SAP Package FKBH

Bank Customer Accounts: General Ledger Integration

Technical Information

Package FKBH
Short Text Bank Customer Accounts: General Ledger Integration
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Package Contents

The package FKBH is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package FKBH contains 25 function groups.

FBC_AUTHORIZATION BCA General Ledger: Authorizations
FBC_GL Access to GL Functions Outside BCA
FBC_TAB_BKKCVA BCA GL: Access BKKCVA Indiv.Val.Adjust.
FBC_VA_CD ===> Object BKK_GL_VA , Generated d
FBC_VA_DIALOG BCA GL: Indiv. Val. Adjust. Online
FBC_VA_PRIVATE BCA GL: Indiv. Val. Adjust. Private
FBC_VA_PUBLIC BCA GL: Indiv. Val. Adjust. Public
FBC1 BCA GL: FI Ky Routines BKKC01
FBC2 BCA GL: Customizing Account Assignment
FBC3 BCA General Ledger: Post Items
FBC4 BCA G/L: Sample FMs for Open BCA
FBC5 BCA, GL: Table Access/Evaluations
FBC5L BCA, GL: Lists/Evaluations
FBC5R BCA G/L: Statement/Evaluations
FBC6 BCA, GL: Various Help Routines
FBC7 BCA General Ledger: GL Transfer
FBC7DB BCA GL: DB Accesses GL Transfer
FBC8DB BCA, GL: DB Access Bal.Sheet Preparation
FBC9 BCA GL: Changes to Account Master
FBCA BCA: BTE Function Module Call-Ups
FBCARCH BCA General Ledger: Archiving
FBCB BCA GL: Processes without Payment Items
FBCE BCA, General Ledger: EURO Routines
FBVC Tab. Mainten. GL Transfer (Generated)


The package FKBH contains 37 transactions.

F961 Application Log FI Transfer
F962 Application Log Balance Sheet Prep.
F963 Appl. log prep.(backdated)
F973 Display reconcil. balance list 1
F974 Display reconcil. balance list 2
F975 Compensation statememt daily status
F977 Correction parked payment items
F978 Reconcil. List: FI Documents
F97A Overview of BCA Reconciliation Keys
F97A1 Reconciliation key detail display
F97E Recon. to reconciliation key
F97G Statement FI Document/BCA Posting
F97I Reconciliation BCA /SAP FI Balances
F97J Appl. log prep.(backdated)
F980 Interest Acc/Def Individ. Statement
F9H_GL_OLD GL Control for Legacy Data
F9H_GLDATA Comparison of FI Data with BCA
F9HA GL Variants
F9HB General Ledger Transaction
F9HC General Ledger Group
F9HC4 GL Acct Assgmt, Indiv.Value Adjustmt
F9HC5 GL Acct Assgmt, Indiv.Value Adjustmt
F9HD GL Transfer Posting Group
F9HE GL Acct. Assignment, CA Posted
F9HEWB1 Create Individual Value Adjustment
F9HEWB2 Change Individual Value Adjustment
F9HEWB3 Display Individual Value Adjustment
F9HEWB4 Post Loss on Receivables
F9HG Assignment Trans.Type-GL Transaction
F9HH GL Account Assignment, Parked
F9HI Transfer BCA - GL
F9HJ GL Acct. Assignment, Int. Acc./Def.
F9HL Bal.Sheet Prep. BCA - GL
F9HO GL Control for Legacy Data
F9HRVA Post Individual Value Adjustment
F9HRVA_MT Indiv. Val. Adjst. Proposal List
S_KK4_13000331 *

Database Tables

The package FKBH contains 33 database tables.

BKKC01 Gen.Ledger: Reconciliation Key Accounting Documents
BKKC01C Gen.Ledger: Commitments Reconciliation Key Acctg. Documents
BKKC02 General Ledger: Posting Totals for FI
BKKC03 Gen.Ledger: Assignment Process->
BKKC10 Gen. Ledger: Balances in FI per BCA Cust.Acct. / Bal.Sh.Prep
BKKC11 Gen. Ledger: BCA Balances per GL Transac. for Bal.Sh.Prep.
BKKC12 Gen. Ledger: New Balances for Bal. Sheet Preparation
BKKC13 Gen.Ledger: Changes GL Fields in Account Master
BKKC20 Last Balance Sheet Preparation
BKKC20_BPRUN Table that Saves Currently Running Balance Sheet Preparation
BKKC30 Gen. Ledger: Log for Transfer Postings (Bal.Sh.Prep., etc.)
BKKCNOITGL Table of Items not Updated on the Account
BKKCVA Administration Table Individual Value Adjustment
BKKITGL Gen. Ledger: Payment Item Data
TBKK01F Bank Area: Transfer FI General Ledger
TBKKC_BUKRS BCA Locally Duplicated Values for Corresponding FI
TBKKC03 GL Process
TBKKC03T Texts on Processes
TBKKC04 Actions on GL Process
TBKKC04T Text Actions on GL Process
TBKKC05 Action during Posting
TBKKC05T Text Table for Action during Posting
TBKKC2 Assignment Process to General Ledger Process
TBKKCACT General Ledger Transaction
TBKKCACTT Text GL Transaction
TBKKCASS GL Account Assignment
TBKKCCLR Transfer Posting Balance Sheet Preparation GL
TBKKCGRP General Ledger Group
TBKKCGRPT Text General Ledger Group
TBKKCTTP Assignment PT Transaction Type / GL Transaction
TBKKCVART Text GL Variants


The package FKBH contains 15 views.

V_BKKC01C General Ledger: View Counter to FI Key
V_TBKKC03 GL Processes Maintenance
V_TBKKC04 Maintain Actions for General Ledger Process
V_TBKKC05 Maintenance of Actions for Postings
V_TBKKC2 Assignment BCA Process to BCA General Ledger Process
V_TBKKCACT GL Transaction Maintenance
V_TBKKCAS2 Maintain GL Acct. Assignment, Current Acct. Postprocessing
V_TBKKCAS3 GL Acct. Assignment, Interest Accrual/Deferral Maintenance
V_TBKKCAS4 GL Acct Assignment Maintenance, Individual Value Adjustment
V_TBKKCAS5 GL Account Assignment Maintenance, Blocked Payment Items
V_TBKKCASS GL Acct. Assignment, Current Acct. Posted Maintenance
V_TBKKCCLR Transfer Posting Group GL Maintenance
V_TBKKCGRP GL Group Maintenance
V_TBKKCTTP Assignment PT Tran. Type / GL Transaction Maintenance
V_TBKKCVAR GL Variant Maintenance


The package FKBH contains 55 structures.

BKK_AWOBJE Structure of Field AWREF and AWORG for Object Categ. BKKEB
BKK_AWOBJS Structure of Field AWREF and AWORG for Object Categ. BKKSU
BKK_GLBGR00 Batch Input Structure for Session Data
IBKK_DPLST GL: Detail List Postings Balance Sheet Preparation
IBKK_FIKEY GL: Posting Total PT for Transfer FI (BKKCO2)
IBKK_GL_BALANCE_BCA Balance from FI GL Accounts
IBKK_GLACC GL: Constant Values ACC Fields during Transfer FI
IBKK_GLASS Acct. Assignment Fields GL Acct. Assignment
IBKK_GLBAL GL: Total Postings Payment Items for Bal. Sheet Preparation
IBKK_GLMFI Error Messages from FI per Document/Reconciliation Key
IBKK_GLSFI FI Document/Posting Totals in FI for a Reconciliation Key
IBKK_ITGL GL: Post Payment Item
IBKK_NO_ITEM Payment Item
IBKK_NOITEM_REP_INAC Statement of the Individual Items of an Interest Acc./Def.
IBKK_R_BELNR_BCA Structure for Range Table Category Document Number (BCA)
IBKK_R_BLART_BCA Structure for Range Table Category Document Type (BCA)
IBKK_R_BUDAT_BCA Structure for Range Table Category Posting Date (BCA)
IBKK_R_BUZEI_BCA Structure for Range Table Category Company Code (BCA)
IBKK_R_FIKEY Structure for Range Table Category Reconciliation Key
IBKK_R_GJAHR_BCA Structure for Range Table Category Fiscal Year (BCA)
IBKK_R_GSBER_BCA Structure for Range Table Category Business Area (BCA)
IBKK_R_HKONT_BCA Structure for Range Table Category GL Account (BCA)
IBKK_SBKKC30 Structure Fields Tab. BKKC30 (except key)
IBKK_SNO_ITEM Payment Item
IBKKBKPF01_BCA Structure - BCA-Relev. FI-BKPF Fields Corresp. to IBKKBSEG01
IBKKBSEG02_BCA Structure - BCA-Relev. FI-BSEG Fields Corresp. to IBKKBSEG02
IBKKC01_CT GL: Table FI Key with Counter for Lock BKKCO1
IBKKC01_DETAIL GL: Display FI Key Detail Data
IBKKC01_DT GL: Data FI Key with Date and Counter
IBKKC02 GL: Internal Posting Totals (with Com.Code)
IBKKC02_VALUT G/L: Internal Posting Totals (with CoCode) - Value Date
IBKKC10 Structure for BKKC10
IBKKC30_DETAIL Balance Sheet Preparation Detail Data
IBKKCARCH01 Log Data for BCA General Ledger Data Archiving
IBKKCVA Transfer Structure for IVA Entries and Valuations
IBKKCVA_LIST Transfer Structure for IVA Valuations and External Statement
IBKKCVA_PROTOCOL Log Output Structure for Individual Value Adjustment
IBKKGL_ALV_DINP Open/Close List Output for Reconciliation Keys Leg.Data Tran
IBKKGL_DNP_REP_BP Screen Fields for Report Balance Sheet Preparation
IBKKGL_DNP_REP_DINP Screen Fields for Legacy Data Transfer Report
IBKKGL_DNP_REP_IA Fields for Detailed Statement Report Interest Acc/Def
IBKKGL_DNP_REP_TRF Screen Fields for General Ledger Transfer Report
IBKKGL_DNP_REP_VA Screen Fields for Posting Report Individual Value Adjustment
IBKKGLACCR BCA: Structure - BCA-Relevant Fields Doc.Lines Currency Info
IBKKGLACGL BCA: Structure for BCA-Relevant Fields Document Lines
IBKKGLACTX Document Taxes (Batch Input Structure)
IBKKGLADM Admin. Data BCA Document (Payment Item, Payment Order)
IBKKGLC5 Structure for Displaying RFBKLC5
IBKKGLPP Structure for Displaying RFBKGLPP
IBKKITGL Gen. Ledger: Payment Item Data
IBKKPDO Parameter documentation


The package FKBH contains 25 programs.

RFBKAGLA BCA General Ledger Data: Archiving Program
RFBKAGLD BCA General Ledger Data: Delete Program
RFBKAGLR BCA General Ledger Data: Reload Program
RFBKGL_GLDATA Duplication of GL Data for Separate FI and Checks
RFBKGL_REC_BALANCE Balance Statement of a GL Account from the Balances of the BCA Accts
RFBKGL_REC_START Statement of BCA Postings for FI Document Line, Initial Screen
RFBKGL_VA Maintain Individual Value Adjustment Values
RFBKGL_VA_CALC_POST Post Value Adjustments
RFBKGL_VA_DI Individual value adjustment legacy data transfer
RFBKGL_VA_MAINTAIN Edit Proposal List - Value Adjustments
RFBKGL01 Transfer Bank Current Accounts - FI General Ledger
RFBKGL11 General Ledger: Overview of BCA Reconciliation Keys
RFBKGL12 Reconciliation: Posting Totals per BCA Reconciliation Key
RFBKGLAPPLLOG Application Logs Display General Ledger Reports
RFBKGLBKKC30 General Ledger: Balance Sheet Preparation Data Detail Display
RFBKGLBSPREP Balance Sheet Preparation Bank Customer Accounts - FI General Ledger
RFBKGLC1 Reconciliation: Comparison - BCA Posting Totals with FI Posting Totals
RFBKGLC2 Reconciliation: Comparison BCA Payment Item/BCA Posting Totals for FI
RFBKGLC4 Obsolete: Use Transaction F97E Instead
RFBKGLC6 Reconciliation: List of FI Document Lines per BCA Reconciliation Key
RFBKGLCM Netting: Overview of BCA Accounts to be Netted
RFBKGLDI_FIKEY Management of GL Information for Data Transfer (FIKEYs)
RFBKGLIA Interest Accrual/Deferral: Overview of Interest Accs/Defs Created
RFBKGLIA_DETAIL Accrual/Deferral: Itemized Statement for Accruals/Deferrals Created
RFBKGLPP Postprocessing: Balances of BCA and FI Accts for Items in Post Proc.

Search Helps

The package FKBH contains 1 search helps.

BKK_F4_GL_IA_DETAIL Dates of Interest Accruals/Deferrals

Message Classes

The package FKBH contains 1 message classes.

1I BKK: Hauptbuchintegration

Authorization Objects

The package FKBH contains 8 authorization objects.

F_BKKA_GSB Bank Customer Accounts: Activities per Business Area
F_GLLO_ACG General Ledger-Loss on Receivables: Authorization Group Acc.
F_GLLO_BKA BCA General Ledger - Loss on Receivables: Bank Area
F_GLRE_BKA BCA General Ledger Reconciliation: Bank Area
F_GLVA_ACG BCA GL Individual Value Adjustment: Authorization Group Acct
F_GLVA_BKA BCA General Ledger - Individual Value Adjustment: Bank Area
F_GLVA_BPG BCA GL Individual Value Adjustment: Authorization Group BP
F_GLVA_PRG BCA GL Individ. Value Adjustment:Authorization Group Product