SAP Package SBRN

Replace Industry-Specific Short Texts

Technical Information

Package SBRN
Short Text Replace Industry-Specific Short Texts
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SBRN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SBRN contains 5 function groups.

SBRA Compare industry short texts
SBRN Industry Utilities
SBRO Language-dependent text table selection
SBRT Industry short text editor
SBRU Updates: Creation of Industry Short Txts


The package SBRN contains 2 transactions.

SE62 Industry Utilities
ST62 Create Industry Short Texts

Database Tables

The package SBRN contains 21 database tables.

BRACNTL Industry control table
BRALOG Industry log for import/activation of industries
BRAN Industry table
BRAN1 Assignment of Industry Text Editor to Package
BRANT Industry text table
BRATEXT Industry texts
CRATEXT Industry Texts
DRATEXT Industry texts
INDHEAD Short Text Conversion: Generation Data
INDLAPR Short Text Conversion: Languages for Worklist
INDPROT Short Text Conversion: Log
INDTABS Short Text Conversion: Table Attributes
INDTEX2 Short Text Conversion: Industry Sector Texts
INDTEXT Industry texts
NOIND Tables Excluded from Conversion
SBM132 Industry short text proposal pool
SBRN_EXCL SBRN: Special Tables
TSKTF Absolute file path for industry tables
TSKTU Industry Short Text Search Strings
TSKTV Industry Short Text Found Strings
TSKTW Industry short text replacements


The package SBRN contains 5 structures.

BRANINT Structure for internal processing industry sectors
BRANITAB1 Industries Available For Each Language
SBM132ENQ Industry short text proposal pool
SBRN_WORDS Internal structure for replacement terms from table TSKTW
SBRO_TAB_T Table name structure for language-dependent table selection


The package SBRN contains 31 programs.

RS_TSKTF_INS Insert Path Names
RSBRAN01 Check Industry Sector Status
RSBRAN02 Generate Industry Tool Programs
RSBRAN03 Distribution of Industry Texts
RSDRAIND Distribute Industry-related Short Text Proposals in Text Pool
SAPDSBRU Find character strings in short texts
SAPDSBRV Specify Character Strings
SAPMSBR0 Industry utilities
SAPMSBRA Replace Industry-Relevant Short Texts
SAPRSBR1 Display Industry Converter
SAPRSBR2 Display Industry Descriptions
SAPRSBRA Localize Industry-Relevant Short Texts
SAPRSBRC Check Proposal Pool
SAPRSBRD Display Proposal Pool
SAPRSBRG Create Industry Short Text Replacement Proposals
SAPRSBRI Replace Industry Short Texts
SAPRSBRJ Define Replacement Terms
SAPRSBRL_EREF Industry Short Texts: Display Reference Texts
SAPRSBRO Save Industry Text Entries
SAPRSBRP Delete BRATEXT Entries for Creation of Worklist
SAPRSBRR Reload Tables for Industry Short Texts
SAPRSBRS Find Character Strings in Industry-related Short Texts
SAPRSBRT Insert industry sector description
SAPRSBRU Distribute Industry-related Short Text Proposals in Text Pool
SAPRSBRW Confirm New Replacement Terms
SAPRSBRX Display replacement terms

Message Classes

The package SBRN contains 1 message classes.

BU Branchenkurztextumsetzung

Authorization Objects

The package SBRN contains 1 authorization objects.

S_BRAN_ADM Industry management