GRC Access Control Component

Technical Information

Package GRCAC
Short Text GRC Access Control Component
Parent Package -

Package Contents

The package GRCAC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package GRCAC contains 2 transactions.

S_VA6_57000005 IMG activity: GRCAC_MAINT_PARAM
S_VA6_57000006 IMG activity: GRCAC_MAINT_CODES

Authorization Objects

The package GRCAC contains 17 authorization objects.

GRCCC_0001 Compliance Calibrator - Table maintenance
GRCCC_0002 Compliance Calibrator - Execute
GRCCC_0003 Compliance Calibrator - User Group
GRCCC_0004 Restriction by Organizational Rule Id
GRCCC_0005 Compliance Calibrator Alerts
GRCCC_0006 Authorization for Business Units - Mitigation
GRCCC_0007 Authorization for Risks - Mitigation
GRCCC_0008 Authorization for Roles - Mitigation
GRCCC_0009 Authorization for HR Objects - Mitigation
GRCCC_0010 Authorization for Function - Rule Architect
GRCCC_0011 Authorization for Risks - Rule Architect
GRCCC_0012 Authorization for Rules - Rule Architect
GRCCC_0013 Authourization for Business Process - Rule Architect
GRCFF_0001 Superuser Privilege Management
GRCFF_0002 Superuser Privilege Management - Role based authorization
GRCRE_0001 Role Expert - Authorization Object 1
GRCRE_0002 Role Expert - Authorization Object 2