Business Framework BAPI, Central Modules, Tools

Technical Information

Package SBF_BAPI
Short Text Business Framework BAPI, Central Modules, Tools
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SBF_BAPI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SBF_BAPI contains 7 function groups.

BACV BAPI Conversion Routines
BAIS BAPI Information System
BASR Functions for BAPI Service Reports
BATG BAPIs for Reading Documentation
BFHV BAPIs for the object type HelpValues
LBFH Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SBF1 Enhancement Module for BOR-API <=4.0B

Database Tables

The package SBF_BAPI contains 5 database tables.

BAPIF4T Function Modules for BAPI F4 Authorization Check
BATMANDPT contains dependencies between individual BAPI calls
BATMANSQT contains the BAPI sequence to be tested
BATMANTDT contains the test data dependencies
BF4INDX F4 cluster buffer


The package SBF_BAPI contains 1 views.

SBAPIS Overview of BAPIs with their Engish names


The package SBF_BAPI contains 46 structures.

BAPI_STAND Standard parameters in BAPI interfaces
BAPIALA Import Parameters for BAPI Reading application log
BAPIALB Return of message information for BAPI
BAPIALC Header data of BAPI Application Log
BAPIALD Header Parameter for Application Log When Reading BAPI
BAPIALF Import Parameters for BAPI Reading application log
BAPIALG Details of Entry in Application Log
BAPIALT Message Long Text of Entry in Application Log
BAPICONVRS Import Structure for Converation BAPI
BAPICURR Currency amount for BAPIs
BAPICURX Structure of currency conversion modules for BAPIs
BAPIEXT Container for 'Customer Exit' Parameter
BAPIEXTA Container for 'Customer Exit' Parameter (for copying)
BAPIEXTC Container for 'Customer Exit' Parameter
BAPIF4A Transfer structure for BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET
BAPIF4B BAPI selection options for choosing values via search help
BAPIF4C Help values and Their Text for BAPI Character String
BAPIF4D BAPI Help Values as Key for Requested Field
BAPIF4E Description of BAPI Help Texts in BAPIF4C
BAPIF4F Interface for Authorization Check in F4BAPI
BAPIF4M Transfer Structure for BAPI_MATCHCODE_GET
BAPIHTML BAPI Structure for HTML List Output
BAPIINFO List of BAPI Information
BAPIMONCOM Application Component
BAPIMONIT Transfer Structure for BAPI Monitor
BAPIMONSTR Structure to Transfer BAPI List
BAPIOBJID BFA: Central Structure for Generic Object Keys
BAPIPAREX Ref. structure for BAPI parameter ExtensionIn/ExtensionOut
BAPIPAREX_HELP Help Structure for Unicode Conversion
BAPIRANGES Reference structure for ranges in BAPI interfaces
BAPIRET1 Return Parameter
BAPIRET2 Return Parameter
BAPIRETC Return Parameter for Complex Data Type
BAPIRETI Return Parameter with Object Index and Key
BAPIRETS Return Parameter with Key for Single Object
BAPIRETURN Return Parameter
BAPISHLP List of Existing Search Helps
BAPISRCSYS Table of R/3 System Codes
BAPITA Structure of the transaction BAPIs
BAPITGA Read documentation with BAPIs of Bapiservice object type
BAPITGB Structure to transfer texts for BAPIs that read docu.
E1BPEXT BFA: Container for Customer Exit Parameter.
E1BPEXTC BFA: Container for Customer Exit Parameter.
SBF_BAPID Description of a BAPI Method
SBF_OBJID List of business object types with their external names


The package SBF_BAPI contains 1 programs.

BAPIMONI BAPI Monitor: Statistics on BAPIs and Their Properties

Message Classes

The package SBF_BAPI contains 3 message classes.

BAPI BAPI-Nachrichten für die DX Workbench
HV SBF_BAPI: Nachrichten BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET bis einschl. 4.0C
S& SBF_BAPI: Nachrichten Service-Bapis und Batman