SAP Package SBUF

Table Buffers

Technical Information

Package SBUF
Short Text Table Buffers
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SBUF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SBUF contains 1 function groups.

SBUF Buffer and buffer synchronization

Database Tables

The package SBUF contains 7 database tables.

DDSYN Parameters for Buffer Synchronization
VGGT2 Generically buffered table
VGHT2 100% buffered table
VGPT2 Partly buffered table
VGTST test
VGTX1 TBX buffer test table
VGTX2 TBX buffer: Reorganization (generic)


The package SBUF contains 24 structures.

DBCCSTAT Structure to take over cursor cache statistics from kernel
RSDBSTAT DB_RSQLSTA interface table statistics
RSDBTEXT DB_BMN_TEST result structure
RSEXPBUFG Global statisctics structure for dbexpbuf.c
RSEXPBUFG64 Global statisctics structure for dbexpbuf.c
RSEXPBUFINFO Variable Information About EXP Buffer Instances
RSEXPOBUF Table buffer statistics object structure
RSEXPOBUF64 Object Structure for Tabel Buffer Statistics 64 Bit
RSNTABOB Structure for NtabStatObject (dbntutil.c <-> RSDBBUFF)
RSNTABOBM Structure for NtabStatObject (dbntutil.c <-> RSDBBUFF)
RSNTABOV Structure for NtabStatOverview (dbntutil.c <-> RSDBBUFF)
RSNTABOVM Structure for NtabStatOverview (dbntutil.c <-> RSDBBUFF)
RSTBXBUFG dbtbxbuf.c global statistics structure
RSTBXBUFG64 dbtbxbuf.c global statistics structure
RSTBXBUFINFO Variable Information About TBX Buffer Instances
RSTBXBUFKEY Structure for Displaying the Buffered Keys
RSTBXDISPL TBX buffer displacement control structure display
RSTBXDISPL64 TBX buffer displacement control structure display
RSTBXOBUF Table buffer statistics object structure
RSTBXOBUF64 Table buffer statistics object structure
RSTUNEHD TUNEHD buffer statistics, corresponds to saptune.h in c
RSTUNEHD64 TUNEHD64 Buffer Statistics, Corr. to saptune.h on C Side
SYNC_STRUC For Requests to Buffer Synchronization
VIEWBUFF Runtime object: Buffered views for a table


The package SBUF contains 9 programs.

RSDB_TEST_SINGLE_KEY_BUFFER Test single key buffer
RSDBBUFF Buffer Monitoring Tool
RSDBTIME Time diagnosis
SBUF_GET_BUFFERED_TABLES Getting the buffered tables
SBUF_SYNCTEST Self-test for Buffer Synchronization
SYNCADM Output sync administration infos
SYNCTST1 Test synchronization classes
SYNCTST2 Test Report for Buffer Synchronization