SAP Workload Collector (Old Version)

Technical Information

Short Text SAP Workload Collector (Old Version)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SAPWL_OLD_COLLECTOR is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SAPWL_OLD_COLLECTOR contains 1 function groups.

STUW Access Function to Workload Statistics

Database Tables

The package SAPWL_OLD_COLLECTOR contains 8 database tables.

SAPWLMLOG Workload Kollektor für große Systeme - Logging
SAPWLMOIDX SAP Workload: Index für Statistikdaten in der MONI
SAPWLMONI Workload Kollektor für große Systeme - Cluster
SAPWLMTOC1 Workload Kollektor für große Systeme - Inhalt
SAPWLMTOC2 Workload Kollektor für große Systeme - Inhalt
SAPWLSFIDX SAP Workload: Stats. record: index for statistics files
SAPWLSFIHD SAP Workload: stat. record: starts of the statistics files
SWNCMOMIGR Datenmigration für Workload-Statistik beim Upgrade auf 7.0


The package SAPWL_OLD_COLLECTOR contains 67 structures.

PARSTAT Workload statistics: Customizing parameter
SAPWLACCTD SAP Workload: Workload/Acc.exit: Table of conts. avail. data
SAPWLACCTP SAP Workload: Accounting exit: Funct. mod. parameters
SAPWLACCTS SAP Workload: Accounting exit: System utilization of Account
SAPWLASHIT SAP Workload: Workload: Satz einer Anwendungsst.-Hitliste
SAPWLASPAR SAP Workload: Parameter für Anwendungsstatistik
SAPWLBYTES SAP Workload: Core structure for transferred Bytes
SAPWLCTTIM SAP Workload: Workload: Include structure times & counters
SAPWLDBPRO SAP Workload: Workload: DB-Procedure Statistik
SAPWLDIR SAP Workload: Workload: Table of contents of available data
SAPWLFCODE SAP Workload: Workload: Function code statistics
SAPWLFUNCN SAP Workload: Name of function modules
SAPWLHITL SAP Workload: Workload: Hit list record
SAPWLHTPSM SAP Workload: Workload: Summenstruktur für RFC-Subrecords
SAPWLINSPP SAP Workload: Instanzen mit Statistikparameter
SAPWLINST SAP Workload: Workload: Instance list
SAPWLMEM SAP Workload: Workload: Memory use statistics
SAPWLMEMRY SAP Workload: Workload: General memory statistics
SAPWLMONIK Workload Kollektor für große Systeme - Clusterschlüssel
SAPWLNUMAS SAP Workload: Compressed application stat. num. fields
SAPWLOBJCT SAP Workload: Workload: Objects
SAPWLPARAM SAP Workload: Workload: Statistics organization parameters
SAPWLPFADM SAP Workload: Stat. Record: ADM-Message-Subsatz
SAPWLPFAS SAP Workload: Stat. Record: Application statistics record
SAPWLPFBTC SAP Workload: Stat. record: Batch: Statistical record
SAPWLPFDBP SAP Workload: Stat. Record: DB-Procedure-Subsatz (LiveCache)
SAPWLPFIDX SAP Workload: Workload: Index record
SAPWLPFNRM SAP Workload: Stat. record: Main statistical record
SAPWLPFRC SAP Workload: Stat. record: RFC: Client statistical record
SAPWLPFRCD SAP Workload: Stat. record: RFC: Client dest. statistics
SAPWLPFRS SAP Workload: Stat. record: RFC: Server statistical record
SAPWLPFRSD SAP Workload: Stat. record: RFC: Server dest. stat. record
SAPWLPFSPA SAP Workload: Stat. record: Spool: Actions
SAPWLPFSPP SAP Workload: Stat. record: Spool: Print information
SAPWLPFTAB SAP Workload: Workload: Table statistical record
SAPWLPFTII SAP Workload: Stat. Record: RFC: Time Interval Statistiksatz
SAPWLREORGTYPE Workload Reorganisation
SAPWLRFC SAP Workload: Workload: General RFC statistics
SAPWLRFC_B SAP Workload: Workload: RFC rump structure
SAPWLRFC_H SAP Workload: Workload: RFC header structure
SAPWLRFCC SAP Workload: Workload: RFC client statistics
SAPWLRFCCD SAP Workload: Workload: RFC client destination statistics
SAPWLRFCS SAP Workload: Workload: RFC server statistics
SAPWLRFCSD SAP Workload: Workload: RFC server destination statistics
SAPWLRFCSM SAP Workload: Workload: Summation structure for RFC subrecs
SAPWLRTDIS SAP Workload: Workload: response time distribution
SAPWLSCPRO SAP Workload: Statistic collector: Log
SAPWLSFENQ SAP Workload: Enquestrukt.: Sperren der STAT & ASTAT getrnt
SAPWLSH1ST SAP Workload: Workload: Header, normal/bckgrd recs, Ver. 2
SAPWLSHEAD SAP Workload: Workload: Gen. header statistics rec., Ver. 2
SAPWLSPOAC SAP Workload: Workload: Spool: Actions
SAPWLSPOPR SAP Workload: Workload: Spool: Print information
SAPWLSRCIX SAP Workload: Stat. record: record indexing for sub-records
SAPWLSTATR SAP Workload: Workload: Extended statistics rec., Version 1
SAPWLSUMRY SAP Workload: Workload: Summary, task type dependent
SAPWLTABTR SAP Workload: Workload: Table accesses per transact./report
SAPWLTCDET SAP Workload: Workload: Transaktions-Detail-Statistik
SAPWLTIMCT SAP Workload: Core structure for times & counters
SAPWLTIMES SAP Workload: Workload: Time statistics
SAPWLTMBYT SAP Workload: Workload: Data volumes app.server<->pres.srv.
SAPWLTSKTI SAP Workload: Workload: Task type/time statistics
SAPWLUENTI SAP Workload: Workload: User of transactions & reports
SAPWLUSTCX SAP Workload: Workload: User statistics
SAPWLUSWL SAP Workload: Workload: Client-specific user statistics
SAPWLUSWLX SAP Workload: Workload: Client-specific user stats. (ext.)
SAPWLVDAS SAP Workload: Workload: Summarized application statistics


The package SAPWL_OLD_COLLECTOR contains 6 programs.

RSSTAT82 Performance analysis: Rebuild workload data of TOTAL server
RSSTAT83 Performance analysis: Global update of workload data from stat. file
RSSTAT88 Performance analysis: Update of workload data from temp. stored data
RSSTATX3 XPRA cancellazione contenuto incompatibile MONI per release 4.0
RSSTATX4 XPRA to Change Mon. Contents Incompatible with Release 4.6, Host Names
RSWLPARA SAP Worklooad: Workload Statistics: Tailoring WL Collector Parameters