Structure ID for Lists & WinGUI Checker

Technical Information

Short Text Structure ID for Lists & WinGUI Checker
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Package Contents

The package S_ACC_CHECK is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package S_ACC_CHECK contains 1 transactions.

SACCRESULTS Check Results for Accessibility

Database Tables

The package S_ACC_CHECK contains 5 database tables.

SABAP_ALV_CHECKS Table for Collecting Dynamic ALV Check Data
SABAP_CHK_CNTRL Control Monitoring ACC Checks
SABAP_GUI_CHECKS Table for Collecting the Created Dynamic GUI Check Data
SABAP_LIST_ACC Accessibility Error Messages of the List Heuristic
SABAP_LIST_TRACE Check Result of the Accessibility Check Trace for L


The package S_ACC_CHECK contains 7 structures.

ERROR_CODE Error description of the List Heuritic
LIST_PATTERN Description of a List Part
SABA_LST_ACC_ERROR ABAP List Heuristic Accessibility Issues
SABA_LST_ACC_PATTERN ABAP List Heuristic Structure Recognition
SABAP_ACC_MONI_LIST Structure for ALV Tree in Monitor for Dynamic ACC Checks
SABAP_ACC_TRACE_LIST_NEU Structure for Trace ALV Tree in Monitor for Check Results
SABAP_GUI_CHKS_UPLOAD Upload Structure for the Results of the Dynamic Gui Check


The package S_ACC_CHECK contains 2 programs.

ACC_RESULT_MANAGER Management of Check Results for Accessibility
ACC_RTM_TRANSFER_NEU Report for Analyzing RTM Data and Saving to ACC Tables

Message Classes

The package S_ACC_CHECK contains 2 message classes.

ACCCHECK Nachrichten für Accessibility-Fehlermeldungen
ACCOUTPUT Nachrichten für Screenreader-Ausgabe