Database Monitor for Oracle

Technical Information

Short Text Database Monitor for Oracle
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package S_DBMON_ORA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 5 function groups.

SDBORA0 Oracle DB-monitor: general functions
SDBORA1 Oracle DB-monitor: Function Group 1
SDBORA2 Oracle DB-monitor: Function Group 2
SDBORA3 Oracle monitoring: DB02 collector
SDBORA4 Oracle monitoring: DB02 display


The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 1 transactions.

DB02N Database Performance Monitor

Database Tables

The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 12 database tables.

DB02_COLL_LOG Oracle monitoring: DB02 collector log
DB02_COLL_PLAN Oracle monitoring: List of coll. functions for DB02
DB02N_ANA Detailed analyses in ST04N
DB02N_ANAT Detailed analyses in ST04N (Node names)
ORA_ISQ_DETAIL Index Storage Quality - Objects of a Workingset
ORA_ISQ_HEADER Index Storage Quality - Header of a Workingset
ORA_ISQ_HISTORY Index Storage Quality - Objectshistory Data
ORA_ISQ_PARAM Index Storage Quality - Parameters
ORA_MON_DBCON Oracle monitoring: list of external Oracle connections
ORAINDINFO Information About the Storage Quality of the Indexes
ORAISQCTRL RSORAISQ Index Storage Quality Maintenance Control Table
ORATSPINFO Tablespace Information


The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 2 views.

V_DBCON_HELP Oracle monitoring: help view for selecting ORA connection
V_MON_DBCON Oracle monitoring: search help for table ORA_MON_DBCON


The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 40 structures.

BLK_SHIP_CR Oracle monitors: Block shipping for current Blocks.
BSCR_BLK Oracle monitors: Block shipping for CR Blocks.
DB02_CAL Oracle monitoring: calendar weeks
DB02_ROOT_LIST Oracle monitoring: roots
DB02_SE_LIST Oracle monitoring: segments
DB02_TS_LIST Oracle monitoring: tablespaces
DB02_US_LIST Oracle monitoring: user selection
DB02N_DATA Data to be displayed in new DB02N.
DBA_TABLES_TAB Oracle monitoring: Display DBA Tables.
DBASE_HIST Oracle monitoring: database history
DBASE_HIST_AVG Oracle monitoring: database history
FPW_RATIO Oracle monitors: Fusion to Physical Writes Ratio .
GCC_BLK_SND Oracle monitors: Global Cache CR Block send.
GCC_BLKS_REC Oracle monitors: Global Cache CR Blocks received.
GCC_BLKS_RECEIVE Oracle monitors: Global Cache Current Blocks receive.
GCF_BLK_HITR Oracle monitors: Global Cache Fusion Block Hit Ratio.
GCG_HITR Oracle monitors: Global Cache Fusion Block Hit Ratio.
GCGES_CVRT Oracle monitors: Global Cache GES Convert.
GCH_GCS_GETS Oracle monitors: Global Cache GCS Gets.
GLB_CACHE Global Cache Hit Ratio
GLB_CACHE_CR_BLK Global Cache CR Block Hit Ratio
GLB_CACHE_DEFER Global Cache Defer Ratio
GLB_CH_BLK_FLUSH Global Cache Flushes to Redo's
GLB_CH_CR_BLK_SD Global Cache Current Blocks Send
GLB_CH_CUR_BLK_HITRAT Oracle: Global Cache Current Block Hit Ratio
GLB_CH_GES_LK_GT Global Cache GES Lock Gets
LISTE_30 Structure with 30 Character Field
MONIKEY Oracle monitoring: monikey
OPS_STAT Oracle monitors: Overview System Statistics.
ORACLE_RELEASE Oracle release
OVERVW_LIB_CACHE Overview Library Cache
ROOT_HIST Oracle monitoring: Root history
ROOT_HIST_AVG Oracle monitoring: root history
SEGM_HIST Oracle monitoring: segment history
SEGM_HIST_AVG Oracle monitoring: segment history
TAB_RCG_HITR Oracle monitors: Real Cache Get Hit Ratio.
TSPC_HIST Oracle monitoring: tablespace history
TSPC_HIST_AVG Oracle monitoring: tablespace history
USER_HIST Oracle monitoring: user history
USER_HIST_AVG Oracle monitoring: user history (average)


The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 5 programs.

RSORACOL Oracle monitoring: DB02 collector
RSORACUP Oracle monitoring: add/remove database connections
RSORAISQ Index Storage Quality Management for Oracle
RSORAISQN Index Storage Quality Analysis

Search Helps

The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 2 search helps.

DBCON_HELP Oracle monitoring: Search for oracle connections in DBCON
MON_DBCON_HELP Oracle monitoring: Search for connections in ORA_MON_DBCON

Message Classes

The package S_DBMON_ORA contains 2 message classes.

DBMON1 Oracle monitoring: Messages for transaction DB02