SAP Package SBTC

SAP Background Processing

Technical Information

Package SBTC
Short Text SAP Background Processing
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SBTC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SBTC contains 8 function groups.

BTC2 API for background processing
SBPT Test suite for background processing
SOMS Operation mode switch (maintenance)
SPBT Parallel background tasks
SSXP (Asynch.) interaction with RFC-SAPXPG
STLG General logging interface
SXPG Execution of external programs
SXPT External operating system commands


The package SBTC contains 12 transactions.

SBIT BAPI Test Environment
SBTA Test background processing
SM39 Job Analysis
SM49 Execute external OS commands
SM61BAK Old SM61
SM63 Display/Maintain Operating Mode Sets
SM64 Trigger an Event
SM65 Background Processing Analysis Tool
SM69 Maintain External OS Commands
SPBM Monitoring parallel background tasks
SPBT Test: Parallel background tasks

Database Tables

The package SBTC contains 27 database tables.

BTC1011 Dummy Table
BTCCTL Control table for background processing
BTCD2N0130 Dummy Table
BTCEVC Dummy Table due to Inconsistent TADIR Entries
BTCEVTJOB List of jobs waiting for events
BTCH2050 Dummy Table due to Inconsistent TADIR Entries
BTCOMSDL Control table for operation type scheduler
BTCOMSET Definition of operation type sets and exception op. modes
BTCOPTIONS Table with options for batch control
BTCSED Description of system event IDs for background processing
BTCSEV Table for system event IDs for background processing
BTCUED Description of user event IDs for background processing
BTCUEV User event IDs for background processing
SXPGBTCINF Who will get the data of an asynchronous command execution
SXPGCOSTAB Definition of logical OS commands(customer table)
SXPGCOTABE Definition of logical operating system commands(SAP table)
SXPGHISTOR History of Logical Commands
TBCICPT1 Table with intercept conditions for batch jobs
TBTCA Subsequent relationship in batch job scheduling
TBTCB Preceding relationship in batch job scheduling
TBTCI Usage counter for the job's internal report
TBTCO Job Status Overview Table
TBTCP Background Job Step Overview
TBTCR Batch scheduler execution time
TBTCS Background Processing: Time Schedule Table
TSRVGRP Server Groups in Background Processing
TSRVLST Contents of Background Processing Server Groups


The package SBTC contains 3 views.

TBTCO_V01 Projection on key fields + index 7 of TBTCO
TBTCPV Step table fields that are processed in C kernel
V_OP Join from tbtco and tbtcp


The package SBTC contains 71 structures.

AVAILABLE_SERVERS structure of available servers at bp_srv_grp
BPEXCLJOBS Output exceptions when descheduling jobs for upgrade
BPSRVGRPI Server Groups Entry
BPSRVLINE A Line in the Server Groups Set
BTCD1N1040 Information on job log partition
BTCD2N1030 Batch job execution date after release
BTCD3N0100 Program to be scheduled
BTCD4N1000 Job status
BTCD5N0101 Time interval for job planning table display
BTCEVTHTBL Help table for F4 handling of event IDs (screen 1010)
BTCLOG_COD Job log entries in flexible (file) format without date/time
BTCLOGDCOD Job log entries in flexible (file) format with date/time
BTCREMTCLN BTC server for which a remote clean-up is executed
BTCTL1 T100-type entries in general log file
BTCTLE General log entries (no format)
BTCTLP Parameters of T100-type log entry (long form)
BTCTSTPROT Test Log for Background Test Suite
BTCXP1 Message to start an external program from a job
BTCXP2 Status message after starting an external program
BTCXP3 Scheduling message after termination of external program
BTCXPGENEX Export parameters of the ext. RFC function SAPXPG_END_XPG
BTCXPGLOG Log message of an external program (RFC-SAPXPG)
BTCXPGPROX Parameters of the substitute at the start of ext. programs
BTCXPGSPEX Export parametrs of the substitute at start of ext. programs
BTCXPGSTEX Export parameters of external RFC function SAPXPG_START_XPG
BTCXPGSTIM Import parameters of external RFC function SAPXPG_START_XPG
BTCXPM Log message from external program to calling program
PBTFUNCMON Monitoring (CSA): Info on the last FM called
PBTMONIDIR Contents of the monitor data in CSA
PBTPGMMON Monitoring (CSA): Info on application program
PBTRESOURC Control table for parallel background tasks
PBTRESTMON Resource table in monitor display in CSA
PERFBTCST Structure of output list (job performance analysis)
SBPT1010 Screen 1010: Additional analyses for background processing
SBPT1020 Screen 1020 : Entry to background processing analysis tool
SELECTVIEW Work area for selection criterion for performance analysis
SOMS1020 Screen 1020: Specify an operation mode
SOMS1030 Screen 1030: Activation date of operation mode set
SOMS1040 Screen 1040: Display/maintain operation mode sets
SPBT1010 Screen 1010: Test environment parallel background task FM
SPBT1020 Initial screen of PBT monitor (transaction SPBM)
SXPGCODEF Short description of a logical command
SXPGCOLIST Short description of a logical command
SXPGSTRUCT Help Structure for Interface Data Types
TBTC0 Batch log entries (generic format)
TBTC1 Batch log entries (coded format)
TBTC2 Batch log entries (coded format) w/o date/time
TBTC3 Batch log entries (free text format)
TBTC4 Batch log entries (free text format) w/o date/time
TBTC5 Job Log Entries in List Format
TBTCD Job log directory
TBTCDK User-specific part of job log partition key
TBTCK Key for job log directory or batch job table
TBTCL Job status entry link with job log
TBTCM Run-time information on batch job
TBTCPERI Description of the job period values (BI-API)
TBTCPK Key for step overview table for batch job
TBTCSTEP Description of step values (BI-API)
TBTCSTRT Start data description / Repetition period of background job
TBTCT Compare values for batch job selection
TBTCU Selection Values for Job Table Entry Selection
TBTCV Selection Values for Job Table Entry Selection
TXJIARCPAR Archive params XJI-API (connection of ext. job mgmt systems)
TXJIPRIPAR Print params XJI-API (connection of ext. job mgmt systems)
TXMISPOROW Line in spool list
WPSTAT_ST Structure of specifications for a work process
XLDB1N0103 Fields for period duration selection for periodical jobs
XLDB2N0100 Display job scheduling data


The package SBTC contains 41 programs.

BTCAUX01 Display and Repair Jobs with Missing Print Parameters
BTCAUX02 Display Jobs with Deleted Printer
BTCAUX03 Utility Program for Archiving Job Logs
BTCAUX04 Identify Periodic Jobs Scheduled More Than Once
BTCAUX05 Select Jobs for Spool Requests
BTCAUX06 Activate Logging for Job Deletion
BTCAUX07 Check Status of Active Jobs
BTCAUX08 Display Start or End of a Job Log
BTCAUX09 Identify Jobs with Deleted Users
BTCLOOP btcloop
BTCRTTST btcrttst
BTCSPOOL Background Test Program with Spool List Generation
BTCTEST btctest
BTCTESTX btctestx
RSBPTP01 Background Processing Test Suite: Test Exception ERROR_MESSAGE
RSBPTP02 Background Processing Test Suite: Test Exception ERROR_MESSAGE
RSBPTP03 This Report Outputs The Print/Archive Parameters Passed To It
RSBPTTST rsbpttst
RSBTCCNS Consistency Check: Administration Tables for Background Processing
RSBTCDEL Delete batch jobs
RSBTCDJL rsbtcdjl
RSBTCDRP rsbtcdrp
RSBTCPRIDEL Reorganization of Print Parameters for Background Jobs
RSBTCPT1 rsbtcpt1
RSBTCPT2 rsbtcpt2
RSBTCPT3 Feigned Job Step, which Issues an A Message (to Job Log)
RSBTCPT4 rsbtcpt4
RSBTCRPR rsbtcrpr
RSBTCXPG Special Job Step to Start External Programs
RSLOGCOM Maintenance and Execution of External OS Commands (Trans. SM49, SM69)
RSRFCXPT Report to Test Directly the RFC-Based SAPXPG
RSSXPGCO Confirm SAP Commands
RSVREORG Reorganization for VARI (Internally Generated Variants)
SAPBTCJO Test: Find appropriate job
SAPBTCPE Performance Analysis for Background Jobs
SAPBTCPR List of Background Processes for all Application Servers

Message Classes

The package SBTC contains 1 message classes.

RZ Meldungen des RZ-Leistands

Authorization Objects

The package SBTC contains 4 authorization objects.

S_BTCH_ADM Background Processing: Background Administrator
S_BTCH_JOB Background Processing: Operations on Background Jobs
S_BTCH_NAM Background Processing: Background User Name
S_LOG_COM Authorization to execute logical operating system commands