains 1 search helps.

SCTSOBJECT Search Help for Object Type

Message Classes

The package SCTS_OBJ contains 1 message classes.

SCTS_SOBJ Nachrichten der SOBJ