SAP Package SBTI

User Interface and Job-API of Background Processing

Technical Information

Package SBTI
Short Text User Interface and Job-API of Background Processing
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SBTI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SBTI contains 5 function groups.

BTCH Background processing
BTCH_NU Background Functions (Non-Upgrade)
BTCHCNTXT Contexts (Assignments) for Bkgd Jobs
BTCUTIL utils functions
BTCUTIL2 Auxiliary Functions


The package SBTI contains 8 transactions.

SM36 Schedule Background Job
SM36WIZ Job definition wizard
SM37 Overview of job selection
SM37B Simple version of job selection
SM37BAK Old SM37 backup
SM37C Flexible version of job selection
SMX Display Own Jobs
SMXX Display Own Jobs

Database Tables

The package SBTI contains 8 database tables.

BTCDELAY Directory of delayed system log messages for batch scheduler
BTCJN Table of the Job Name for Background Processing
FAVSELS User-Specific Favorite Selection Criteria
REORGJOBS Reorganization Jobs for Shortcut in SM36
TBTCCNTXT Information for Assignment of Jobs to Components/Creators
TBTCCTXTT Description of Reference Types for Background Jobs
TBTCCTXTTP Check Table: Valid Job Reference Types
TBTCJSTEP Background Job Step Overview


The package SBTI contains 1 views.

TBTCJCNTXT Inner Join of Job Data and Contexts


The package SBTI contains 126 structures.

APR_MASK Mask for archive parameters
BPCLSTBL Longer Name for Job Classification
BPICPINF1 Extended info for intercepted jobs
BPJOBHEAD bp job head structure with all paremeters
BPJOBHMSK job header mask
BPJOBSTEP for new BP functions: step data for a job
BTCCALHTBL Help table for F4 factory calendar ID
BTCCLNHTBL Help Table for F4 Client Help
BTCCLSHTBL Help table for F4 job class display
BTCCTLHTBL Table for PF4 help: Background processing control objects
BTCCURRES Information on background resources currently available
BTCDELJOBS output structure for rsbtcdel2
BTCDTTMRES Information on background resources on a particular date
BTCH0000 Fields used as ref. types for function module parameters
BTCH1000 Batch job statuses from the system menu
BTCH1010 Display/Edit start date and period values
BTCH1011 Screen 1011: Display/edit 'on workday' start date
BTCH1030 Editing screen for BTCTTL table entry
BTCH1040 Screen 1040 with time stamp of a BTCCTL object
BTCH1050 Initial screen for display/maintenance of table BTCCTL
BTCH1060 Screen 1060 for period value input/display
BTCH1070 Initial Screen for Event ID Maintenance / Display
BTCH1080 Initial Screen for Event ID Maintenance / Display
BTCH1090 Screen 1090: Edit/display event ID/comment
BTCH1100 Screen 1100: Display action log for event ID
BTCH1120 Screen 1120: Display/edit step details
BTCH1140 Screen 1140: Display/edit job data
BTCH1141 Structure for Storing Job Data
BTCH1142 Structure for Fields from Screen 1142
BTCH1150 Screen 1150: Display job detail data
BTCH1160 Screen for control flags for external programs
BTCH1170 Job selection
BTCH1180 Screen 1180: Specify the name of copied job (BP_JOB_COPY)
BTCH1190 Screen 1190: Display/edit period values
BTCH1230 Screen 1230: Display Jobs
BTCH1250 Screen 1250: Trigger Event
BTCH1260 Screen: Period Behavior of a Job on Non-Workdays
BTCH1270 Screen 1270: Moving jobs to another computer
BTCH1280 Screen 1280: Find programs in jobs
BTCH2000 Initial screen fields of batch BI-API test environment
BTCH2010 Fields in screen 2010, batch BI-API test environment (start)
BTCH2020 Fields for screen 2020 (BI-API test envir.): Event ID check
BTCH2030 Screen 2030 (BI-API test envir.): Edit step values (raw)
BTCH2040 Screen 2040: Display/edit/create jobs
BTCH2060 Screen 2060: Test environment for BP_JOB_COPY
BTCH2080 Screen 2080: Test environment for BP_JOBLOG_SHOW
BTCH2090 Screen 2090: Test environment for BP_JOBLIST_PROCESSOR
BTCH2100 Screen 2100: Test environment for BP_JOB_MAINTENANCE
BTCH2110 Screen 2110: Test environment for BP_JOB_DELETE
BTCH2120 Screen 2120: Test environment for BP_JOBLOG_READ
BTCH2130 Screen 2130: Test environment for BP_JOB_SELECT
BTCH2170 Job Selection
BTCH3000 Screen 3000: Start date data 'Date/time' of a job
BTCH3001 Screen 3001 for entry/display of period values
BTCH3002 Screen 3002 for entry/display of expl. period values
BTCH3003 Screen: Period Behavior of a Job on Non-Workdays
BTCH3010 Screen 3010: Start date data 'Start immed.' of a job
BTCH3020 Screen 3020: Start date 'for event' of a job
BTCH3030 Screen 3030: Start date data 'after job' of a job
BTCH3040 Screen 3040: Start date data 'on workday' of a job
BTCH3050 Screen 3050: Start date 'for operation mode' of a job
BTCH3060 Screen 3060: Top level start date editor for jobs
BTCH3070 Job Selection
BTCH3071 subscreen for 3070: start condition selection
BTCH3072 subscreen for 3070: entering active time selection
BTCH3073 subscreen for 3070: leaving active status selection
BTCH3074 subscreen for 3070: being active time selection
BTCH3075 subscreen for 3070: status selection
BTCH3076 subscreen for 3070: periodicity selection
BTCH3077 subsrcreen for 3070: abap step selection
BTCH3090 User-defined Job Selection Name
BTCH4100 General information screen elements for SM36_wizard
BTCH4200 step definition subscreen
BTCH4210 ABAP program step definition
BTCH4220 External program step definition
BTCH4230 External command step definition
BTCH4300 send spool list definition
BTCH4400 start condition definition
BTCH4410 Start immediately definition
BTCH4420 Start date and time definition
BTCH4430 After job definition
BTCH4440 After event definition
BTCH4450 At opmode switch
BTCH4460 Workday Related Start Condition
BTCH4470 distinguish multiple jobs with same name
BTCH4480 Screen: Period Behavior of a Job on Non-Workdays
BTCH4490 factory calendar
BTCH4500 Periodicity definition
BTCH4510 Other Period Definition
BTCH4900 Structure for a Screen that Queries System and Client
BTCHHLPDM Dummy structure for handling help requests in SM36/SM37
BTCHWIZALL Collected information on job definition
BTCJOBCTXT Structure for Transferring Job References to the Background
BTCJOBHTBL Help table for jobname in TBTCO
BTCLNGHTBL Auxiliary table for PF4-handling of system languages
BTCOUT Other output fields for job analysis
BTCSELDAYS selection date structure for different job classes
BTCSELECT Structure for parameter passing for job selection
BTCSELECTP Powerful job selection criterias
BTCSELEX btch extended selection structure
BTCSELMODE selection mode
BTCSRVHTBL Help Table for F4, Server Name (sm65)
BTCSYSHTBL Help Table for F4 System Help
BTCSYSLOG Structure for inclusion of system log entry
BTCTACHTBL Help Table for F4 Transaction Code Help
BTCTGTHTBL Table of all currently active batch systems (host names)
BTCTGTITBL Table of currently active batch systems (host + instance)
BTCTGTSRVR List of instance names that are considered as BTC servers
BTCUSRHTBL Help structure for PF4 handling of user names
BTCVARHTBL variant F4 help value display
CJRANGE range for job count
FVSELHTBL Help table for user defined job selection
NJRANGE Batch selection range for job name
OMSOPMHTBL Help table for F4 operation modes (screen 1020)
OPSYS_GRPS Syntax groups of operating systems
PPR_MASK Mask for print parameters
RJOJ Display Specific Job Information
RJSTA1 Structure for Storing Job Data
RJSTA2 Structure for Storing Job Data
SJRANGE range for job status
STEP_WIZ job step list
TBTCJMONI Job Data Sent to Monitoring
TBTCJOB Structure for Transferring Job Header Data (BI-API)
TBTCJOB_BK TBTCJOB adding some more fields for SM37B/C
TBTCJOB_S Structure for Transferring Job Header Data (BI-API)
UNRANGE Batch selection range for user name


The package SBTI contains 6 programs.

BTC_DELETE_ORPHANED_IVARIS Delete 'Orphaned' Temporary Variants
BTC_OPTIONS_SET Set Options for Background Processing
BTCAUX14 List Background Jobs by Their Frequency
RSBTCDEL2 Deletion of Jobs
START_COND_EDITOR_WIZ Start condition editor for job definition wizard

Message Classes

The package SBTI contains 1 message classes.

BT Nachrichten der Hintergrund-Verarbeitung