CCMS Monitoring Console : Domain Model Cache

Technical Information

Short Text CCMS Monitoring Console : Domain Model Cache
Parent Package SCMC_BACKEND

Package Contents

The package SCMC_CACHE is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SCMC_CACHE contains 1 function groups.

SCMC_CACHE_UPDATE Asynchronous Update of DB Cache

Database Tables

The package SCMC_CACHE contains 8 database tables.

SCMC_CACHE_ACC Last Cache Access to Data of a Monitor
SCMC_CACHE_CHG Logging of All Deleted/New Cache Entries
SCMC_CACHE_PRC Synchronization Table for the Cache Update Processes
SCMC_CACHE_UPD CCMS Monitoring Console Cache Update Information
SCMC_NODE Basic Data of Executed Monitors
SCMC_NODE_MSC Additional Attributes for Message Container Nodes
SCMC_NODE_PERF Additional Attributes for Performance Nodes
SCMC_NODE_SMES Additional Attributes for Log Nodes