SAP Package J1ICIN30A

Development class for cin30a

Technical Information

Package J1ICIN30A
Short Text Development class for cin30a
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package J1ICIN30A is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package J1ICIN30A contains 3 function groups.

J1I_TABLE_MAINT For table maintenance modules
J1I4A CIN30a functions
J1IEWT Function Group for EWT-India


The package J1ICIN30A contains 58 transactions.

J1IDOCFLOW Excise document flow
J1IDUELIST Billing document due list for modvat
J1IF01 Subcontracting Challan : Create
J1IF11 Subcontracting Challan : Change
J1IF12 Subcontracting Challans : Display
J1IF13 Challan Complete/Reverse/Recredit
J1IFQ Challan : Reconcile Quantity
J1IFR Subcontracting Challan Listing
J1IGR List of GR's without gate pass
J1INBANK Bank challan updation
J1INCAL Customizing for calendar Id
J1INCANC Certificate Cancellation
J1INCCREP Customer Certificate Reprint
J1INCERT Print Vendor WH Tax Certificates
J1INCHLN Challan Number Updation
J1INCRT Customizing for Certificate Printing
J1INCT Num.Range for EWT Certificate India
J1INCTNO Certificate Numbers
J1INCUS Customizing for Customer Certificate
J1INCUST Enter WH Tax Cert. from Customer
J1INDUE Customizing for Payment Due Dates
J1INHC Health check for migration to EWT
J1INJV Enter Journal Voucher
J1INMIG Data Migration Tool to EWT
J1INO Customizing Table for Challan no ran
J1INPP Update Business Place in FI document
J1INPR Provisions for Taxes on Services
J1INREP Reprint Vendor WH Tax Certificates
J1INREV Challan reversals
J1INSUR Surcharge Table for EWT India
J1INSUR1 Surcharge Table for EWT INDIA
J1INUM Number Group for Internal Challan No
J1INUMBER Number range for Internal Challan.
J1INUT Utilise Withholding Tax on Provision
J1IREJECTION Post rejected invoices
S_AL0_96000106 IMG activity: J_1ITRNACC
S_AL0_96000107 IMG activity: J_1IEXCACC
S_AL0_96000114 IMG activity: J_1ISUBATT
S_AL0_96000115 IMG activity: J_1IMVTGRP
S_AL0_96000117 IMG activity: J_1IUTILIZE
S_AL0_96000154 IMG activity: J_1IEWTCALID
S_AL0_96000155 IMG activity: J_1IEWTDUEDATE
S_AL0_96000158 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_COMP
S_AL0_96000159 IMG activity: J_1IEWTSURC
S_AL0_96000160 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_SURC1
S_AL0_96000161 IMG activity: J_1IEWTDOCKEY
S_AL0_96000162 IMG activity: J_1IEWTHKONT
S_AL0_96000163 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_CUST
S_AL0_96000164 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_CUSTV
S_AL0_96000165 IMG activity: J_1IEWTNUMGR
S_AL0_96000166 IMG activity: J_1IEWTNUM
S_AL0_96000167 IMG activity: J_1IEWTNO
S_AL0_96000168 IMG activity: J_1IEWTPROVISACC
S_AL0_96000169 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_CERT
S_AL0_96000170 IMG activity: J_1IEWT_CERTNO
S_AL0_96000171 IMG activity: J_1ICERT
S_AL0_96000809 IMG Activity: J_1IN0002
S_AL0_96000810 IMG Activity: J_1IN0004

Database Tables

The package J1ICIN30A contains 34 database tables.

J_1I_CUST_CERT Data table for clearing doc on customer tax certificate.
J_1I_SECCO_CIT Section Code, TAN and CIT address mapping table
J_1IEWT_CERT SAPscript Forms/section indicators for E WT Certificates
J_1IEWT_CERT_N SAPscript Forms/section indicators for EWT Certificate:SECCO
J_1IEWT_CERTIF Certificate Issued Details-EWT India
J_1IEWT_CERTIF_N Certificate Issued Details-EWT India:SECCO
J_1IEWT_CERTNO Number Ranges for Withholding Tax Certificates
J_1IEWT_COMP Surcharge Calculation Methods
J_1IEWT_CUST Customer certificates ,Challan customizing EWT- India
J_1IEWT_HC Health check for migration to EWT status.
J_1IEWT_MIGRATE Map Classic tax code to EWT Tax type - Tax codes
J_1IEWT_SURC1 Surcharge Rates
J_1IEWTCALID Calendar for Payment Due date-EWT India
J_1IEWTCALID_N Calendar for Payment Due date-EWT India: SECCO
J_1IEWTCHLN Table for Internal and external Challan nos-EWT India.
J_1IEWTDOCKEY Document Types for Extended Withholding Tax Processes
J_1IEWTHKONT Table for for TDS provisions Accounts / Loss Accounts
J_1IEWTNO No range for certificate Printing-EWT India
J_1IEWTNUMGR Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers- EWT India.
J_1IEWTNUMGR_1 Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers-EWT India:SECCO
J_1IEWTNUMGR_N Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers-EWT India:SECCO
J_1IEWTPROV Table for TDS provisions
J_1IEWTPROVISACC Maintain entries for accts to be considered for provisions
J_1IEWTSURC Surcharge Tax Codes
J_1IGRXSUB GR reference to subcontracting challans
J_1IMVTGRP Movement type Group for Subcontrcting
J_1IQEXCISE Quantity based AED, NCCD and SED
J_1IREJMAS Rejection Codes
J_1ISUBATT Subcontracting Scenario Attributes
J_1ISUBBYP Subcontracting Scrap/ Byproduct
J_1ITAXIND Excise Tax Indicator
J_1IUTILIZE Utilization Determination


The package J1ICIN30A contains 5 views.

J_1I_SECCODE Section Codes for Extended Withholding Tax
J_1IEWT_CUSTV View for Document type for Challan Update-EWT
J_1IEWTDTCHLN Document Type for Remittance Challan - Classic With. Tax
J_1IEWTDTPRV Document Types for TDS Provisions -EWT India
J_1IMOVENDEWT Maintain PAN no for Certificates-EWT India


The package J1ICIN30A contains 13 structures.

J_1I_DEDUCTEE Form 16 A India
J_1I_LFA1 structure for form 16A India
J_1I_PRINTTAB print table for india form 16A
J_1I_QRTRTAB India Form 16 A
J_1IBUPLA Structure for Vendors and Business Place
J_1IEWTADD append for EWT-India
J_1IEWTCODE withholding Tax Code
J_1IEWTCODE1 Withholding tax code
J_1IEWTDATE value date for withholding tax line items
J_1ISPLIT Structure for split Invoices
J1I_CERT_SUMMTAB Form 16A TDS Certificate Summary table
J1I_CHALL_SUMMTAB Form 16A Challan Summary


The package J1ICIN30A contains 27 programs.

J_1I_BDC_POST_INVOICE_OTHERMT Post Invoice : Other movements
J_1I_CHALLAN_UPDATE Create Remittance Challans
J_1I_CUSTOMER_CERT Enter Withholding Tax Certificate from Customer
J_1I_EXCISE_DOCUMENT_FLOW Excise Document Flow
J_1I_EXCISE_DUE_LIST Billing documents: Due list for Modvat Utilization
J_1IDOCLIST List of Subcontracting Challans
J_1IEWT_BANK_UPDATE Bank Challan Update
J_1IEWT_CERT Print Withholding Tax Certificates for Vendors
J_1IEWT_CERT_CANC Cancel Vendor and Customer Withholding Tax Certificates
J_1IEWT_CERT_REPRINT Reprint Vendor Withholding Tax Certificates
J_1IEWT_CHALLAN_REVERSE Challan Reversal Program
J_1IEWT_CUST_CERT Print Withholding Tax Certificates for Customers
J_1IEWT_CUST_CERT_REPRINT Reprint Customer Withholding Tax Certificates
J_1IEWT_MIGRATE_SECCO Customizing Migration from Business Place to Section Code - India
J_1IEWT_PROV_UTILISE Clear Provisions on Taxes for Services Received
J_1IEWT_PROVISIONS Provisions for Taxes on Services Received
J_1IEWT_UPDATE_FI_FOR_BUPLA Update Business Place information in FI document
J_1IEXCP_GR1 Exception Reporting: List of GR's where Gate Pass not yet received
J_1IEXCP_OUTPUT Print program for invoices
J_1IEXCP_REJECTION Exception Reporting : Process rejected excise invoices
J_1IMATLIST Material Document List
J_1IPRNE_OUTPUT Excise invoice printing
SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting process
SAPMJ1INJV Adjustment entry for withholding tax

Search Helps

The package J1ICIN30A contains 12 search helps.

J_1ICERTIF Search help for TDS table.
J_1IEWT_CERTIF Search Help for Certificate Header Table- EWT India
J_1IEWT_CERTIF_N Search Help for Certificate Header Table- EWT India:SECCO
J_1IEWT_CHALLAN Search help for J_1IEWTCHLN table to get clearing docs no
J_1IEWTPROV_AC Accounts for which provisions have to be booked
J_1IEX Search Help for Challan Number For Quantity Reconciliation
J_1IEXC Search help for Subcontracting Challan
J_1IEXCISE_INVOICE_J1IA Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEXCISE_INVOICE_J1IS Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEXCISE_INVOICE_J1IW Search help for excise invoice
J_1IIEXGRP Search help for excise groups
J_1IISRGRP Search help for Series Group

Authorization Objects

The package J1ICIN30A contains 6 authorization objects.

J_1IEWT_HC health check for Migration to EWT
J_1IEWTCER Authorization check for Certificate Printing- EWT
J_1IEWTCHL Authorization Object for Challan Updation-EWT
J_1IEWTJV Authorization check for JV
J_1IEWTPR Authorization check for SR/IR Provisions- EWT
J_1ITDSCER Authorization check for Certificate Print Program