Maintenance Tools for IMG

Technical Information

Short Text Maintenance Tools for IMG
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL contains 5 function groups.

S_CUSTOMIZING_CHECKS IMG and Customizing Object Checks
S_IMG_TOOL_1 Exit module for IMG Hierarchy Tool
S_IMG_TOOL_2 IMG Maintenance Tool
S_IMG_TOOL_4 IMG Functions for Project Management
S_IMG_TOOL_GEN General Customizing Functions


The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL contains 3 transactions.

SCPRUPP Use of BC Sets in IMG
SIMGH IMG Structure Maintenance

Database Tables

The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL contains 7 database tables.

BCSETT BC Set Error Case Description Text Table
EXCEPT1 IMG Activity-Specific BC Set Error Exception Table
EXCEPT1T Exception Justification Text
EXCEPT2 Object-Specific BC Set Error Case Exception Table
EXCEPT2T Exception Justification Text
INDXBCSET INDX-Type Table to Save Check Results
TMPOBJRES1 Temporary BC Set Check Report Data


The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL contains 14 structures.

ADMINDATA Administration data
ADMINDATA2 OBJRES1 Management Data
CASE_NO BC Set-Compatibility Check: Table of Cases
GRIDDISP Grid Display Structure
IMG_BC_SET BC Set-Compatibility Check Repository Structure
IMGACT_RES IMG Activity Results Table
IMGACTRES1 IMG Activity Results Table
OBJ_RES Object Check Results Table
OBJRES1 Object Check Results Table
OBJRES2 BC Set-Compatibility Check Repository Structure
SCENARIOS BC Set Use Scenarios
VIEWDEF View Definiton Check Result Structure
VIEWPLINFO View Piece List Check Results Structure


The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL contains 18 programs.

RS_ADD_OLD_NODE Links to an old node
RS_IMG_ACT_BC_SET_JOB Checks all IMG activities for BC Set-Compatibility, saves result
RS_IMG_ACTIVITY_COUNT Number of IMG Activities in Project/Reference IMG
RS_IMG_BC_SET_CHECK IMG Check for BC Set-Compatibility
RS_IMG_CORRECT_PRO_IMG_HEADER Project IMG: Correct Incorrect Header Data
RS_IMG_GEN_TA_CLASSIFY Set the Classification for IMG TRs
RS_IMG_GEN_TA_CLASSIFY_LEFTOVE Set the Classification for IMG TRs
RS_IMG_GEN_TA_CLASSIFY_P_PACK Set the Classification for IMG TRs
RS_IMG_ONLINE_CHECKMAN Demo: Check Objects Online in CheckMan
RS_IMG_PREPARE_MANUAL_SEL Prepare Manual Selection from Existing Project IMG
RS_MIGRATE_IMG Migration of IMG from Old Structure Repository to New Repository
RS_MIGRATE_IMG_ACTIVITY Migration of IMG activity
RS_MIGRATE_IMG_ADVANCED Migration of old IMG: Only use for repeated migration
RS_MIGRATE_T100O Migration of table contents for table T1000
RS_TRANSPORT_T100O Migration of table contents for table T1000
RSIMG_CHECK_P_IMG_TREE Check of Project IMG Entries in the Table TTREE
RSXRPM xRPM Data Collector Batch Call

Search Helps

The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL contains 2 search helps.

S_TROADMAP Search help for Roadmap IDs used in IMG
S_TTREE_IMG Search help for structures

Message Classes

The package S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL contains 1 message classes.

S_CUS_IMG_TOOL Nachrichten für die IMG Tools