SAP Package SCRP

Screen Painter

Technical Information

Package SCRP
Short Text Screen Painter
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SCRP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SCRP contains 9 function groups.

0SCP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CHGU Screen Painter: Ergonomic Checks
D023S_PROPERTY Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SCR0 Special screen functions
SCR1 Screen Painter: RFC Interface graph ScrP
SCR2 Screen Painter: General Functions
SEUS DW: Screen Painter
SEUZ Screen: Consistency and Layout Check
WBSCREEN Screen Painter Workbench 99


The package SCRP contains 1 transactions.

SE51 Screen Painter

Database Tables

The package SCRP contains 5 database tables.

D020T Screen Short Description
D021T Screen Key Word Texts
ICO_P Icons for pushbuttons in screens
PROP_ELTYP Property Bag: Value Table of the Element Types
TFAWT Screens: Screen Groups for Programs


The package SCRP contains 1 views.

V_TFAWT Screen group texts in screen title


The package SCRP contains 61 structures.

D021S Screen fields
D021S_CORE Screen Fields (Core Part Without Reserve Areas)
D021S_REL3 Screen source - structure up to and including Release 3
D021S_RES1 Screen Fields, Reserved Area 1 with Length 255
D021S_RES2 Screen fields, reserved area 2 with length 255
D021SE Screen field list for version management
D021SEXT Extension of D021S by fields for version management
D021T_R400 Screen field texts - structure from Release 4 onwards
D022S Screen flow logic
D023S Screen parameters
D023S_C Screen parameters: Parameter information for type CLASS
D023S_M Screen Parameters: Context Menu on Screen
D023S_P Screen Parameter: Property Bag
D023S_PH Property Bag: Header Attribute
D023S_PROP Screen: Property Bag as Seen by Class CL_WB_PROPERTY_BAG
D023S_S Screen Parameters: Parameter Information For Type SHLP
D023S_X Screen Parameter: Control Composites
D023S_XH Control Composite: Header Attribute
DYN_FIELD Screen: Elements in Element List
DYN_ID_CHR Screen: Identification (Screen Number as CHAR)
DYN_ID_NUM Screen: Identification (Screen Number as NUMC)
FELD Screen Painter fields (internal)
GFC_CLSFLD Graphical layout editor: Attributes of a class
GFC_CONP46 Graphical Fullscreen: Connection Parameters (Rel. > 4.5)
GFC_CONPAR Graphical fullscreen: Params for connection with Scrn Pntr
GFC_CTRATT Graphical fullscreen: Control attributes
GFC_CTRLS Graphical fullscreen: List of controls
GFC_DICFLD Graphical fullscreen: Field from dictionary
GFC_DOCU Graphical fullscreen: Data element documentation
GFC_ICONS Graphical fullscreen: Icons
GFC_KTEXTS Graphical fullscreen: Function key texts
GFC_MSGS Graphical fullscreen: Messages
GFC_PRGFLD Graphical fullscreen: Field from program
GFC_PROP Graphic SCRP: Assignment Element Type <-> Property
GFC_STATUS Graphical fullscreen: Screen Painter status
GFC_TEXTS Graphical fullscreen: Texts
PROP_ATTR Properties: List Attribute Name <-> Value
PROP_LINE Property: Structure Definition
PROPT_ATTR Property 'Hyperlink'
PROPT_HREF Property 'Hyperlink'
PROPT_LINE Property: Management Information
RPY_DCPARA Screen: Parameters (Ext. Display) - Differences
RPY_DYFATC Screen: Single field of a container (external depiction)
RPY_DYFLOW Screen: Flow logic (external depiction)
RPY_DYPARA Screen: Parameter Information for Screen (Unused) - Obsolete
RS37A Screen Painter screen editing (internal)
SCR_CHANGE Screen Painter: Change info for Workbench Organiser (index)
SCR_CHFLD Screen: Screen field as CHAR structure
SCR_CHHEAD Screen: Header as CHAR structure
SCR_DFIELD Screen Painter: RFC Table for DDIC Fields
SCR_FATT1 Screen: Screen field attributes (general part 1)
SCR_FATT2 Screen: Screen field attributes (general part 2)
SCR_MFIELD Screen Painter: RFC Table for Text Fields
SCR_NAVINF Screen Painter: Information of Navigation Stack (Obsolete)
SCR_OBJECT Screen Painter: Object for refreshing Workbench (index)
SCR_PFIELD Screen Painter: RFC Table for Program Fields
SCR_RFC Screen Painter: RFC Parameters for Graphical Fullscreen
SCRP_ENQ Lock table for screens Rel 4.0
TABFIELD Table name and field (extract from DD03L/DFIES)
TNACHBAR Field Lists: Label Right or Label Left
TTREF Screen Painter ergonomy check hit list


The package SCRP contains 20 programs.

RS_D020T_CLEAN Entries in D020T for non-existent screens
RS_D021S_RES_CLEAN Screens With Illegal Characters in D021S_RES1 and D021S_RES2
RS_D021S_UPDATE Screens with incorrect entries in the field list (combined report)
RS_D021T_CLEAN D021T entries for non-existent screens
RS_D021T_UPDATE Screens With Text Entries Containing Errors in Table D021T
RS_DYNP_MODIF_TO_40C Customer modifications to screens: Convert source from Rel. 3.1 to 4.0
RSDYNCHK RSDYNCHK: List of screens without report/module pool
RSDYNITC Screens Where Type I Fields Contain the Value 'C'
RSDYNL00 Screen Painter: Screen List with F4 Possible Entries
RSDYNL10 Print screen
RSDYNL12 Screen Painter: Display Screen Version
RSDYNL13 Screen Painter: Compare (Display) Two Screen Versions
RSDYNL14 Screen Painter: Restore Screen Version
RSSCREENPAINTER Report Transaction for Starting the Screen Painter as Single Tool
RSSCRPINT001 Screen Painter internal 001
SAPMSEUS Screen Painter (obsolete)

Message Classes

The package SCRP contains 1 message classes.

37 Screen Painter