SAP Package SAOD

KPRO: Asynchronous Requests and Monitor

Technical Information

Package SAOD
Short Text KPRO: Asynchronous Requests and Monitor
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SAOD is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SAOD contains 3 function groups.

OPTP SAP ArchiveLink: Logging
OPTR SAP ArchiveLink: Monitor
OPTS SAP ArchiveLink: Request Management


The package SAOD contains 4 transactions.

OABO Displaying Open Bar Codes
OAM1 ArchiveLink: Monitoring
OANR Number Range Maintenance: ARCHIVELNK
OAQI SAP ArchiveLink: Create Queues

Database Tables

The package SAOD contains 3 database tables.

OAPRI SAP ArchiveLink: Temporary table for print parameters
TOA_L03 SAP ArchiveLink: Log table
TOAR7 SAP ArchiveLink: Request table (asynchronous storage)


The package SAOD contains 3 structures.

TOA_MONI01 SAP ArchiveLink: Monitoring
TOAMONITOR SAP ArchiveLink: Monitor
TOAR2 SAP ArchiveLink: Request management interface


The package SAOD contains 24 programs.

ILQAPI00 SAP ArchiveLink: Create All Queues (CFBC, CARA, CGDA)
ILQAPI02 ArchiveLink: Display of All Queue Entries
ILQAPI20 SAP ArchiveLink: Driver program for CFBC and CFBC_E queues
ILQAPI40 SAP ArchiveLink: Driver program for CARA and CARA_E queues
ILQAPI60 SAP ArchiveLink: Driver program for CFBA and CFBA_E queues
ILQBAR00 SAP ArchiveLink: Driver program for CBAR queue
ILQBAR02 SAP ArchiveLink: Storage requests
ILQBAR04 A title has been forgotten here
ILQBAR05 Delete selected unit
ILQBATCH SAP ArchiveLink: Background processing queues
ILQDIALOG SAP ArchiveLink: Immediate start of Queue Processing
OAALERT SAP ArchiveLink: Alert report
OAARFCRD Transactional RFC
OABARBT SAP ArchiveLink: Batch scheduling for comparing open bar codes
OABARCOX Open Bar Code Entries
OACARA SAP ArchiveLink: Asynchronous processing of store job
OACGDAFA SAP ArchiveLink: Asynchronous Retrieval
OADESTCK SAP ArchiveLink: Connection Test for Storage Systems
OAILQBAT SAP ArchiveLink: Scheduling ILQBATCH
OALOGX SAP ArchiveLink: Logging Entries
OAREQUES SAP ArchiveLink: Display Open Requests
OASPARCH Report for renewed storing of spool requests containing errors
OASPOOL1 ArchiveLink: Display Open Spool Requests