CTS: Namespaces and Naming Conventions

Technical Information

Package SCTS_NSP
Short Text CTS: Namespaces and Naming Conventions
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SCTS_NSP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SCTS_NSP contains 8 function groups.

0SH9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0ST1 View Maintenance: V_TRESN (Naming Conv.)
0ST3 View Maint. CTSRESNAME (Naming Conv.)
0STN Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SCTU Upgrade Handling of CTS Data
STCR Transport System Runtime Routines
STR4 General Namespace Modules
STRB SL: Namespace Functions


The package SCTS_NSP contains 1 transactions.

SCTS_RESNAME Naming Conventions in ABAP Workbench

Database Tables

The package SCTS_NSP contains 10 database tables.

RESP Project Number for SAP Partner
RESPT Text/Language Table for SAP Partner Projects
TDKZ Exception Table for DE, DO, TB in Customer Res. with 'Y'/'Z'
TRESC Reserved Names for Customizing Tables/Objects
TRESN Table of Naming Conventions in ABAP Workbench
TRESNT Text Table for Table TRESN (Naming Conventions)
TRNSPACE SL: Namespaces (Runtime Table)
TRNSPACEL SL: Namespaces (Non-Transportable Section)
TRNSPACET SL: Namespaces (Transportable)
TRNSPACETT SL: Text Section (Language-Specific) for Namespace Table


The package SCTS_NSP contains 3 views.

CTSRESNAME Naming Convention in the ABAP Workbench
V_TRESN Naming Conventions in the ABAP Workbench
V_TRNSPACE Repository Namespaces


The package SCTS_NSP contains 2 structures.

STRB_TRESN Structure for TRESN Interfaces (Function Group STRB)
WBO_PAR Transport Organizer Parameters


The package SCTS_NSP contains 15 programs.

CUSTMON1 Objects in Customer Namespace
RDDKOR54 Customer Namespace Reservations for Tables/Views
RESNMON1 Find Objects for TRESN Packages (Reserved Namespaces)
RSAUSTAB Exception Table for Customer Reserves DE, DO, TB (Y.../Z...)
RSWBO004 Set System Change Option
RSWBO080 Extended Table Maintenance for Namespace Tables
RSWBO081 Display/Change Namespaces
RSWBO084 Adjust Namespace Roles for SAP Internal Systems
RSWBO085 Namenspace: Direct Activation (Copy to Runtime Table)
RSWBO111 Extended Table Maintenance for Naming Conventions (V_TRESN)
RSWBO112 Display/Change Naming Conventions
RSWBO113 Namespace Information System
RSWBO114 Call View Maintenance for Naming Conventions (CTRESNAME)
RTYPLENG List of Name Lengths for All Transportable Object Types
RXWBODVC XPRA for Adjusting Software Components

Search Helps

The package SCTS_NSP contains 1 search helps.