SAP Package SAOA

SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow and Office Integration

Technical Information

Package SAOA
Short Text SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow and Office Integration
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SAOA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SAOA contains 17 function groups.

0BOF SAP ArchiveLink table maint. (TWFDB_C)
0BOI SAP ArchiveLink table maint. (V_TOAPA)
0BON Extended table maintenance (V_TSP0F)
API0040 SAP ArchiveLink: API 0040
OA01 SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow FMs
OA02 not used
OA04 SAP ArchiveLink: TWFDB method modules
OA05 SAP ArchiveLink: Store Office/FAX-Eing
OA06 SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow FM 2.
OA07 SAP ArchiveLink: Storage scenarios
OA08 SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow Wizard
OA10 SAP ArchiveLink: Maintain presettings
OA12 SAP ArchiveLink: Object specific FM
OAHE SAP ArchiveLink: Check+ input help FM
WFNC SAP ArchiveLink: NCI incoming (WF_NCI_*)


The package SAOA contains 6 transactions.

OACA SAP ArchiveLink workflow parameters
OAD5 ArchiveLink: Customizing Wizard
OAWD SAP ArchiveLink: Store documents
OAWS Maintain presettings
OAWW ArchiveLink: Workflow Wizard
SOA0 ArchiveLink Workflow document types

Database Tables

The package SAOA contains 7 database tables.

OAPRE SAP ArchiveLink: Presettings for early, late entry
TOAPA Parameter Maintenance Table, Storing for Subsequent Entry
TOAPR SAP ArchiveLink: Presettings for storage scenarios
TOAPRE SAP ArchiveLink: Presettings for storage scenarios
TOAPRS SAP ArchiveLink: Long text presettings for storage scenarios
TSOFA SAP ArchiveLink - incoming faxes - path conversion
TWFDB Workflow: NCI document types


The package SAOA contains 4 views.

TOAPRE_C SAP ArchiveLink: Maintain presettings
TOAPRS_C SAP ArchiveLink: Presettings
TWFDB_C Workflow Document Types
V_TOAPA Parameter Definition Workflow


The package SAOA contains 7 structures.

OACONF SAP ArchiveLink: Confirm Assignment of Store for Subs. Entry
OAOPTI SAP ArchiveLink: Options for early and late entry
OAPRESET SAP ArchiveLink: Presetting
OARFCDATA Structure for Data Transfer of Storage System
OARFCIN Structure for Document Inbox per RFC
TOAPR_S SAP ArchiveLink: Data for presettings
TWFDB1 Workflow: NCI document types - internal table


The package SAOA contains 16 programs.

OACARAJB Storing a document asynchronously in a content server
OACGDAJB Retrieving a document asynchronously from a content server
OACINF SAP ArchiveLink: Send RFC information (CINF)
OACUSWIZ ArchiveLink: Customize Wizard
OAIMFIND Find all objects of type 'IMAGE'
OALISTEX Example report, print list with attributes
OAPRESET SAP ArchiveLink: Maintenance of presettings
OAPREUSE Store documents
OAPRXPRA XPRA for converting SAP ArchiveLink presettings
OATWFDBU SAP ArchiveLink: Convert parameters from TWFDB
OAWFLWIZ ArchiveLink: Workflow Wizard
SAPMOPTA SAP ArchiveLink storing for subsequent entry
TAILFIND Find all objects of type 'IMAGE'
TAIMFIND Find all objects of type 'IMAGE'

Message Classes

The package SAOA contains 1 message classes.

OW SAP ArchiveLink: Nachrichten für Workflow