SAP Package IWO1

Appl. Development R/3 Plant Maintenance Order Processing

Technical Information

Package IWO1
Short Text Appl. Development R/3 Plant Maintenance Order Processing
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package IWO1 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package IWO1 contains 22 function groups.

AUFM Goods movements for order
CMES PM/CS Order: External Scheduling
CMET PM/CS Order: External Sched. Master Data
CMOA PM/SM Order: Checks, Fills...
CMOB PM/SM Order: Business Functions
CMOC PM/SM Order: Component Functions
CMOH PM/SM Order Header
CMOO PM/SM Order: Operation Functions
CMOR PM/SM Order: Edit R/3 Objects
CMOS PM/SM Order: Screens
CMOT PM/CS Order: External Sub-Objects
COAI PM Order Archiving Class
COAS Order process control
COI0 PM order: removed functions
COI1 PM/SM Order Costs/Settlement Rules
COIU PM/QM User defaults
ICMS Help function for accounting indicator
IDIIN Integration DI Solution CC & WPS
IHWF Workflow in PM/SM Order
IOPEXT Enhancements OPROL / Operation Data
PM_XC_FUNCTIONS Functions for Conversion Reports


The package IWO1 contains 24 transactions.

CI35 Generate Upload Request CC3
IW31 Create Order
IW33 Display PM Order
IW34 PM Order for PM Notification
IW36 Create PM Sub-Order
IW37 Change Operations
IW38 Change PM Orders
IW39 Display PM orders
IW3D Print Order
IW3M List of Goods Movements for Order
IW48 Confirmation using operation list
IW49 Display Operations
IW66 Change Tasks
IW67 Display Tasks
IW68 Change Notification Items
IW69 Display Notification Items
IW70 Orders Overall Network Scheduling
IW8W Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order
IWBK Material availability information
OIOH PM Graphic and Rel. for Orders
OIOS Default Planning Indicator
OIWK CS Notification List
OIWL PM order list

Database Tables

The package IWO1 contains 22 database tables.

AFIH Maintenance order header
AUFM Goods movements for order
PMCOQT Quantity structure for the maintenance order
PMFLAGS Flags if certain conversions have been run
T350 Maintenance Control Parameters: Client/Order Type
T350E Access sequence addresses for address proposal purch. data
T350I Combination of order type and PM activity type allowed
T350W Maintenance control parameters: Order type plant
T352R Maintenance revisions
T353I Maintenance activity types
T353I_T Maintenance activity type description
T357M_T Operating condition texts
T399I Planning plant parameters
T399J Maintenance parameters (client)
T418V Item category proposal for component assignment
TPEXT Profile for external procurement
TPEXT_T Text tables for profiles (external procurement)
TPMIM IM allocation key
TPMP Maintenance profile
TPMPO Maintenance order processing profile
TPMUC Deactivate the Update Check CO_ZV_CONSISTENCY_CHECK
TPMUS PM/SM - User default values


The package IWO1 contains 47 views.

M_MBEWM View for valuation types for material
M_ORDPA Generated view for matchcode ID ORDP -A
M_ORDPE Generated view for matchcode ID ORDP-E
M_ORDPF Generated view for matchcode ID ORDP -F
M_ORDPG Generated view for matchcode ID ORDP -G
M_ORDPH Generated view for matchcode ID ORDP -H
V_AUART Order Types for CS/PM
V_D_T350I Valid Maintenance Activity Types for Each Order Type
V_MSGTYP_PM View for PM message categories
V_OUTLA View for Search Help OUTLA
V_OUTLB View for Search Help OUTLB
V_OUTLI View for Search Help OUTLI
V_OUTLK View for Search Help OUTLK
V_OUTLL View for Search Help OUTLL
V_OUTLM View for Search Help OUTLM
V_OUTLN Vied for Search Help OUTLN
V_OUTLP View for Search Help OUTLP
V_OUTLT View for Search Help OUTLT
V_OUTLU View for Search Help OUTLU
V_OUTLV View for Search Help OUTLV
V_OUTLW View for Search Help OUTLW
V_T006_T View for Determination of Units of Measurement for Time
V_T350_BEZZT Proposed reference time for order completion
V_T350_ES External Scheduling for Order Types
V_T350_HE Time for Settlement Rule, Distribution Rule for Sub-Order
V_T350_IMZS Investment management assignment key
V_T350_IV Investment Order Indicator
V_T350_NOTDAT Maintain notification data in the order header
V_T350_P Default Planning Indicator for Order Types
V_T350_PAGE Maintenance of standard texts for the order types
V_T350_RSORD Indicator to show order is a refurbishment order
V_TCN41_PM Default Values for PM/CS Orders
V_TPMIM Capital investment program assignment: Relevant fields
V_TPMP User-Specific Profiles in Maintenance
VAFIHST Completed PM orders
VAFILOA PM order view via AFIH (order header) and ILOA
VIAFKOS PM Order Selection
VIAFKOS_IFLOS Selection PM orders (adjusted to altern. indicator)
VIAFVC_SML Order operations selection exclusive status for IW37
VIAFVC_ST Selection order operations including status for IW48
VIAUF_AFVC Maintenance orders and operations (for IW37)
VIAUF_AFVC_IFLOS PM orders and transactions (for IW37) (altern. ID adjusted)
VIAUFKS PM Order Selection
VIAUFKS_IFLOS Selection PM orders (adjusted to altern. indicator)
VIAUFKST PM Order Selection by Status
VIAUFKST_IFLOS Selection of PM orders by status (altern. indic. adjusted)
VIORA Selection PM orders via status table JEST - Archiving


The package IWO1 contains 50 structures.

AFIHEA PM Order: PM Order Header I/O Fields
AFIHF PM Order: Fields AFIH w/o Key
AFIHW PM Order Include Part of Order Header (Fields from AFIH)
APPOINTMENT_LIST Proposed Dates for External Scheduling
AUFKT_PM PM order: execution factor operations + entire TL
CAUFVDN Temporary/new order numbers + accompanying notif. numbers
DIAFAB Output structure for order relationships
DIAFFH PM resources
DIAFRU PM Completion Confirmation
DIAFVC Maintenance Operations
DIAUFM Goods movements for order
DIKBED PM Capacity Requirements
DIKBEDH Capacity load (logical database AFI)
DIKBEDS Split/capacity assignment (logical database AFI)
DIRESB PM Materials
ENGINEER_MASTERDATA_ORG_UNIT CS-SDL Interface: Organizational Data of Technician
ENGINEER_MASTERDATA_QUALI CS-SDL Interface: Qualifications of Technician
IWO1_SEL_OPT Selection Criteria
IWO1EA PM Order: Texts in screen
IWOC_CHANGE_WORKCENTER_S Exchange structure work center during task list transfer
OBJN_TAB Table of Temporary and Corrected Entries
PILOA Iloa from archive date
PLKNZEA IO Structure: Order Planning Indicator
PMAIPPP Capital investment program, Search strategy
PMARC_AFIH PM Archiving Structure AFIH
PMPERSONPARTNER PM/CS Person Partner Structure
PMPLANAVO PM Task List Structure (Operation)
PMSELTL PM: Transfer Structure TL Transfer in PM Order
PMVORNR PM: Structure that only contains the operation number
PMWO PM Order: Structure for Confirmation Check
QMEL_ESSENCE Important Fields of Qmel
RIHADRN Display Structure Reporting PM Address Data
RIHAFAB PM: Display structure relationships in order for reporting
RIHAFVC Reporting Display Structure PM Order Operations
RIHAUFK Reporting Display Structure PM Orders
RIHAUFKU Sub-orders (only for download)
RIHAUFM Display structure reporting for AUFM
RIHFCOM Component structure from non-SAP system
RIHFCOM_XL Component Structure from External System (Enhanced for BAdI)
RIOT Objects & Texts in Order
SMSRVPINF SM: Information on the service product
TPMUS_WA Work area structure for user default values


The package IWO1 contains 30 programs.

PMF4ZILA Order Types Allowed
RIAFVC10 Confirmation Using Operation List
RIAFVC20 Display and Change Operations
RIARCORA Maintenance Order: Generate Archive File (Archiving)
RIARCORAS Archiving Orders: Write Program
RIARCORD PM Order: Delete Archived Records
RIARCORDS Archiving Orders: Deletion Program
RIARCORS Maintenance Order: Display Archive File Contents
RIARCORV PM Order: Set Deletion Flag / Deletion Indicator
RIARCORVS Archiving Orders: Initial Run
RIAUFK10 Display Service and Maintenance Orders (Multi-Level)
RIAUFK20 Display and Change Service and Maintenance Orders
RIAUFM00 Set Up Goods Movements for Order
RIAUFM20 Display Goods Movements for Order
RIHUP100 Individualization of Location Data (ILOA) for Order/Notification
RIOCLAS0 PM Order: Subsequent Classification of PM Orders
RIORD000 PM Order: Repair Prog. for RESB and PurReq. LOEKZ when Order TECO
RIORD052 Repair Report Operation Problems
RIORDST1 Repair: Status for PM/CS Orders
RIORDST2 Repair: Status for PM/CS Orders
RISMLTCK Check Tables STXH/STXL for Notification Long Texts
RISMLTR0 Repair of Notification Long Texts
RISMLTRP Clear Up Tables STXH/TXL for Notification Long Texts
RITPM2US Conversion of Relevant Data Records from TPMP to TPMUS
RLORD001 Analysis report for duplicate operation purchase requisitions
RLORD035 Correction Rpt: Inconsistancy in Purchase Req. Deletion Indic./Order
SAPCDUP3 Generate Upload Request in Subsystem

Search Helps

The package IWO1 contains 31 search helps.

ANLZU_VAL_REQU Search help for system condition
AUART Search help for order types
H_T350I Maintenance activity types for each order type
I_STATUS Collective search help for status incl./excl. reporting PM
I_STATUS_SYS System Status for Object
MBEW Collective search help for batches and valuation types
MBEWM Valuation types for the material
ORDEL PM orders using order list
ORDH Matchcode object for historical PM orders
ORDP Matchcode object for PM orders
ORDPA Orders using order type/controlling area
ORDPE Orders for preventive maintenance plan
ORDPF Orders for fixed asset
ORDPG Orders for cost center
ORDPH Orders for superior order
ORDPL PM orders using order list
ORDPQ Service orders using order list
OUTL Collective Search Helps for Outline Agreements
OUTLA Outline Agreements per Technical System
OUTLB Outline Agreements per Requirements Number
OUTLI Contracts for Services
OUTLK Outline Agreements per Cost Center
OUTLL Outline Agreements per Vendor
OUTLM Outline Agreements by Material
OUTLN Outline Agreements per Network
OUTLP Outline Agreements per Project
OUTLT Contracts per Agreement Date
OUTLU Scheduling Agreements per Agreement Date
OUTLV Purchasing Documents per Sales Document
OUTLW Purchasing Documents per Supplying Plant
T006_T Search Help for Units of Measurement for Time

Message Classes

The package IWO1 contains 5 message classes.

CMC Nachrichten zu Komponenten im PM/CS Auftrag
CMES Externe Terminierung Interface CS-SDL
CMO Nachrichten für PM/SM-Aufträge
ICMS Nachrichten zur Hilfsfunktionen für Berechnungsmotiv
IW Auftragsabwicklung

Authorization Objects

The package IWO1 contains 1 authorization objects.

I_ILOA Change location- and accounting data in the order