SAP Package PPAP

Appraisal Systems

Technical Information

Package PPAP
Short Text Appraisal Systems
Parent Package ABA

Package Contents

The package PPAP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package PPAP contains 21 function groups.

0H0A Customizing: Appraisals
HR_CDOC_IT1043 CHDO HR_IT1043 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1044 CHDO HR_IT1044 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1045 CHDO HR_IT1045 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1047 CHDO HR_IT1047 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1048 CHDO HR_IT1048 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HRPDV_PAD047 Additional Data for Appraisals
RHPA PA-PD: Appraisals - Technology
RHPA_CALCULATE PA-PD: Appraisals - Automatic Calculatn
RHPA_GRAPHIC PA-PD: Display SAP Business Graphics
RHPA_PROCESSING PA-PD: Appraisals - Processing
RHPA_REPORTING PA-PD: Appraisals - Reporting
RHPA_SHOW PA-PD: Appraisals -Maintenance Interface
RHPA_SHOW_ENJOY PA-PD: Appraisals -Maintenance Interface
RHPA_WORKFLOW PA-PD: Workflow for Appraisals
RHPA_WWW PA-PD: Appraisals on the WWW
RHPS PA-PD: Appraisals Catalog - Technology
RHPS_SHOW PA-PD: Appraisals Catalog - Interface
RHPS_SHOW_CTRL PA-PD: Appraisals Catalog (Control)


The package PPAP contains 15 transactions.

APPCHANGE Reporting Options for Appraisals
APPCREATE Create Appraisal
APPDELETE Delete Appraisal
APPDISPLAY Display Appraisal
APPSEARCH Reporting Options for Appraisals
APPTAKEBACK Reset Appraisal Status to 'Active'
OOAE Settings for Appraisal Systems
OOAM Change Appraisals Catalog
OOB1 Form of Appraisal
OOB2 Assign Appraisal Model
OOFUNC_AP Functions - Appraisals
PP_MY_APP Appraisals With Me as Appraisee
PP_MY_APP_CREATE Create Appraisal
PP_MY_APP_MGT My Appraisals
PPAD Display Appraisals Catalog

Database Tables

The package PPAP contains 15 database tables.

HRP1043 DB Table for Infotype 1043
HRP1044 DB Table for Infotype 1044
HRP1045 DB Table for Infotype 1045
HRP1047 DB Table for Infotype 1047
HRP1048 DB Table for Infotype 1048
HRPAD47 PAD47 Additional Data
HRT1043 Table Section of Infotype 1043
HRT1045 Infotype 1045 Table Section
HRT1047 Table Section of Infotype 1047
HRT1048 Table Section of Infotype 1048
T77BF PA-PD: Form of Appraisal
T77BG PA-PD: Form of Appraisal (Possible Relationships)
T77FUNC Functions
T77FUNC_TEXT Function Texts
T77TF PA-PD: Form of Appraisal (Name)


The package PPAP contains 1 views.

V_T77BG Possible Combinations (Form of Appraisal)


The package PPAP contains 75 structures.

APP_CAT Transfer Structure: Appraisals Catalog
APPLIST Parameters for List Display
BAPIAPMHEAD BAPI Structure: Appraisal Header
BAPIAPPDATA BAPI Structure: Appraisal (Rating)
BAPIAPPHEAD BAPI Structure: Appraisal Header
BAPIAPPMODEL Structure of Appraisal Model
BAPIAPPRAISAL BAPI Structure: Appraisals (GetList)
BAPIAPPRAISEE Structure for Appraisee
BAPIAPPRAISER Structure for Appraiser
BAPIAPPSEARCH BAPI Structure: Selection Criteria (GetList)
BAPIEVALUATION BAPI Structure: Reporting Options (Evaluations)
BAPIPERIODAPP BAPI Structure: Period Appraised
BAPIPERIODSET BAPI Structure: Creation Period (GetList)
BAPIPERIODVALID BAPI Structure: Period Appraised (GetList)
BAPISCALE_QUANTITY BAPI Structure: Quantity Scale
DYNP_OBJECT Screen Processing: Object
DYNP_RHPA Screen Processing: Function Group RHPA (Appraisal)
DYNP_RHPA_REPORT Screen Processing: Function Group RHPA_REPORTING
DYNP_RHPS Screen Processing: Function Group RHPS
HRI1043 Infotype 1043: Fields
HRI1044 Infotype 1044: Fields
HRI1045 Infotype 1045: Fields
HRPDV_ALV_WORKLOAD ALV Structure: Workload
HRPDV_AP_FOLLOW_UP PA-PD: Functions for Follow-Up Processing (Workflow)
HRPDV_APPRAISAL_NOTES Notes for Appraisals
HRPDV_APPRAISAL_RANKING ALV Structure: Ranking List of Appraisals
HRPDV_APPRAISALS_RECEIVED ALV Structure: Appraisals Where Appraisee
HRPDV_APPRAISALS_TODO ALV Structure: Appraisals To Be Processed
HRPDV_PROCESS_FINAL Structure: Functions for Follow-Up Processing
HRPDV_PROCESS_PART Structure: Functions for Processing Subappraisals
HRPDV_S_SELID Appraisals: Selections ID
HRPE_APP_PARTIC Structure: Appraisal - Objects Involved (List Output)
HRPE_APP_STATUS Structure: Possible Appraisal Statuses
HRPE_APPFB HR-PD: Info needed to calculate multisource results
HRPE_APPORS_ADD Structure: Additional Appraiser Data
HRPE_APPR HR-PD: Create Appraisal Model (Relationships)
HRPE_APPRAISAL_STATE ALV Structure: Appraisal Status
HRPE_APPRAISALS Structure: Appraisal
HRPE_APPRAISEES Structure: Appraisee
HRPE_APPRAISORS Structure: Appraiser
HRPE_PARTIC_VIEW Structure: Appraiser
HRPE_PERIOD Time Period (Start Date - End Date)
HRPE_PROCESS Structure: Follow-Up Processing Functions
HRPE_PROFA HR-PD: Appraisals -SOBID after OBJID-
HRPE_SEL_CRIT Appraisals: Detailed Selection Criteria (Appraisal Elements)
HRSEL_PERIOD Time Period (Start Date - End Date)
KIND_STRU Transfer Structure: Appraisal Type
P1043 Infotype 1043
P1043_AF Additional Query Fields
P1043_EXP Infotype 1043 expanded
P1044 Infotype 1044: Results Specification
P1044_AF Additional Query Fields
P1045 Infotype 1045: Appraisals
P1045_AF Additional Query Fields
P1045_EXP Infotype 1045 expanded
P1045_EXT Infotype 1045 expanded (HRI1044 and screen added)
P1047 Infotype 1047
P1047_AF Additional Query Fields
P1047_EXP Infotype 1047 expanded
P1048 Infotype 1048: Proficiency Description
P1048_AF Additional Query Fields
P1048_EXP Infotype 1048 expanded
PAD47 Additional Relationship Data for Appraisal Model
PAD47_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PT1043 Fields for Table Section of Infotype 1043
PT1045 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1045
PT1045_ADD Additional Data (Table Section of Rating)
PT1045_EXT Appraisal (infotype 1044 and screen fields added)
PT1047 Fields for Table Section of Infotype 1047
PT1047_EXT Extended structure for processing modules
PT1048 Fields for Table Section of Infotype 1048
VHRT1043 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1045 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1047 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1048 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000


The package PPAP contains 22 programs.

MP104300 HR Module Pool Infotype 1043
MP1043BI Display tables with structure PC27T , New Zealand
MP104400 PD infotype 1044
MP1044BI Batch Input - Infotype 1044
MP104500 PD infotype 1045
MP104700 HR PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1047
MP1047BI Display tables with structure PC27T , New Zealand
MP104800 HR Module Pool Infotype 1048
MP1048BI Display tables with structure PC27T , New Zealand
RHPE_APP_CHANGE Reporting options for appraisals
RHPE_APP_CREATE Create Appraisal
RHPE_APP_DELETE Delete appraisal
RHPE_APP_DISPLAY Display Appraisal
RHPE_APP_SEARCH Reporting options for appraisals
RHPE_APP_TAKE_BACK Reset status of appraisal to 'Active'
RHPE_WWW_MY_APPRAISALS Appraisals Where I Have Been the Appraisee
RHPEACAT Display/Change Appraisal Model Catalog
RHXPEACD Display Appraisals Catalog
RHXPEACM Edit Appraisals Catalog
SAPMHPA1 View Cluster for Form of Appraisal

Search Helps

The package PPAP contains 2 search helps.

HRPDV00_FUNCNAME General function
HRPDV00_FUNCNAME_FOLLOW_UP Function for follow-up processing of appraisals