SAP Package S_DRB

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Technical Information

Package S_DRB
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Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package S_DRB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package S_DRB contains 4 function groups.

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SDRB_IDOC Connection of IDocs to the DRB
SDRB_WORKITEM Connection of Workitems to the DRB


The package S_DRB contains 1 transactions.

DRB_SHOW_CALL_DUMMY DRB Call for Layout Maintenance

Database Tables

The package S_DRB contains 4 database tables.

ASHGETS Document Connections: Determine neighbours
ASHMETHODS Document Connections: Object types and their methods
SDRBGETSEXCEPT DRB: Exceptions from Link Determination
SDRBPERSOBJTYPES DRB: Object Types Contained in Personalization


The package S_DRB contains 7 structures.

SDRB_PERS_DISPLAY_OPTIONS DRB: Personalization - Settings for the DRB Tree
SDRB_PERS_INFO_TO_SAVE DRB: Personalization - All Information To Be Stored
SDRB_PERS_OBJTYPE_TO_SHOW DRB: Personalization - Selected/Deselected Object Types
SDRBBOR DRB: Fields for BOR Object DRB
SDRBIDOCFCAT DRB: Structure for Virtual Field Catalog for IDOC
SDRBOVBOUT DRB: Output Structure for OLB

Message Classes

The package S_DRB contains 1 message classes.

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