SAP Package PP09

Training and Event Management

Technical Information

Package PP09
Short Text Training and Event Management
Parent Package HRGXX

Package Contents

The package PP09 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package PP09 contains 58 function groups.

0H02 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
HR_CDOC_IT1021 CHDO HR_IT1021 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1023 CHDO HR_IT1023 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1024 CHDO HR_IT1024 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1026 CHDO HR_IT1026 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1027 CHDO HR_IT1027 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1029 CHDO HR_IT1029 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1030 CHDO HR_IT1030 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1034 CHDO HR_IT1034 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1035 CHDO HR_IT1035 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1036 CHDO HR_IT1036 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1037 CHDO HR_IT1037 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1042 CHDO HR_IT1042 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1060 CHDO HR_IT1060 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1062 CHDO HR_IT1062 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_CDOC_IT1063 CHDO HR_IT1063 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HR_IT1041 CHDO HR_IT1041 => Gen. by RSSCD000
HRTEM00_WIZ1 HR-TEM: Wizard Cost Transfer Posting
HRTEM00_WIZ2 HR-TEM: Wizard Activity Allocation
HRTEM00_WIZ3 HR-TEM: Wizard Billing
HRTEM00_WIZ4 HR-TEM: Wizard Correspondence
HRTEM00_WIZ5 HR-TEM: Wizard Materials Management
HRTEM00_WORKFLOW01 Approval Step for Workflows
HRTEM00APP_LOG HR-TEM: Application Log
HRTEM00CHECKS HR: Static Checks in TEM
HRTEM00COMP Compensation and Cost Management
HRTEM00MONITOR Training Task Monitor
HRTEM00NET Training and Events ESS
HRTEM00REFDOC Reference Document Management
HRTEM00TIMEMGT Absence Matchup
RHAR Business Event/Resource Management
RHBU Training and Event Management: Budgeting
RHNA PD Training & Event Management:Utilities
RHPV Basic Functions in Training & Event Mgmt
RHV1 Function Modules: Selection, Reporting
RHV2 HR-TEM: Time Schedules
RHV3 TEM: Dynamic Menus, Special Reports
RHV4 Training & Event Mgmt Function Group 4
RHV5 Change Business Event Data
RHV6 Edit Training & Event Management Objects
RHV7 IPA-TEM: Reporting
RHVA TEM: Maintain Business Event
RHVB TEM: Plan Business Event
RHVC Training and Events: Appraisals
RHVG Training & Event Management: Graphics
RHVI Training & Events: Internet, BAPI
RHVL Correspondence History
RHVM Info Workbench Training & Event Mgmt
RHVP Training and Event Planning
RHVR PD Training & Events: Possible Entries
RHVS PD Training & Events: Correspondence
RHVU HR-TEM: Fee and Assignment
RHVV HR-TEM: Billing and Activity Allocation


The package PP09 contains 149 transactions.

PO02 Maintain Training Program
PO02D Display Training Program
PO04 Maintain Business Event Type
PO04D Display Business Event Type
PO05 Maintain Business Event
PO05D Display Business Event
PO06 Maintain Location
PO06D Display Location
PO07 Maintain Resource
PO07D Display Resource
PO09 Maintain Business Event Group
PO09D Display Business Event Group
PO11D Display Qualification
PO12 Maintain Resource Type
PO12D Display Resource Type
PO16D Display Service
PO17D Display Requirements Profile
PO18 Maintain Resource 'Room'
PO18D Display Resource Room
PO19 Maintain External Instructor
PO19D Display External Instructor
PP40 Correspondence
PQ02 Actions for Training Program
PQ04 Actions for Business Event Type
PQ06 Actions for Location
PQ07 Actions for Resource
PQ09 Actions for Business Event Group
PQ12 Actions for Resource Type
PQ18 Actions for Resource Room
PQ19 Actions for External Instructor
PSV0 Change / Display Resources
PSV1 Dynamic Attendance Menu
PSV2 Dynamic Business Event Menu
PSV3 Dynamic Information Menu
PSV4 Set Plan Version
PSV5 Info: Attendances
PSV6 Reporting: Business Events
PSV7 Reporting: Resources
PSV8 Create Attendee
PSV9 Change / Display Attendee
PSVA Set Aspect
PSVB User-Specific Settings
PSVC Training and Events:Current Settings
PSVE Output Filter Business Events
PSVI User-Defined Settings
PSVL Set Business Event Language
PSVO Change / Display Organizer
PSVP Dynamic Planning Menu
PSVQ Change / Display Organizer
PSVR Dynamic Resource Menu
PSVS Set Access
PSVT Dynamic Tool Menu
PV00 Book Attendance
PV01 Rebook Attendance
PV02 Prebook Attendance
PV03 Replace Attendance
PV04 Cancel Attendance
PV05 Book List: Attendees/Business Events
PV06 Prebook List: Attendees
PV07 Book List: Attendees
PV08 Book List: Business Events
PV09 Plan Business Events
PV0I Display Business Event Catalog
PV10 Create Business Event with Resources
PV11 Create Business Event w/o Resources
PV12 Firmly Book / Cancel Business Event
PV14 Lock / Unlock Business Event
PV15 Follow Up Business Event
PV16 Prebook List: Business Event Types
PV17 Billing
PV18 Activity Allocation
PV19 Activity Allocation for Instructors
PV1A Change Business Event
PV1B Display Business Event
PV1C Cost Transfer
PV1D Price Proposal
PV1I Attendee Bookings R/3 Users
PV1M Materials Procurement
PV26 Prebook List: Attendees/Event Types
PV2I Attendee Bookings (Web Users)
PV32 Create Appraisal
PV33 Business Event Appraisal
PV34 Attendee Appraisal
PV35 Appraisal Conversion Program
PV3I Book Attendance R/3 Users
PV4I Book Attendance Web Users
PV5I Cancel Attendance R/3 Users
PV6I Cancel Attendance Web Users
PV7I Training Center
PV8I My Bookings
PVB0 Business Event Budget
PVB1 Create Business Event Budget
PVB2 Display Business Event Budget
PVB3 Change Business Event Budget
PVB6 Initialize Business Event Budget
PVBA Training & Events: Budget Comparison
PVBB Change / Create Development Plan
PVCT Master Data Catalog
PVD0 Create/Change Business Event Type
PVDM Maintain Dynamic Menus
PVF0 Create/Change Location
PVG0 Create/Change Resource
PVG1 Create/Change Room
PVG2 Lock/Unlock Resource
PVH0 Create/Change External Instructor
PVH1 Create/Change Instructor
PVK0 Correspondence History
PVL0 Create/Change Business Event Group
PVMN Training and Event Management
PVR0 Create/Change Resource Type
PVRD Reference Documents in TEM
PVSEARCH_ADM Administer Search Engine
PVU0 Create/Change Company
PVV0 Create/Change Service
RE_RHREFDOC0 Reference Document Reporting
RE_RHVSTA00 Database Statistics: No. of Objects
RE_RHVSTA10 Database Statistics: No. of Notes
RE_RHVSTA20 Database Statistics: Infotype
RE_RHVSTA30 Database Statistics: Infotypes
RE_RHXSSREF Instructor Information
RE_RHXSSTL1 Attendees (Organizational Unit)
RE_RHXSSTL2 Attendees (Persons)
RE_RHXSSTLN Attendees (Users)
S_PH0_48000096 Instructor Information
S_PH0_48000097 Instructor Information
S_PH0_48000098 Attendees (Organizational Units)
S_PH0_48000476 Business Event Information
S_PH0_48000535 Ad Hoc Query
S_PH9_46000423 Budget Comparison
S_PH9_46000424 Cancellations per Business Event
S_PH9_46000425 Attendance and Sales Statistics
S_PH9_46000426 Attendees for Rebooking
S_PH9_46000427 Prebookings per Business Event Type
S_PH9_46000428 Prerequisites Matchup
S_PH9_46000429 Attendee's Qualifications
S_PH9_46000430 Attendance Prerequisites
S_PH9_46000431 Attendee's Training History
S_PH9_46000432 Employee List
S_PH9_46000433 Attendance List
S_PH9_46000434 Attendee List
S_PH9_46000435 Material Requirements per Event
S_PH9_46000436 Unassigned Resources per Event
S_PH9_46000437 Resource List per Event
S_PH9_46000438 Business Event Schedule
S_PH9_46000439 Unassigned Resources per Res. Type
S_PH9_46000440 Resource Reservation Statistics
S_PH9_46000441 Graphical Resource Reservation
S_PH9_46000451 Business Event Appraisals
S_PH9_46000452 Attendee Appraisals

Database Tables

The package PP09 contains 68 database tables.

HRP1020 Infotype 1020 DB table
HRP1023 Infotype 1023 DB table
HRP1026 Infotype 1026 DB table
HRP1027 Infotype 1027 DB table
HRP1029 Infotype 1029 DB table
HRP1030 Infotype 1030 DB table
HRP1034 Infotype 1034 DB table
HRP1035 Infotype 1035 DB Table
HRP1036 Infotype 1036 DB table
HRP1037 Infotype 1037 DB Table
HRP1041 DB Table for Infotype 1041
HRP1042 Infotype 1042 DB Table
HRP1060 DB Table for Infotype 1060
HRP1062 DB Table for Infotype 1062
HRP1063 DB Table for Infotype 1063
HRPAD21 Additional data PAD21
HRPAD22 Additional data PAD22
HRPAD23 Additional data PAD23
HRPAD25 Additional data PAD25
HRPAD27 Additional data PAD27
HRPAD34 Additional Data for Relationship 'has attended'
HRPAD50 Additional Data PAD50
HRPAD51 Additional data PAD51
HRPAD53 Additional Data PAD53
HRT1035 Table Division Infotype 1035
HRT1041 Table division infotype 1041
HRT1042 Table Division Infotype 1042
HRT1060 Table Division for Infotype 1060
HRT1062 Table Section Infotype 1062
T770A Day Segments
T770B Assignment of Day Segments to Day Schedules
T777B Appraisal Types
T778B Appraisal Types
T77AB Day Schedule Texts
T77AM Time Schedule
T77BA Appraisals
T77BB Appraisal Criteria Texts
T77BK Appraisal Criteria
T77BR Criterion Values
T77BT Criterion Values
T77CAR Reason for Cancellation of Attendance
T77CART Reason for Cancellation of Attendance
T77CR Reasons for Cancellation of Business Event
T77CRT Reasons for Cancellation of Business Event
T77FB Forms of Further Training (France)
T77KA Incompatible Attendances/Absences
T77KB Cost Items
T77KC Texts for Cost Items
T77KF Transfer of Business Event Costs to Controlling
T77KM Business Event Notifications
T77KU User Groups for Correspondence
T77KV Attendance Procedure
T77REFDOC Reference Document Table: Training and Event Management
T77VB Output Sequence of Text Elements
T77VC Text Variable Editing
T77VD Output Control: Correspondence
T77VE Notification abbreviations
T77VF Notification Abbreviations
T77VG Check table: Recipient Group
T77VH Recipient group texts
T77VI Assignment: Triggering Activity - Notification Abbreviation
T77VP Log File: Correspondence in Training and Event Management
T7FRFA Financing Types (France)
T7FRFAT Texts: Financing Types
T7FRFF Forms of Further Training (France)
T7FRFFT Texts: Forms of Education (France)


The package PP09 contains 104 views.

H_T770A Helpview for Table 770A
H_T770B Helpview for Table T770B
HRV1002A Object description
HRV1026A View: Business Event Filter
HRV1026B View: Business Event Filter Including Location
HRV1035A Schedule of business events
HRV1041A Schedule of business events
HRV1042A Schedule of business events
HRVPAD21 Additional data 021
HRVPAD21A Staffing requirement
HRVPAD21B Resource equipment
HRVPAD22 Resource requirements
HRVPAD23 Resource reservation
HRVPAD25 Business event attendance
HRVPAD27 Business event prebooking
HRVPAD34 Business Event Historical Recording
HRVPAD40 Business Event Cancellation
HRVPAD50 Appraisals
HRVPAD51 Additional session data
U_27600 Business Event Type Group
U_27601 Business Event Type Group Element
U_27602 Business Event Type
U_27604 Business Event Type - Objectives Profile
U_27606 Business Event Type - Target Group Description Item
U_27607 Business Event Type - Objectives Profile Item
U_27608 Business Event Type - Organizer Directory
U_27609 Business Event Type - Organizer
U_27610 Business Event Type - Prerequisites Profile
U_27611 Business Event Type - Prerequisites Profile Item
U_27614 Business Event Type - Instructor Pool
U_27615 Business Event Type - Instructor
U_27616 Business Event Type - Material Directory
U_27617 Business Event Type - Material
U_27618 Business Event Type - Attendance Fee
U_27621 Business Event Type - Cost Specification
U_27622 Business Event Type - Cost Item
U_27623 Business Event Type - Cost Assignment
U_27624 Business Event Type - Attendance Capacity
U_27625 Business Event Type - Schedule
U_27626 Business Event Type - Daily Schedule
U_27628 Business Event Type - Billing Information
U_27629 Business Event
U_27633 Business Event - Organizer
U_27634 Business Event - Business Event Location
U_27635 Business Event - Attendance Fee
U_27637 Business Event - Cost Specification
U_27638 Business Event - Cost Item
U_27639 Business Event - Attendance Capacity
U_27640 Business Event Schedule
U_27641 Business Event Day Schedule
U_27643 Business Event Resource Type
U_27645 Business Event Resource Type - Planning Specification
U_27646 Business Event Resource Type - Capacity
U_27647 Business Event Resource Type - Cost Specification
U_27648 Business Event Resource Type - Cost Item
U_27649 Business Event Resource Type - Cost Assignment
U_27650 Business Event Resource
U_27652 Business Event Resource - Capacity
U_27653 Business Event Resource - Site
U_27654 Business Event Resource - Address
U_27655 Business Event Resource - Cost Specification
U_27656 Business Event Resource - Cost Item
U_27657 Business Event Resource - Cost Assignment
U_27658 Business Event Resource - Equipment Profile
U_27659 Business Event Resource - Equipment Profile Item
U_27660 Business Event Requirement
U_27661 Business Event - Period Requirement
U_27662 Business Event Attendance Prebooking
U_27664 Business Event Attendance
U_27670 Schedule
U_27671 Schedule Item
U_27672 Daily Schedule
U_27673 Cost Item Type
U_27674 Daily Schedule Interval
U_27676 Business Event Location
U_27678 Business Event Location - Higher Level Business Event Loc.
U_27679 Business Event Location - Lower Level Location
U_27680 Business Event Location - Address
U_27690 Business Event Type - Resource Requirement
U_27691 Business Event Type - Resource Requirement Item
U_27692 Business Event Resource Reservation
U_27693 Business Event Resource Reservation Item
U_27695 Business Event Status Reason
U_27696 Business Event - Outstanding Resource Requirement
U_27697 Business Event - Outstanding Resource Requirement Item
U_27698 Business Event Day Schedule Interval
U_27699 Business Event - Cost Assignment
U_27701 Business Event Type - Resource Requirement Item Subdivision
U_27702 Business Event Type - Allocatable Activity Types
U_27703 Business Event Management Notification
U_27704 Business Event Resource Res. - Internal Activity Allocation
U_27707 Business Event Attendance - Billing Specification
U_27708 Business Event Attendance - Activity Allocation Specif.
U_27712 Business Event Resource Res. - Material Procurement Specif.
U_27715 Business Event Attendance Status Reason
U_27716 Business Event Management Notification Type
V_T770B_1 Assignment of Day Segments to Day Schedules
V_T77BA Appraisals
V_T77BK Appraisal criteria
V_T77BT Criterion values
V_T77KV_1 Attendee-Related Checks Before Business Event Booking
V_T77KV_2 Business Event Follow-up Actions
V_T77KV_3 Output control based on attendee type
V_T77R3_1 Training & Event Management: Attendee type control


The package PP09 contains 325 structures.

ABLAUF_TAB Schedule Table
ADDRESSEE Recipient list
AKURS Business Event Offered When Booking Business Event
BAPIATDAT Business event data per attendee
BAPIATNAME Attendee data
BAPIATTYPE Internet attendee types
BAPICATEGORY Business event group data
BAPICODAT Business event data per group attendee
BAPICONAME Group attendee data
BAPICOPREB Prebookings for group attendee
BAPICOST Cost centers of business event
BAPIDATE Selection period
BAPIDESC Description
BAPIDEVPLAN Development Plan for Business Event Types
BAPIEGDAT Business event group data
BAPIETDAT Business event type data
BAPIEVDAT Business event data
BAPIHELP Help Structure for Data Types with Ambiguous Assignment
BAPILANGU Valid languages
BAPILOCDAT Valid business event locations
BAPIORGA Business event organizer
BAPIPREBO Attendee Prebookings
BAPIPRICE Internal and external prices of business event type
BAPIQUALIF Qualifications imparted and qualifications required
BAPIRESOU Resource list for business event
BAPIRESPONS Owners of Business Event Types
BAPIRESPONS1 Owners of Business Event Types
BAPISCHED Schedule table for business event
BAPISTANDARDROLE Standard Roles for Business Event Types
BAPISUBTYPES Description Subtypes
BAPITARGET Target group of business event types (based on jobs)
EKURS Event Booking (Event Type, Company, Attendees, Period etc.)
HR0H02 Screen fields for function group (views) 0H02
HREQUI Resource equipment
HREQUITAB Resource equipment table
HREVTYNEED Resource types required by business event type
HRI1020 Infotype 1020 fields
HRI1021 Infotype 1021 fields
HRI1023 Infotype 1023 fields
HRI1026 Infotype 1026 fields
HRI1027 Infotype 1027 fields
HRI1029 Infotype 1029 fields
HRI1030 Infotype 1030 fields
HRI1031 Infotype 1031 fields
HRI1034 Infotype 1034 fields
HRI1035 Infotype 1035 fields
HRI1036 Infotype 1036 fields
HRI1037 Infotype 1037 Fields: Billing/Activity Allocation Info
HRI1041 Infotype 1041: Fields
HRI1042 Infotype 1042: Fields
HRI1063 Fields for Infotype 1063
HRKNOWLEDGE_URL URLs and Texts for Knowledge Link
HRRESTAB Resource table
HRRESTY Resource types with additional info
HRRESTYTAB Resource type-resources table
HRRHV1 Parameter structure for function group RHV1
HRS0CHECK HR: Input Check and Possible Entries for Table T77S0
HRTEM_INTEZW HR-TEM: Help Structure for BADI Time Management
HRTEM_PDRELA_025_KEY Key Fields of Business Object PDRELA_025
HRTEM00_WEB_ATTEND_ACTIVITIES Activities of an Attendee (Bookings, Cancellations ...)
HRTEM00_WORKFLOW01 Help Structure for Workflows in Training and Events
HRTEM00NET Help Structure for Internet Service
HRTEM00TEXTVAR Help Structure Variable Replacement in User-Definable Texts
HRTEMEVENT Business event structure
HRTEMEWTEVENTS EWT: Training Center: Business Event Table
HRTEMOCCUPATION Reservations per Business Event
HRTEMTREE Node Structure TEM
HRV_77VPALV Correspondence History: ALV Display
HRV_ATTENDEE_COSTS Attendee's Fee with Settlement Date
HRV_REPORT Structure for Reports
HRV_RHABLAUF Structure for Report RHABLAUF
HRV_RHBUCH00 Structure for Report RHBUCH00
HRV_RHCHECKI Structure for Report RHCHECKI
HRV_RHEMPL00 Structure for Report RHEMPL00
HRV_RHERES00 Structure for Report RHERES00
HRV_RHEWUV21 Stucture for Report RHEWUV21
HRV_RHEWUV36 Structure for Report RHEWUV36
HRV_RHKBRO10 Structure for Report RHKBRO10
HRV_RHKBRO20 Structure for Report RHKBRO20
HRV_RHKURS20 Structure for Report RHKURS20
HRV_RHKURS30 Structure for Report RHKURS30
HRV_RHKVOR00 Structure for Report RHKVOR00
HRV_RHMARP00 Structure for Report RHMARP00
HRV_RHNOTE10 Structure for Report RHNOTE10
HRV_RHORES00 Structure for Report RHORES00
HRV_RHPREBO0 Structure for Report RHPREBO0
HRV_RHQALIF0 Structure for Report RHQALIF0
HRV_RHQANF00 Structure for Qualifications Check
HRV_RHRESA00 Structure for Report RHRESA00
HRV_RHSEMI60 Structure for Report RHSEMI60
HRV_RHSTOR00 Structure for Report RHSTOR00
HRV_RHTEILN0 Structure for Report RHTEILN0
HRV_RHTHIST0 Structure for Report RHTHIST0
HRV_RHUM770A Structure for Report RHUM770A
HRV_RHUMBU00 Structure for Report RHUMBU00
HRV_RHVORM00 Structure for Report RHVORM00
HRV_RHVUMS01 Structure for Report RHVUMS01
HRV_VARIABLES HR-TEM: Help Structure for Screens (Text Variable Wizard)
HRV_WIZ1 HR-TEM: Wizard Cost Transfer Posting
HRV_WIZ2 HR-TEM: Wizard Activity Allocation
HRV_WIZ3 HR-TEM: Wizard Billing
HRV_WIZ4 HR-TEM: Structure for Wizard Correspondence
HRV_WIZ5 HR-TEM: Wizard Materials Management
HRV1002 1002 subtype of business event type
HRV1037INFO Result Structure: Billing/Activity Allocation Info (P1037)
HRV1042 Schedule Model
HRVBEARER Cost Center of Business Event Cost Object
HRVBOOKCO Business event attendee table per company
HRVBU Screen fields for budget, data fields for function module
HRVBUDGET Budget Structure in Training and Event Management for FMs
HRVCHECK HR-TEM: Output List for Statistical Checks in TEM
HRVCHIST Input Data: Correspondence History
HRVCOLUMN Column Layout for Business Event Planning
HRVCOMPANY Company per attendee
HRVCOST Help fields for event costing, billing, activity allocation
HRVDEMAND Business Event Demand
HRVEMPLOY Employee table
HRVEQUI Resource Equipment Table
HRVETINFO Business event type: duration, price, organizer
HRVEVCAP Business Event Capacity
HRVEVCNT Business event statistics
HRVEVDAT Business event data
HRVEVDATE Dates with location (per business event type)
HRVEVDISPO Training and Event Planning Data
HRVEVENTS Business event table
HRVEVINFO Info on Billing/Activity Allocation for Business Event
HRVEVTYP Business event type
HRVFAKTHDR HRTEM: Transfer structure for billing - header
HRVFAKTITM HRTEM: Transfer structure for billing - item
HRVFAKTNET HRTEM: Transfer structure for billing - net value
HRVFOLLOW Follow-Up Business Event Table (D->B029->D)
HRVINLVHDR HRTEM: Transfer structure for activity allocation - header
HRVINLVITM HRTEM: Transfer structure for activity allocation - item
HRVIWBAREA HR-TEM: Knowlegde Provider Subject Area
HRVKONT Help structure for RH_READ_KONT
HRVKONT_N Auxiliary Structure for RH_READ_KONT_NEW
HRVKOSTL Output structure for RH_RED_KONT
HRVMSG F1 structure for data-driven menus
HRVNOINFTY Objects without required infotype
HRVOB Budgeting objects
HRVOPTIONS Structure for Output Filter in Dynamic Menus
HRVP000 Business event type data
HRVP001 Business event data
HRVP002 Attendance data
HRVP003 Organizational assignment
HRVP004 Recipient data
HRVP005 Organizational Assignment of Recipient
HRVPABOOK Business event table per attendee
HRVPAPREBO Prebookings per attendee
HRVPAR Training & Event Management: Basic Function Parameters
HRVPARTIC Business event attendee table
HRVPORES Resources Not Yet Reserved Per Business Event/Resource Type
HRVPREBK Table of prebookings made for a business event type
HRVPROTP Range for object types
HRVPSTOR Business Event Cancellation Table
HRVPV Training & Event Management: Fields in Standard Functions
HRVPV6A Training & Event Management Screen Fields:Object Maintenance
HRVPV6B HR-TEM: Help Structure Subscreen Administration Master Data
HRVPV6C HRTEM: Help Structure Callback for Default Administration
HRVPV6D HR-TEM: Master Data - Relationship
HRVPV6E HR-TEM: Master Data - Relationship with Dialog Attributes
HRVPVA Screen fields: maintain business event
HRVPVB Create congresses
HRVPVC Attendance Proposal
HRVPVF Input Data: Firmly Book/Cancel Business Event...
HRVPVS Screen fields for the display/selection of schedule models
HRVQUALIF Qualifications structure per attendee
HRVREFDOC Training and Events: Fields in Reference Document Functions
HRVRELAT Training and Event Management: Minimal Info on 1001
HRVREQUIRE Qualification table for business event
HRVRES Resource list per business Event
HRVRESOU Resource Management Structure
HRVRESPO ALV Structure for Determining Event Owner
HRVRESPONS Owners of Business Event Types
HRVRESRC Resource Management Structure
HRVRESTIME Resource Reservation Time
HRVRTYPE R types relevant for Training and Event Planning
HRVSCHED Schedule table with public holiday indicator
HRVSM_HIT_D HR: Search Engine Hit List (Business Event Types)
HRVSM_HIT_E HR: Search Engine Hit List (Business Events)
HRVSM_SSR HR: Search Engine Connection - Dialog Fields SSR
HRVSORT Screen Fields: Attendee Output Filter
HRVSUSCHED Session Table
HRVTARGGRP Target Group of Business Event Type (D --A033--> C)
HRVTIME0 Structure for Attendance Matchup
HRVTXTKEY1 HRMS-TEM: Key for Note on Booking/Cancellation/Prebooking
HRVTXTKEY2 HRMS-TEM: Key for Note on Booking/Cancellation/Prebooking
HRVTXTKEY4 HRMS-PD: Key for Note on Relationship A044
HRVTXTKEY5 HRMS-PD: Key for Note on Relationship A044/B077
HRVUMBUHDR HRTEM: Transfer structure for cost transfer - header
HRVUMBUITM HRTEM: Transfer structure for cost transfer - item
HRVUS_DIALOG HR: User-Defined Settings (Dialog Parameters)
HRVUS_DIALOG_SCREEN HR: Help Structure Screen Fields User Settings
HRVUS_MASTERDATA HR: User Settings Training and Events (Master Data)
HRVUS_MENUES HR: User Settings Training and Events (Dynamic Menus)
HRVUS_MENUES_FILTER HR: User Settings (Menu/Filter)
HRVUS_MENUES_ROOT HR: User Settings (Plan-Version-Dependent)
HRVUS_MENUES_SORT HR: User Settings (Menus/Sort Order)
HRVUS_REPORTING HR: User Settings Training and Events (Reporting)
LKURS Business Event Booking Procedure in List Entry Screen
P1020 Infotype 1020: Demand
P1020_AF Additional Query Fields
P1021 Infotype 1021: Costs
P1021_AF Additional Query Fields
P1022 Infotype 1022: Schedule
P1022_AF Additional Query Fields
P1022_TAB Business Event Planning: Schedule
P1023 Infotype 1023: Availability Features
P1023_AF Additional Query Fields
P1024 Infotype 1024: Capacity
P1024_AF Additional Query Fields
P1026 Infotype 1026: Additional Business Event Info
P1026_AF Additional Query Fields
P1027 Infotype 1027: Additional Business Event Info
P1027_AF Additional Query Fields
P1029 Infotype 1029: Additional Business Event Type Info
P1029_AF Additional Query Fields
P1030 Infotype 1030: Business Event Procedure
P1030_AF Additional Query Fields
P1034 Infotype 1034: Name Format
P1034_AF Additional Query Fields
P1035 Infotype 1035
P1035_AF Additional Query Fields
P1035_EXP Infotype 1035 expanded
P1036 Infotype 1036: Costs
P1036_AF Additional Query Fields
P1037 Infotype 1037: Sales Area
P1037_AF Additional Query Fields
P1041 Infotype 1041
P1041_AF Additional Query Fields
P1041_EXP Infotype 1041 expanded
P1042 Infotype 1042
P1042_AF Additional Query Fields
P1042_EXP Infotype 1042 expanded
P1060 Infotype 1060
P1060_AF Additional Query Fields
P1060_EXP Infotype 1060 expanded
P1062 Infotype 1062
P1062_AF Additional Query Fields
P1062_EXP Infotype 1062 Expanded
P1063 Infotype 1063: Business Event Group Info
P1063_AF Additional Query Fields
PABLF Business event schedule
PAD21 Supplementary Data for Relationship 'Is Equipped'
PAD21_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD22 Supplementary Data for Relationship 'Requires'
PAD22_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD23 Additional Data for Relationship 'Reserves'
PAD23_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD25 Additional Data for Relationship 'Takes Part In'
PAD25_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD27 Supplementary Data for Relationship 'Is Prebooked For'
PAD27_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD34 Additional Data for Relationship 'was attended by'
PAD34_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD50 Additional data on relationship 'appraises'
PAD50_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD51 Additional data for session
PAD51_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD53 Additional data for relationship 'still requires'
PAD53_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PFSDY Structure for Help Fields in SAPFH5AS/SAPFH5AB
PKMIT Input Data: Correspondence
PP0J Parameter string for program class PP0J
PP0V Parameter string for program class PP0V
PPFORM Form Variables
PPVAR Training & Event Management: Form Parameters
PPVARC Training & Events: Form Parameters (Customer-Specific)
PPVARDAT Correspondence: Data on text variables
PROP_TAB HR PLAN: Structure RHFIXK00 - Firmly Book/Cancel/Lock Event
PT1035 Fields for table division infotype 1035
PT1041 Fields for table division infotype 1041
PT1042 Fields for table division infotype 1042
PT1060 Fields for Infotype 1060 Table Division
PT1062 Fields for Table Section Infotype 1062
PX020 Substructure Infotype 1020: Demand
PX030 HR PLANNING: Substructure for Infotype 1030
PX030I Alternative PX030 structure
PX036 Substructure of infotype 1036: Costs
PXKRS Structure for Creating an External Business event
Q1020 Screen Fields for Infotype 1020 (Demand)
Q1022 Screen Fields for Infotype 1022 (Schedule Information)
Q1023 Screen Fields for Infotype 1023 (Availability Features)
Q1029 Screen fields for infotype 1029
Q1030 Help Structure for Infotype 1030
Q1034 Screen fields for infotype 1034: Name format
Q1036 Screen fields for infotype 1036: Costs
Q1037 Screen fields for infotype 1037 (sales area)
Q1041 Screen fields for infotype 1041
Q1042 Screen fields of infotype 1042 (Sched.Model: Training&Event)
Q1060 Screen fields for infotype 1060
Q1062 Screen Fields for Infotype 1062 (Knowledge Link)
Q1601 Screen Fields for Infotype 1601 (France)
Q77KF IPA: Texts for Table T77KF
Q77KU Screen Fields for Table T77KU
Q77R3 Additional Fields for Table T77R3 (Attendee Type Control)
Q77S1 IPA: Screen Fields for Maintenance T77S1
Q77S4 IPA: Screen Fields for Maintenance T77S4
Q77S5 IPA: Screen Fields for Maintenance T77S5
Q77VG IPA: Texts for Table T77VG
Q77VI Possible Entries for Relation: LFCOD - Notification Abbr.
QREVIEW Appraisal structures: Dialog
RES_TAB Resource Table
RESTY_TAB Resource Type Table
RHCHECKI_ALV Structure for Report RHCHECKS
RHKB1 Cost Item of a Business Event (Type)
RHKB2 Additional Info on Cost Items of Business Event (Type)
RHNOTE_KEY HRMS-TEM: Key for Note on Booking
RHVG_BOXES GANTT chart: data for boxes
RHVG_NODES GANTT chart: data for nodes (bars)
SKURS Business Event Booking Offered for Replacement/Cancellation
VHRT1035 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1041 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1042 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1060 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1062 Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000


The package PP09 contains 154 programs.

MP102000 HR Module Pool for Infotype 1020
MP1020BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP102100 PD Module Pool Infotype 1021
MP1021BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP102200 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1022
MP1022BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP102300 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1023 (Availability Indicators)
MP1023BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP102400 HR Module Pool for Infotype 1024
MP1024BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP102600 1026 - Business Event Info
MP1026BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP102700 Infotype 1027 - Addititional Location Info
MP1027BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP102900 1029 - Business Event Type Info
MP1029BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP103000 Infotype 1030: Procedure
MP1030BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP103400 HR Infotype 1034
MP1034BI PD: Batch Input Interface for Infotype 1034
MP103500 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1035
MP1035BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1035
MP103600 PD Infotype 1036 Costs
MP103700 PD Infotype 1037
MP1037BI PD Batch Input Interface to Infotype 1037
MP104100 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1035
MP1041BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1041
MP104200 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1042
MP1042BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1042
MP106000 PD Module pool infotype 1060
MP106200 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1062
MP106300 HR Infotype 1063
MP1063BI Batch Input 1063
RH0H0200 Call View Maintenance with Single Record
RHABLAUF Business Event Schedule
RHAPPRDL Delete Old Appraisals
RHARCHIV Archive Attendance Records
RHBELNRFIX Check Documents in Training and Event Management
RHBUCH00 Bookings per Attendee
RHBUDG00 Budget Comparison
RHBUUM00 Budget Converter in Training and Event Management
RHBUUM01 TEM : Budget Conversion BPJA -> Budget Objects
RHCALE00 Check VM-ALE Scenarios
RHCCOS00 Business Event Cost Calculation and Cost Transfer to CO
RHCCOST0 Cost Assignment (online)
RHCENQ00 Routines for Lock Management in E & T Administration
RHCGRP01 Preselection of Business Event Group and Type
RHCHECKI Display/Adjust Relationships with Different Inverse Relationship
RHCHECKS Display/Reconstruct Missing Schedule Records
RHCOMP00 Training Costs
RHCPRI00 Calculate Business Event Costs and Propose as Price
RHEMPL00 Employee List
RHERES00 Resource List per Business Event
RHEWUV21 Business Event Prices: European Monetary Union Changeover
RHEWUV21CHECK Checking Business Event Prices After Euro Conversion
RHEWUV36 Business Event Costs: European Monetary Union Changeover
RHFAKT00 Billing Business Events
RHFIXK00 Firmly Book / Cancel / Lock / Unlock Business Event
RHFLUPX0 Set Indicator for Business Events Followed Up
RHINLV00 Internal Activity Allocation for Attendees
RHINLV10 Internal Activity Allocation for Instructor Function
RHKBED00 Business Event Demand
RHKBRO00 Business event brochure
RHKBRO10 Business Event Dates
RHKBRO20 Business Event Prices
RHKMIT20 Output Notifications (Form)
RHKSEND0 Follow Up Business Event
RHKUNA00 HR Interface SD - Customers
RHKURS00 Plan Business Event
RHKURS10 Annual Planner
RHKURS20 Attendance Statistics
RHKURS30 Attendance and Sales Statistics
RHKVOR00 Attendance Prerequisites
RHMAIL10 Submit Report for MAIL Processing
RHMARP00 Material Requirements per Business Event
RHNOTE00 Edit Notes
RHNOTE10 Notes Without Relationship
RHORES00 Resources Not Yet Assigned per Business Event/Resource Type
RHPREBO0 Prebookings per Attendee
RHQALIF0 Attendee's Qualifications
RHQANF00 Prerequisites Matchup
RHRBEL00 Resource Reservation
RHRBEL10 Graphical Resource Reservation
RHREFDOC0 Reference Documents in Training and Event Management
RHREFDOCCHECK Reference Document Checks
RHRESA00 Resource Equipment
RHRESO00 Resource Reservation Statistics
RHRFRE00 Available/Reserved Resources
RHSEMI60 Business Event Information
RHSSREF0 Instructor Information
RHSTOR00 Cancellations per Business Event
RHSTOR10 Cancellations per Attendee
RHTEILN0 Attendee List
RHTHIST0 Training History
RHUM770A Conversion Report for Table T770A
RHUMAPPR Appraisal Conversion
RHUMBU00 Attendees for Rebooking
RHUMDEM0 Conversion Infotype 1020 - 1060 'Demand'
RHVCHECK Static checks in TEM
RHVORM00 Prebookings per Business Event Type
RHVORM10 Prebookings per Attendee
RHVRESPO Business Event Owner
RHVUMS01 HRMS: Check and Reorganize Database
RHXBUCH0 Bookings per Attendee
RHXBUDG0 Budget comparison
RHXCCOS0 Business Event Cost Calculation and Cost Transfer to CO
RHXCGRP0 Business Event Hierarchy
RHXCOMP0 Training costs
RHXCPRI0 Calculate Business Event Prices and Transfer to Infotype 1021 'Price'
RHXERES0 Resource List per Business Event
RHXEVALP Attendee Appraisals
RHXEVALV Business Event Appraisals
RHXFAKT0 Billing Business Events
RHXFIRMA Employee list
RHXINLV0 Internal Activity Allocation for Attendees
RHXINLV1 Internal Activity Allocation for Instructor Function
RHXKBED0 Business Event Demand
RHXKBRO0 Business Event Brochure
RHXKBRO1 Business Event Dates
RHXKBRO2 Business Event Prices
RHXKURS2 Attendance Statistics
RHXKURS3 Attendance and Sales Statistics
RHXKVOR0 Attendance Prerequisites
RHXMARP0 Material Requirements per Business Event
RHXORES0 Resources Not Yet Assigned
RHXORES1 Resources Not Yet Assigned per Business Event
RHXORES2 Resources Not Yet Assigned per Resource Type
RHXPREBO Prebookings per Attendee
RHXQALIF Attendee's Qualifications
RHXQANF0 Prerequisites Matchup
RHXRBEL0 Resource Reservation
RHXRBEL1 Graphical Resource Reservation
RHXRESA0 Resource Equipment
RHXRESO0 Resource Reservation Statistics
RHXSSREF Instructor Scheduling
RHXSSTL1 Attendees (Organizational Units)
RHXSSTL2 Attendees (Persons)
RHXSSTLN Attendees (Users)
RHXSTOR0 Cancellations per Business Event
RHXSTOR1 Cancellations per Attendee
RHXTEILA Attendance List
RHXTEILN Attendee List
RHXTHIST Attendee's Training History
RHXUMBU0 Attendees for Rebooking
RHXVORM0 Prebookings per Business Event Type
RHXVORM1 Prebookings per attendee
RHZDATA0 Migration: ZDATA --> CI

Search Helps

The package PP09 contains 4 search helps.

H_T770A Helpview for Table 770A
H_T770B Helpview for Table T770B
HRTEM00DYNAMIC Object types for search in dynamic menu
HRTEM00EVATY Search help: appraisal types

Message Classes

The package PP09 contains 1 message classes.

PV Veranstaltungsmanagement