SAP Package J1ICIN40A

CIN40A developments

Technical Information

Package J1ICIN40A
Short Text CIN40A developments
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package J1ICIN40A is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package J1ICIN40A contains 9 function groups.

J1I_MASTER Master data for CIN
J1I_MATERIAL_MASTER Subscreens for the material master
J1I_TAX_CALCULATE Functions for condition based tax calc.
J1IBND BOND Master Maintenance
J1IEX CIN40A: Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IEXGM Excisable Goods Movement- India
J1IMG01 Material extension - Chapter id
J1IMG02 Functions for MODVAT determination table
J1IMG03 Functions for Assessable value


The package J1ICIN40A contains 43 transactions.

J1IA101 Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
J1IA102 Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
J1IA103 Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
J1IA104 Excise Bonding ARE-1 procedure
J1IA301 Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
J1IA302 Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
J1IA303 Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
J1IA304 Deemed Exports ARE-3 Procedure
J1IANX18 Pro Forma of Running Bond Account
J1IANX19 Export of Excisable Goods
J1IARE_AGE Aging Analysis for ARE Documents
J1IBN01 Create Excise Bond
J1IBN02 Change Excise Bond
J1IBN03 Display Excise Bond
J1IBN04 Cancel Excise Bond
J1IBN05 Close Excise Bond
J1IBONSUM Bond Summary Report
J1IDEPOTSTOCK1 Depot stock with balances
J1IEX Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IEX_BO Outgoing Excise Invoices for Exports
J1IEX_C Capture Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IEX_P Post Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IEX_SFAC Incoming Exc Inv Field Selection
J1IGA Additional Excise Entry at Depot
J1IGAD Additional Excise at Depot Display
J1IIEXCP Sales Excise Invoice Exceptions
J1IIN Outgoing Excise Invoice
J1ILIC01 License : Capture
J1ILIC02 License : Change
J1ILIC03 License : Display
J1ILIC04 License : Cancel
J1ILIC05 License : Close
J1ILICSUM Deemed Export License Summary
J1INAR Annual Returns
J1INCC Print Customer WH Tax Certificates
J1INCHLC Challan Number Updation - Customers
J1INMIS Withholding Tax Information System
J1IUN Forms tracking
S_AL0_96000109 IMG activity: J_1IEX_SFAC
S_AL0_96000110 IMG activity: J_1IEX_CUST_ACT
S_AL0_96000111 IMG activity: J_1IEX_CUST_REF
S_AL0_96000172 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_HEALTH_CHECK
S_AL0_96000173 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_MIGRATE

Database Tables

The package J1ICIN40A contains 16 database tables.

J_1IADDRES Excise Related Address Management
J_1IADDRESS Excise Related Address Management
J_1IARE_ATTRB Excise Bonding: Attributes
J_1IBOND Excise Bonding: Bonds/UT-/Running Bond master
J_1ICONDTAX Tax Codes for Excise Duties Using Condition Technique
J_1IDCLSDET Document class Determination - India
J_1IEWT_MAPEXMPT Table for Vendor type/exemption indicators in Annual Returns
J_1IEX_CUST_ACT Define Processing Modes Per Transaction
J_1IEX_CUST_FLDS J1IEX: Incoming Invoices field selections
J_1IEX_CUST_REF Define Reference Documents Per Transaction
J_1IEXCDEFN Default Condition Types
J_1IEXMPTCODE VAT Exempted Tax code
J_1ILICDTL Excise Bonding: License detail
J_1ILICHDR Excise Bonding: License Header
J_1ILICTYPE Excise Bonding: License type master
J_1ITAXDEP Depreciation computation as per Income Tax (India)


The package J1ICIN40A contains 9 views.

J_1I_EWT_RETURN Annual returns - Documemnt View
J_1IEWT_MAPEXM Assign Exemption Reasons to Withholding Tax Codes
J_1IEWT_SURC Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods
J_1IEWT_VENTYP Assign Types of Company to Withholding Tax Codes
J_1IEWTJV Document Types for Journal Vouchers
J_1IMOCUSTEWT Maintain PAN no for Customers -EWT India
J_1IV2ARE_ATTRB Make Settings for ARE-1 Procedure
J_1IVARE_ATTRB Make Settings for ARE-3 Procedure
V_J1IEWTMAPEXMPT Maintenance view for exemption mapping - EWT (India)


The package J1ICIN40A contains 8 structures.

J_1IEXCDETAIL Item details for er1 report
J_1IEXCONTEXT J1IEX: Context Info for Application Log
J_1IEXCPAID Duty paid details for ER1
J_1IEXDYNPRO Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A Screen inputs first Line
J_1IEXHEAD Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A : Header Data
J_1IEXITEM Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A : Item Details
J_1IEXITEM_TV Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A : Item Details
J_1ITAXCOND_DEF Structure to map condition types to AP Excise condtions


The package J1ICIN40A contains 29 programs.

J_1I_ARE For Printing AREs
J_1I_ARE1_AGEING_ANALYSIS Excise Bonding: Ageing analysis for ARE1 documents
J_1I_BOND_SUMMARY Bond Summary Report
J_1I_CHALLAN_UPDATE_CUST Create Remittance Challan for Customers
J_1I_EWT_MIS Withholding Tax Information System
J_1I_EXPORT_REPORT Statement Regarding Export of Excisable Goods
J_1I_LICENSE_SUMMARY Deemed Export License Summary
J_1I_RUNNING_BOND Pro Forma of Running Bond Account
J_1IDEPOT_VAL Depot Stock Valuation for Excise
J_1IDEPOTSTOCK1 Display of Depot Stock
J_1IEWT_26A Annual returns for 194a
J_1IEWT_26C Annual Return For Section 194C
J_1IEWT_26D Annual Return for Section 194D
J_1IEWT_26H Annual returns for 194H
J_1IEWT_26I Annual Return for Section 194I
J_1IEWT_26J Annual Return for Section 194J
J_1IEWT_ANN_RET Annual Returns
J_1IEWT_CERT_CUST Print Withholding Tax Certificates for Customers
J_1IEWT_HEALTH_CHECK Health Check for Migration to EWT
J_1IEWT_MIGRATE Data Migration Tool from Classic to Extended withholding tax
J_1IEXCP_BILLS List of Excise invoices for which Billing is cancelled
J_1IITDEP Year-End Income Tax Depreciation Report (India)
J_1IPRNTARE Print program for ARE
SAPMJ1IGA Depot goods receipt
SAPMJ1IIN Sale from factory
SAPMJ1ILIC Module pool for Licenses
SAPMJ1IUN Forms Tracking

Search Helps

The package J1ICIN40A contains 12 search helps.

J_1IARE1 Excise Bonding: ARE-1 Documents
J_1IARE3 Excise Bonding: ARE-3 Documents
J_1IBOND Excise Bonding: Bonds.
J_1IEX_ADDRESS Excise Bonding: Address Number
J_1IEX_BOND Excise Bonding: For Internal bond number
J_1IEX_DOCNO Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEX_EXNUM Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEX_REJCODE for rejection code
J_1IEXSTRTYP Search help for Sub Transaction Type
J_1ILIC Excise Bonding: Licenses
J_1ISTRTYP Search help for Sub Transaction Type
J_1ISTRTYPF4 Search help for sub transaction type

Authorization Objects

The package J1ICIN40A contains 15 authorization objects.

J_1I57AE Authorization object for 57AE report
J_1IAADEP Authorizaton object for Income Tax depreciation - India
J_1IAR Authorizaton object for classic - Annual Returns
J_1ICLACER Authorizaton object for classic - Certificate
J_1ICLATDS Authorizaton object for classic - TDS Post
J_1IEWT_AR Authorisation Object for Annual Returns - Ext. With. Tax
J_1IEWTBCH Authorizaton object for EWT - Bank Challan
J_1IEWTMIS Authorisation for MIS Report
J_1IFAC_S1 Enhanced Factory sales authorization
J_1IFACSL1 Authorization for ARE1
J_1IFACT1 Authorization for ARE3 Transactions
J_1IGRPT1 Auth. for PART1 at GR
J_1IIEXCP Exceptions for sales Excise invoices
J_1IINEX Incoming Excise Invoice
J_1IREGSN Auth. for J1I5 (new program - J_1IREGSN)