Archive Information System

Technical Information

Package SARCIS
Short Text Archive Information System
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SARCIS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SARCIS contains 21 function groups.

AINA SAP AS: Central Management
AINB R/3 AS: Fill Info Structures, Status
AIND R/3 AS: Update Info Structures
AING R/3 AS: Generation Tools
AINS R/3 AS: Archive Explorer
AITX obsolete (is no longer used)
ARCIS_ARCH_READ R/3 AS: Archive Read Accesses
ARCIS_DB_INTERFACE Database Interface to Structure Tables
ARIC AS: Maintain Field Catalogs
ARII R/3 AS: Auxiliary Tools
AS_ADMIN SAP AS: Administration
AS_API R/3 AS: Programming Interface
AS_ARC Archive Retrieval Configurator
AS_DATASOURCE AS: Selection of Data Source
AS_DB_INDEX AS Database Indexes
AS_GENERATE AS: Field Catalog/Info Str. Generation
AS_STATUS AS: Status Mgmt. Filling of Infostruct.
AS_VIEWS BWL Viws for Central Tools
ASCD obsolete (is no longer used)
ASH2 obsolete (is no longer used)
KASH Display tools for archive


The package SARCIS contains 4 transactions.

AS_ADMIN SAP AS: Administration
SARE Archive Explorer
SARI Archive Information System
SARJ Archive Retrieval Configurator

Database Tables

The package SARCIS contains 16 database tables.

AIND_STATU Status management of archive information structures
AIND_STR1 Archive Info Structures
AIND_STR10 Technical Attributes of Archive Information Structures
AIND_STR1T Text of archive information structure
AIND_STR2 Archive information structure: system information
AIND_STR3 Archive information structure: field catalog
AIND_STR4 Achive information structure: field catalog, further fields
AIND_STR5 R/3 AS: Function Modules for Application-Dependent Reporting
AIND_STR5T R/3 AS: Texts of Application-Dependent Data Object Display
AIND_STR6 R/3 AS, Field Catalog: Additional Info on Fields
AIND_STR7 SAP AS: Virtual Field Catalogs
AIND_STR8 Archive Information System: indexes, fields
AIND_STR9 SAP AS: Authorization checks
ASDATASRC1 AS: Settings for Choosing the Data Source
ASIX_INVALID_RUN AS: BC_ASIS Archiving Sessions That Are Not To Be Read
ASIX_SETTINGS AS: Meta Index Customizing


The package SARCIS contains 4 views.

AIND_SV1S Archive Retrieval Configurator: Field catalogs
AIND_SV3ES Archive Retrieval Configurator: Field selection
AIND_SV4 Archive Retrieval Configurator: Further Source Fields
AIND_SV8ES AS: Database Indexes for Information Structures


The package SARCIS contains 11 structures.

AIND_ARKEY SAP AS: Reference Structure for Archive Key/Archiveofs
AIND_FILES R/3 AS: Archive Indexing
ASADLINE AS: Aims of the Administration
ASFVALUE SAP AS: Individual Field Value for an Infostructure Record
ASGENFCFLD AS: Field Catalog Fields for Generation
ASGENFCHD AS: Field Catalog Header for Generation
ASGENISFLD AS: Info Structure Fields for Generation
ASGENISHD AS: Info Structure Header for Generation
ASGENISIDX AS: Secondary Index Fields for Generation
ASIX_INDEXRANGE AS: Key Functional Areas of Archived Archive Infostructures
ASTABLEBUFFER AS: Table Buffer with Type


The package SARCIS contains 13 programs.

ASCORR01 Correction Program Archive Information System
ASCORR02 Correction Program Archive Information System
ASCORRINDX Adjust database indexes for archive information structures
ASDATASOURCETEST Test Program for Data Source Selection
BC_ASIS_DEL Delete Program Archving Object BC_ASIS
BC_ASIS_REO Reorganization Program Archiving Object BC_ASIS
BC_ASIS_WRI Write Program Archiving Object BC_ASIS
RSAINDBU R/3 Retrospective filling of archive info structures
RSAINDDL R/3 AS: Empty the info structures
SAPMARIC Exit routines for view clusters AIND_STRUC, AIND_EXT, AIND_SKEY

Search Helps

The package SARCIS contains 1 search helps.

AS_DBINDEX_FIELD Database Index Fields in Archive Information Structures

Message Classes

The package SARCIS contains 2 message classes.

AS_DATASOURCE Dialog für die Auswahl der Datenquelle
Q6 Archivinformationssystem