SAP Package SCON

SAPconnect - External Communication

Technical Information

Package SCON
Short Text SAPconnect - External Communication
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SCON is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SCON contains 11 function groups.

SX01 SAPconnect: Send Modules
SX02 SAPconnect: Receive Modules (RFC)
SX03 SAPconnect: Conversion Modules
SX04 SAPconnect: Service Modules
SX05 SAPconnect: Configuration
SX06 SAPconnect: Trace
SX07 SAPconnect: Administration
SX08 SAPconnect: Node maintenance
SX09 SAPconnect: Service module statistics
SX10 SAPconnect: Job Maintenance
SX11 SAPconnect: Send Requests


The package SCON contains 2 transactions.

SCON SAPconnect - Administration
SCOT SAPconnect - Administration

Database Tables

The package SCON contains 21 database tables.

SXADDRTYPE SAPconnect: Address types
SXADMINTAB SAPconnect and SAPphone: Administration
SXCONVERT SAPconnect: Conversion functions
SXCONVERT2 SAPconnect: Conversion Functions for Format Categories
SXCOS SAPconnect: Send attribute classes
SXCOS_T SAPconnect: Text table for send classes
SXCPRECV SAPconnect: Language for Code Page
SXCPSEND SAPconnect: Code Page for Language
SXDEVTYPE SAPconnect: Device Types for Format Conversion
SXDEVTYPL SAPconnect: Device Types for Language-Specific Conversion
SXDOMAINS SAPconnect: Management of Internet Mail Addresses Domains
SXFORMATG SAPconnect: Format groups
SXJOBS SAPconnect: Send Jobs
SXNODES SAPconnect: Communication nodes
SXPARAMS SAPconnect: Parameter Table
SXRETRY SAPconnect: Disruptions in RFC connections to node
SXRFC SAPconnect: Assignment of RFC address to node
SXROUTE SAPconnect: Routing table
SXSERV SAPconnect: Node capabilities
SXTELMOIN SAPconnect: Telephone number modification (incoming)
SXTELMOOUT SAPconnect: Telephone number modification (outgoing)


The package SCON contains 11 views.

V_SXADDRTY SAPconnect: Maintenance view - communication methods
V_SXCONV SAPconnect: Maintenance view - conversion
V_SXCOS SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Send Attribute Classes
V_SXDEVTYPL SAPconnect: Language-Specific Device Types
V_SXFORMAT SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Format Groups
V_SXNODES SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Nodes
V_SXROUTE SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Routes
V_SXSERV SAPconnect: Maintenance View - Node Attributes
V_SXTELIN SAPconnect: Maint. view: Telephone modification (incoming)
V_SXTELOUT SAPconnect: Maint. View: Telephone Modification (outgoing)
V2_T005K Communication: Country code


The package SCON contains 26 structures.

SPHADMIN SAPphone: Fields for administration
SXADMIN SAPconnect: Structure for administration fields
SXDATRNGL Ranges for date
SXDC_30W SAPconnect: RFC - Doc. info enhancement for 3.0W
SXDOCCHGI1 SAPconnect: RFC - document information
SXDOCCHGI2 SAPconnect: 3.1 Version for SODOCCHG1
SXDOCU SAPconnect: Fields for report selection
SXER_30W SAPconnect: RFC - recipient list enhancement for 3.0W
SXEXTRECI1 SAPconnect: RFC - recipient list
SXFUNCPARA SAPconnect: Conversion - non-specific function parameters
SXJOBDATA SAPconnect: Display Structure for Job Data
SXLISTI1 SAPconnect: RFC - binary data
SXOBJCAT SAPconnect: Object catalog entry
SXPCKLSTI1 SAPconnect: RFC - packet list
SXPL_30W SAPconnect: RFC - packing list enhancement for 3.1
SXPROCESI1 SAPoffice: Processing parameters for document
SXRECINFI1 SAPconnect: RFC - send process information
SXRI_30W SAPconnect: RFC - send info enhancement for 3.0W
SXSD_30W SAPconnect: RFC - system data enhancement for 3.0W
SXSENDER SAPconnect: Sender with Group and Text
SXSENDERRNGL Ranges for Sender
SXSTATUS SAPconnect: Fields for status code
SXSYSDATI1 SAPconnect: RFC - system data of RFC client
SXTIMRNGL Ranges for Time
SXVAR4F4 SAPconnect: Structure for F4 Help on Variants


The package SCON contains 9 programs.

RSCONN01 SAPconnect: Start Send Process
RSCONN02 SAPconnect: Configuration Table Consistency Check
RSCONN03 SAPconnect: Explanation of Routing and Address Conversion
RSCONN04 SAPconnect: Generate Test Data
RSCONN05 SAPconnect: Configure Encryption/Signature
RSCONN06 SAPconnect: Specify MIME Save
RSCONN07 SAPconnect: Administration
RSCONNX1 SAPconnect: XPRA 1 for conversion of 3.1x config. data
RSCONNX2 SAPconnect: XPRA 1 for conversion of 3.1x config. data

Search Helps

The package SCON contains 4 search helps.

SX_GROUP User Group
SX_NODE_ID SAPconnect Nodes / SAPphone Server
SX_SOST_SENDER SAPconnect: Search Help for Sender Field

Message Classes

The package SCON contains 1 message classes.

XS SAPconnect: Alle Nachrichten