Business Communication Rule-Based Routing

Technical Information

Short Text Business Communication Rule-Based Routing
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SBCOM_ROUTING is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SBCOM_ROUTING contains 6 function groups.

BCOM_R_ATTCAT Attribute Catalog
BCOM_R_REORG Router Reorganization
BCOM_R_RFC BCOM Routing: RFC Calls
BCOM_R_TEST Test Interface
BCOM_RS_RFC Rule-Based Routing Server


The package SBCOM_ROUTING contains 5 transactions.

SBRAC Catalog of Routing Attributes
SBRREORG Routing Server Reorganization
SBRT BCOM RBR: Test Interface
SBRT2 Routing Test
SBRT3 RBR Test Server - Configuration

Database Tables

The package SBCOM_ROUTING contains 27 database tables.

SRATTCAT BCOM Routing: Attribute Catalog
SRATTCATWF BCOM Routing: Data Element Reference of an Attribute
SRRESPONS Routing: Responsibility
SRSACTION Routing Server: Actions Table
SRSAGRP Routing Server: Agent_Group Table
SRSAGRPT Routing Server: Agent_Group Table Temp
SRSATGRP Routing Server: AttribGroup Table
SRSATGRPT Routing Server: AttribGroup Table Temp
SRSATTRIB Routing Server: Attribute Table
SRSATTRIBT Routing Server: Attribute Table Temp
SRSCENARIO Routing Scenario: Definition
SRSCENATTR Routing Scenario: Attributes
SRSCENDEST Routing Scenario: Destinations
SRSCENSERV Routing Scenario: Server
SRSCENTYPE Routing Scenario: Classifications
SRSCONFIG Routing Server: Config Table
SRSDEST Routing Server: Description Table
SRSDESTT Routing Server: Description Table Temp
SRSRESP Routing Server: Responsibility Table
SRSRESPT Routing Server: Responsibility Table Temp
SRSRVAPP BCOM Routing: Server for each Application
SRSSCEN Routing Server: Scenario Table
SRSSCENT Routing Server: Scenario Table Temp
SRSSRCHT Routing Server: Search Table Table
SRSSRCHTT Routing Server: Search Table Table Temp
SRSTS Routing Server: Time Stamp Table
SRSTST Routing Server: Time Stamp Table Temp


The package SBCOM_ROUTING contains 26 structures.

SRADDRESS Type, Content, and Description of an Address
SRAGNAME User Name Call Center Agent
SRAGPID Call Center Agent Group ID
SRAGPRSP Agent Group and Assigned Attribute Values
SRATTDESC Routing Attribute with Description
SRATTID Routing: Attribute ID
SRATTRIB Routing: Attribute with Priority
SRATTVAL Attribute ID and Value
SRATTVALQ Routing: Attribute Value of a Responsibility
SRMEMBER Routing: Members of an Attribute Group
SRMSG BCOM Routing: Table of Messages
SRSCNDESC Routing Scenario and Description
SRSCNGRP Instance List: Groups for each Scenario
SRSENTRY Routing: Entry in Help Table
SRSKVAL Routing: Search Key Value
SRSRCHID ID of a Help Table: Search Key ID and Attribute ID
SRSRVGRP Server Version of an Attribute Group
SRSRVMSG Routing: Result with Message and Variables
SRSRVSCN Server Version of a Routing Scenario
SRSRVSRCH Server Version of a Search Table
SRSRVTS Routing: Server and Time Stamp
SRSRVTSK Routing: Key and Time Stamp for each Server
SRTSK Routing: Time Stamp and Key
SRUSAGENT BCOM: User with Agent Name
SRUSRAGNT Routing: User Is Agent


The package SBCOM_ROUTING contains 1 programs.

RSBCOM_SBRT3_START Start of Business Routing Test Server Configuration as Dialog Box

Message Classes

The package SBCOM_ROUTING contains 5 message classes.

BCOM_EC_R BCOM RBR: Nachrichten für Returncodes des Routers
BCOM_R Business Communication: Nachrichten für Rule Based Routing
BCOM_R_AGENTGROUP Business Communication: Nachrichten für Rule Based Routing
BCOM_R_ATTCAT Nachrichten zum Routingattributkatalog
BCOM_R_BPARTNERGROUP Business Communication: Nachrichten für Rule Based Routing