SAP Package PBW0

Benefits - Internet and BAPIs

Technical Information

Package PBW0
Short Text Benefits - Internet and BAPIs
Parent Package HRRXX

Package Contents

The package PBW0 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package PBW0 contains 11 function groups.

HRBEN00BENADJREAS Function group for object BENADJREAS
HRBEN00BUS3029 Function Group for Business Object 3029
HRBEN00BUS302901 Function Group for Object BUS302901
HRBEN00BUS302902 Function group for object BUS302902
HRBEN00BUS302903 Function group for object BUS302903
HRBEN00BUS302904 Function group for object BUS302904
HRBEN00BUS302905 Function group for object BUS302905
HRBEN00BUS302906 Function group for object BUS302906
HRBEN00BUS302907 Function group for object BUS302907
HRBEN00GENBENINFO Function group for object GENBENINFO
HRBEN00WEBUTILITIES Function group for Web applications


The package PBW0 contains 4 transactions.

PZ07 Participation Overview
PZ14 Enrollment
PZ40 FSA Claims
PZ43 Retirement Benefits


The package PBW0 contains 34 structures.

BAPIBEN_D1 Benefits Display of Credit Plans
BAPIBEN_DA Benefits Display of Health Plans
BAPIBEN_DB Benefits Display of Insurance Plans
BAPIBEN_DC Benefits Display for Saving Plans
BAPIBEN_DD Benefits Display for Flexible Spending Accounts
BAPIBEN_DE Benefits Display for Misc. Plans
BAPIBEN_DF Benefits Display for Stock Purchase Plans
BAPIBEN_O1 Benefits Offer for Credit Plans
BAPIBEN_OA Benefits Offer for Health Plans
BAPIBEN_OB Benefits Offer for Insurance Plans
BAPIBEN_OC Benefits Offer for Savings Plans
BAPIBEN_OD Benefits Offer for Flexible Spending Accounts
BAPIBEN_OE Benefits Offer for Misc. Plans
BAPIBEN_OF Benefit Offer for Stock Purchase Plans
BAPIBEN_S1 Benefits Selection for Credit Plans
BAPIBEN_SA Benefits Selection for Health Plans
BAPIBEN_SB Benefits Selection for Insurance Plans
BAPIBEN_SC Benefits Selection for Saving Plans
BAPIBEN_SD Benefits Selection for Flexible Spending Accounts
BAPIBEN_SE Benefits Selection for Misc. Plans
BAPIBEN_SF Benefit Selection for Stock Purchase Plans
BAPIBENCRQ Benefits - Simultaneous Plans
BAPIBENDBF Benefits Beneficiaries (for Display)
BAPIBENDDP Benefits Dependents (for Display)
BAPIBENDIV Benefits Investments (for Display)
BAPIBENEVT Benefits: Adjustment Reasons
BAPIBENOBF Benefits Beneficiaries (for Offer)
BAPIBENODP Benefits Dependents (for Offer)
BAPIBENOIV Benefits Investments (for Offer)
BAPIBENPAR Parameter Structure for Benefits BAPIs
BAPIBENSBF Benefits Beneficiaries (for Selection)
BAPIBENSDP Benefits Dependents (for Selection)
BAPIBENSIV Benefits Investments (for Selection)
RPBENURL Benefits Structure for URL


The package PBW0 contains 4 programs.

SAPMPZ07 Module Pool for Internet Scenario 'Participation Overview'
SAPMPZ14 Module pool for internet scenario 'Enrollment'
SAPMPZ40 Module pool for internet scenario 'Spending Account Claims'
SAPMPZ43 Module pool for internet scenario 'Retirement plan valuation results'

Message Classes

The package PBW0 contains 1 message classes.

HRBEN00INTERNET Fehlermeldungen für ArbgLeistungen - Internet-Szenarien