Mutiple Client Check Functions

Technical Information

Package S_CHECK_MC
Short Text Mutiple Client Check Functions
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package S_CHECK_MC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package S_CHECK_MC contains 1 function groups.

SMULTICLIENT Multi-Client Assistant


The package S_CHECK_MC contains 1 transactions.

MCLIMAN MultiClient Manager

Database Tables

The package S_CHECK_MC contains 2 database tables.

MCOBJECTS Multiple Client Analysis: Object List
MCSTATLIST Multiple Client Analysis: Status List


The package S_CHECK_MC contains 1 structures.

MCDISPLAY Layout of Multiclient Status Display


The package S_CHECK_MC contains 6 programs.

MULTICLIENT_ANALYSIS Multiple Client Analysis
MULTICLIENT_CHECKVAL Multiclient Validation of CheckMan Checks
MULTICLIENT_MANAGER MultiClient Manager: Maintain Multiclient Status and Documentation
MULTICLIENT_TRTABL Multiple Client: Transport of TABL entries from MCSTATLIST
MULTICLIENT_XANALYSIS Multiple Client Analysis
TRANSPORT_TABKEY_ANALYSIS Multiple Client: Analysis of Table Keys in Transport Requests

Message Classes

The package S_CHECK_MC contains 1 message classes.

MCLI Multiple Client Messages