SAP Package SBIE

Business Information Warehouse: Data Extraction

Technical Information

Package SBIE
Short Text Business Information Warehouse: Data Extraction
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SBIE is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package SBIE contains 6 database tables.

RODCHABGEN Generated objects for the basic characteristic
ROHIEBAS Assignment of hierarchy class / domain for basic character.
ROHIEOBJ Derivation of hierarchy class and node type -> InfoObject
ROIDOCPRMS Control parameters for data transfer from the source system
ROISGEN Generated objects for the InfoSource
RSMDDELTA Assignment basic characteristic - change pointer


The package SBIE contains 14 structures.

RMSG_PARAM Parameters for finding messages in T100
ROSFOLDERT Interface: Name of node that cannot be posted to
ROSHIEDIR Interface: Hierarchy directory
ROSHIEINTV Interface: Hierarchy intervals
ROSHIENODE Interface: Elements of a hierarchy
ROSHIERS Interface: Hierarchies with name
ROSHIERSEL Interface: Requested hierarchies
ROSHIETEXT Interface: Description of the hierarchy
ROSREQUEST Processing parameters for the data request
ROTASK Interface: Task manager extraction engine
RSAKIDOC1 Help structure for transfer of an IDoc table to BIW
RSSELECT1 Batch interface: Part 1 of the selection criteria
RSSELECT2 Batch interface: Part 2 of the selection criteria
RSSELECT3 Batch interface: Part 3 of the selection criteria