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FKBC - SAP Developer Workbench

SAP Package FKBC

Bank Customer Accounts: Conditions

Technical Information

Package FKBC
Short Text Bank Customer Accounts: Conditions
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Package Contents

The package FKBC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package FKBC contains 63 function groups.
FB80 Basic Settings Conditions
FB81 Condition Area
FB82 Bank Condition Maintenance
FB83 Edit Condition
FB84 Edit Condition Item
FB85 Database Accesses Standard Conditions
FB86 Database Accesses Individual Conditions
FB87 Condition Maintenance Control
FB88 Bank Condition Comparrison
FB8A Field Control - Conditions
FB8B Internal Default Field Contr. Conditions
FB8C Customizing Number Range
FB8D Condition Maintenance: Initial Screens
FB8E Differentiation Type
FB8F Change Documents Conditions
FB8G Individual Condition Amount Limits
FB8H Help Functions Condition Maintenance
FB8I Release Standard Conditions
FB8J Individual Conditions Release
FB8K Trivial Amounts
FB8M BKK Conditions for Euro conversion
FB8R Retroactive Condition Changes
FB8S CHDO BKKCOND => von RSSCD000 gen.
FB8X Authorizations
FB8Y BCA: BTE Function Module Call-Ups
FB8Z Sample FMs for Open BCA - Conditions
FB91 Payment Transactions: Condition Calcul.
FB92 Value Date Transaction Figures
FB92O Value Date Transaction Figures
FB93 Interest Calcul. (Interface BCA Fima)
FB94 Payment Transactions Interface
FB95 Item Counter
FB96 Balancing Table
FB96SCR Display Functions Balancing Table
FB97 BAPI: Interest Income Tax
FB98 Control Account Balancing
FB98_IC Interest Compensation Application
FB98_S Account Simulation
FB99 BAPI: Account Balancing Detail Data
FB9A Sample FMs Open BCA: Account Balancing
FB9AI Database Access BKK9AI
FB9ARCH Archiving Modules
FB9B Charge Calculation
FB9D Account Balancing: Detail Data
FB9F BAPI: Dispatch Expense Counter
FB9G Dispatch expenses
FB9H Individual Limits for Standard Condition
FB9I Interface Account
FB9J Balances
FB9K BAPI: Posting and Value Date Balances
FB9L Help Funct. Interest/Charge Calculation
FB9M Back Office Connection (STC and RM)
FB9N Database Accesses Compensation Methods
FB9O Database Accesses Object Cat. for Bal.
FB9P External Data Transfer Account Balancing
FB9Q DB Access/Processing Interest Guarantee
FB9QD Processing Interest Guarantee
FB9Y BCA: BTE Function Module Call-Ups
FBV10 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FBV8 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FBV9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package FKBC contains 127 transactions.
F982 Edit general conditions
F983 Display General Conditions
F984 Release General Conditions
F984_DR Release Deleted Conditions
F985 Edit Interest Conditions
F986 Display Interest Conditions
F987 Release Interest Conditions
F988 Edit Charge Conditions
F989 Display Charge Conditions
F98A Release Charge Conditions
F98B Edit Value Date Conditions
F98C Display Value Date Donditions
F98D Release Value Date Conditions
F98E Edit Condition Assignment
F98F Display Condition Assignment
F98G Release Condition Assignment
F98R Retroactive Condition Change
F98RK Retroactive Condition Change
F98X Transact./Charge Transact.Assignment
F98Y Transact./Charge Transact.Assignment
F98Z Transact./Charge Transact.Assignment
F991 Mass Acct. Balancing (Int./Charges)
F992 Application Log Account Balancing
F992EX Application Log Acct Balancing EDT
F993 Accrual/Deferral for General Ledger
F994 Application Log Accrual/Deferral
F995 Restart Account Balancing
F996 Single Acct. Balancing (Int./Charge)
F997 Early Mass Account Balancing
F997S Early Individual Account Balancing
F999 Interest scale
F99C Restart Interest Acc./Def.
F99D Preparation Early Account Balancing
F99E Closing: Settled Accounts
F99F Single Acct. Closing: Restart
F99G Check Account Balancing Ext. Data
F99R Create Basic Setting - Conditions
F99S Change Basic Setting Conditions
F99X Display Basic Setting Conditions
F9C( Change Trans.Type Category Assignmt.
F9C) Display Trans.Type Categ. Assignmt.
F9C? Change Transaction Type Category
F9C[ Authorization Types for Condiitons
F9C` Display Transaction Type Category
F9C= Create Transaction Type Category
F9CAA Create Transaction Type Category 2
F9CAB Change Transaction Type Category 2
F9CAC Display Transaction Type Category 2
F9CAD Create Trans. Type Category 2 Assgmt
F9CAE Change Trans. Type Category 2 Assgmt
F9CAF Display Trans. Type Category 2Assgmt
F9CD Crete Cond.Cat.<->Diff. Type
F9CE Display Cond.Cat.<-> Diff.Type
F9CG Create Bank Condition Categories
F9CH Change Bank Condition Categories
F9CI Display Bank Condition Categories
F9CICC Change Compensation Methods
F9CICD Change Compensation Methods
F9CJ Create Differentiation Types
F9CK Change Differentiation Types
F9CL Display Differentiation Types
F9CM Create Condition Group
F9CN Change Condition Groups
F9CO Display Condition Groups
F9CX Field Control - Conditions
F9INDCOND Release Individual Conditions
F9INDCONDDELREL Release Deleted Indiv. Conditions
F9INDCONDDISP Display Individual Conditions
F9L! Display Assignm- Bank Area-Cond.Area
F9L( Change Function-Trans.Type Assignm.
F9L) Display Function-Trans.Type Assign.
F9L? Change Condition Area Settings
F9L+ Display Condition Area Settings
F9L= Create Condition Area Settings
F9L5 Create Transaction Type Categories
F9L6 Change Transaction Type Categories
F9L7 Display Transaction Type Categories
F9L8 Create Medium Categories
F9L9 Change Medium Categories
F9LA Display Medium Categories
F9LB Create Item Counters
F9LC Change Item Counters
F9LD Display Item Counters
F9LE Create Transaction-Category Assignm.
F9LF Change Transaction-Category Assignm.
F9LG Dsiplay Transaction-Category Assign.
F9LH Create Medium-Category Assignment
F9LI Change Medium-Category Assignment
F9LJ Display Medium-Category Assignment
F9LK Create Item Counter Determination
F9LL Change Item Counter Determination
F9LM Display Item Counter Determination
F9LN Transact.-Interest Trans. Assignment
F9LO Transact.-Interest Trans. Assignment
F9LP Transact.-Interest Trans. Assignment
F9LQ Create Dispatch Expense Counter
F9LR Change Dispatch Expense Counter
F9LS Display Dispatch Expense Counter
F9LW Create Trivial Amount
F9LX Change Trivial Amount
F9LY Display Trivial Amount
F9LZ Create Bk.Area-Cond.Area Assignment
F9SJ Condition Control: Field Groups
F9SK Cond.Control: Assign.Sc.Fld.->DB Fld
F9SL Cond.Control: Assign. Table<->FuMod.
F9TF Archiving Account Balancing Data
F9TG Deleting Account Balancing Data
F9TH Reloading Account Balancing Data
F9TI Reading Act. Balancing Data Archive
F9TJ Admin. of Acct.Bal.Data Archives
F9TK Archiving Acct.Bal.Detail Data
F9TL Deleting Acct.Bal.Detail Data
F9TM Reloading Acct. Bal. Detail Data
F9TN Reading Acct.Bal.Det.Data Archives
F9TO Admin. of Acct.Bal.Det.Dat. Archives
F9TP Archiving Value Date Trans. Figures
F9TQ Deleting Value Date Trans. Figures
F9TR Reloading Value Date Trans. Figures
F9TS Reading Val.Date Trans.Figs.Archives
F9TT Admin.of Val.Dt.Trans. Figs.Archives
F9TU Archiving conditions
F9TV Deleting conditions
F9TW Reloading Conditions
F9TX Reading Condition Archives
F9TY Admin. of Condition Archives
F9VS Assignment of Interest Pen. TA Type
F9VU Assignment of Interest Pen. TA Type

Database Tables

The package FKBC contains 76 database tables.
BKK81 Bank Condition
BKK81T Texts for Bank Conditon
BKK82 Bank Condition Item
BKK83 Bank Condition Determination
BKK84 Bank Account - Individual Condition
BKK84T Texts for Bank Account Individual Condition
BKK85 Bank Account - Individual Condition Position
BKK8RK Standard Conditions: Retroactive Condition Changes
BKK91 Value Date Transaction Figures
BKK92 Account Balancing (Interest and Charges)
BKK93 Oldest Period for Return Posting
BKK94 Number of Items
BKK95 Account Specific Amount Limits for Graduated Conditions
BKK96 Account Balancing Detail Data
BKK97 Acct Balancing: Posting Data (Temporary Data)(for Deletion)
BKK98 Dispatch Expenses Number of Items
BKK99 Date of Early Balancing and End Date of Period
BKK9A Posting and Value Date Balances Carried Forward
BKK9ACC Interest Accrual/Deferral (Accounts With No Result)
BKK9AI Carryforward of Interest Penalty
BKK9B Value Date Transaction Figures
BKK9C Acct Balancing (Interest and Charges) Enhancement to BKK92
BKK9IW Variant Condition Fixings
BKK9RK Oldest Period for Retroactive Condition Changes
TBKK80 Condition Area
TBKK80A Bank Area - Condition Area (old)
TBKK80B Account Type - Condition Area (old)
TBKK80BAS Basic Settings Conditions
TBKK80C Basic Settings Condition Area (old)
TBKK80T Texts for Condition Areas
TBKK81 Bank Condition Category
TBKK81T Texts for Bank Condition Category
TBKK82 Bank Condition Type Differentiation
TBKK82T Texts for Bank Condition Type Differentiation
TBKK85 Bank Condition Group
TBKK85T Texts for Bank Condition Group
TBKK86 Bank Condition Group Category
TBKK86T Texts for Bank Condition Group Category
TBKK87 Bank Condition Class
TBKK87T Texts for Bank Condition Class
TBKK88 Field Control - Conditions
TBKK89 Internal Default for Field Control Conditions
TBKK8A Bank Condition Category - Differentiation Type Assignment
TBKK8AI Assignment of Transaction Type - Interest Penalty TA Type
TBKK8B Categorization Transaction Types (Item Counter)
TBKK8BOT Text Table Bonus
TBKK8C Categorization Medium (Item Counter)
TBKK8D Item Counter
TBKK8DS Dynamic Balances
TBKK8DST Text Tables Dynamic Balances
TBKK8DT Text Table Item Counter
TBKK8DURAT Text Table for Terms
TBKK8E Item Counter Determination
TBKK8F Category Transaction Types (Item Counter)
TBKK8FT Texts for Category Transaction Types (Item Counter)
TBKK8G Category Medium (Item Counter)
TBKK8GT Texts for Category Medium (Item Counter)
TBKK8H Assignment Trans. Activity Type - Charge Transaction Type
TBKK8I Assignment Trans. Activiy Type - Interest Transacation Type
TBKK8IW Periods for Interest Guarantee for Offers
TBKK8J Dispatch Expense Counter
TBKK8JT Text Table for Dispatch Expense Counter
TBKK8K Transaction Type Category (Differentiation Type)
TBKK8K2 Transaction Type Category 2 (Diff. Type)
TBKK8K2T Texts for Transaction Type Category (Diff.Type)
TBKK8KT Texts for Transaction Type Category (Diff.Type)
TBKK8L Assignment Transaction Type Category (Diff.Type)
TBKK8L2 Assignment Transaction Type Category 2 (Diff. Type)
TBKK8M Trivial Amounts
TBKK8N Feature - Charge Transaction Type Assignment
TBKK92 Interest Compensation Method
TBKK92T Pooling Method Text
TBKK93 Object Category for Balancing (Balancing or Interest Comp.)
TBKK93T Texts for Object Category for Balancing


The package FKBC contains 34 views.
V_BKK81 Bank Conditions
V_TBKK80 Condition Area Maintenance
V_TBKK80A Bank Area-Condition Area
V_TBKK80B Account Type-Condition Area
V_TBKK81 Bank Condition Category Maintenance
V_TBKK82 Bank Condition Type Differentiation Maintenance
V_TBKK85 Bank Condition Group Maintenance
V_TBKK86 Bank Condition Group Category Maintenance
V_TBKK87 Bank Condition Class Maintenance
V_TBKK88 Field Control - Conditions
V_TBKK89 Internal Default Field Control Conditions
V_TBKK8A Assignment Condition Category-Differ. Type Maintenance
V_TBKK8AI Maintain Transaction: TA Type for Interest Penalty Assignmnt
V_TBKK8B Assignment Trans.Type-Category Maintenance (Item Counter)
V_TBKK8C Assignment Medium-Category Maintenance (Item Counter)
V_TBKK8D Item Counter Maintenance
V_TBKK8DS Dynamic Balances
V_TBKK8DURA Differentiation Values for Term
V_TBKK8E Item Counter Definition Maintenance
V_TBKK8F Categories Transaction Type Maintenance (Item Counter)
V_TBKK8G Categories Medium Maintenance (Item Counter)
V_TBKK8H Maintain Transaction-Charge Transaction Type-Assignment
V_TBKK8I Maintain Transaction -Interest Transaction Type-Assignment
V_TBKK8IW Maintenance of Interest Guarantee Periods for Offers
V_TBKK8J Dispatch Expense Counter Maintenance
V_TBKK8K Transaction Category (Diff.Type) Maintenance
V_TBKK8K2 Transaction Type Category 2 Maintenance (Diff. Type)
V_TBKK8L Assignment Trans. Type-Trans.Type Category Maintenance
V_TBKK8L2 Maintenance of Tran.Type-Trans.Cateogry 2 Assgmt (Diff.Type)
V_TBKK8M Trivial Amounts Maintenance
V_TBKK8N Assignment Feature-Charge Transaction Type Maintenance
V_TBKK92 Interest Compensation Method
V_TBKK93 Object Category for Balancing Maintenance


The package FKBC contains 89 structures.
BKK_S_ID_FIBA_CFBAL Data for Archiving Balance Carry Forwards
BKK_S_ID_FIBA_INCAL Data for Archiving Account Balancing Detail Data
BKK_S_ID_FIBA_PECAL Data for Archiving Account Balancing Data
BKK_S_ID_FIBA_TOTAL Data for Archiving Value Date Transaction Figures
BKK_S_PERIODS_KOA Structure of Account Type Within Period of Time
IBKK_ACCOUNT Account structure
IBKK_ACCOVR_COND Conditions Relevant for Tolerated Overdrafts
IBKK_ACCT_DATES Structure for postings preparation
IBKK_COND_FOR_BKST_SECOND Display Structure of Conditions for Bank Statement
IBKK_PERIOD Calculation Period
IBKK_TERM_ACBAL Structure of Terms in Account Balancing
IBKK80 Candidates Condition Area Assignment
IBKK81 General Data Bank Condition
IBKK82 General Data Bank Condition Position
IBKK82_US Combined Flexible Balance Data For Bank Condition Position
IBKK85 General Data Bank Account Individual Condition Position
IBKK85_US Combined Flexible Balance Data For Bank Condition Position
IBKK86 User data
IBKK9_92_DI Account Balancing (Interest and Charges): Relevant for DI
IBKK9_92_NODI Account Balancing (Interest and Charges):Not Relevant for DI
IBKK9_DECRE Export Structure Debit/Credit Amounts + Balance (External)
IBKK9_DECRE_ERROR Export Structure: Incorrect Accounts (External Acct. Number)
IBKK9_DECRE_ERROR_INT Export Structure: Incorrect Accounts (Internal Acct. Number)
IBKK9_DECRE_IMPORT Import Structure Balances: Internal Account Numbers
IBKK9_DECRE_IMPORT_EXT Import Structure Balances: External Account Numbers
IBKK9_DECRE_INT Export Structure Debit/Credit + Balance / Internal Acct. No.
IBKK9_DECRE_POST Export Structure Posting Deb./Cred. Amounts + Balance (Ext.)
IBKK9_DECRE_POST_INT Export Structure Post. Deb./Cred. + Post.Bal. /Int. Acct. No
IBKK9_DECRE_VAL Export Structure Value Date Deb/Cred Amts. + Balance (Ext.)
IBKK9_DECRE_VAL_INT Export Structure Val.Dt.Deb/Cred + Val.Dt.Bal./Int.Acct.No.
IBKK9_DI1 External Data Transfer: Large Structure
IBKK9_DI2 External Data Transfer Account Balancing: Small Structure
IBKK9_DI2_SEND_TEST Sender Structure External Data Transfer Acct Balancing: Test
IBKK9_IC0 Bank Area and Internal Acct Number for Interest Compensation
IBKK9_IC1 Bk. Area, Acct, Graph No., ...for Interest Compensation
IBKK9_IC2 Graph Number for Interest Compensation
IBKK9_IC3 Interest Compensation: Pool Members for Header Account
IBKK9_IC4 General Time Interval for an Account
IBKK9_IC5 Date Category for Period (Posting Date, Value Date, ...)
IBKK9_IC6 Bank Area and Internal Acct Number for Interest Compensation
IBKK9_RM_AVG_INT_IMPORT Import Risk Management for Average Interest Rate
IBKK9_STC_EXPORT Export Single Transaction Costing
IBKK9_STC_EXPORT_SEM Export Single Transaction Profit and Loss from BCA
IBKK9_STC_IMPORT Import Single Transaction Costing
IBKK90 Structure for Condition Categories
IBKK91 Structure for Condition Overview : Condition
IBKK92 Structure for Condition Overview : Position
IBKK92_US Combined Flexible Balance Data For Bank Condition Position
IBKK93 Structure for Oldest Prior Period Posting
IBKK94 Structure for Further Balancing Postings from Customer
IBKK98 Structure for Radio Button Standard/Individual Condition
IBKK99 Structure for Header Information Condition Maintenance
IBKK9A Screen Fields Field Control Conditions
IBKK9ARCH01 Log Display for Archiving Balance Carry Forwards
IBKK9ARCH02 Log Display for Archiving Value Date Transaction Figures
IBKK9ARCH03 Log Display for Archiving Balancing Data
IBKK9ARCH04 Log Display for Archiving Balancing Detail Data
IBKK9B Screen Fields Internal Field Control Conditions
IBKK9C Structure for Date Check
IBKK9D Structure Field Control Conditions
IBKK9E Structure Internal Default for Field Control Conditions
IBKK9H Import Structure for Reading Settlement Balancing Det. Data
IBKK9I Export Structure for Reading Settlmt. Balan. Interest.D.Dta
IBKK9IERR Export Structure for Reading Settlmt. Balan. Detail Data
IBKK9J Structure for BCA92 Settlement Balancing
IBKK9K Report Parameters for Account Balancing Data Output
IBKK9L Structure for Charge Conditions
IBKK9M Structure Balance Carry Forward
IBKK9N Condition Differentiation Values
IBKK9O Structure for Transaction Charges
IBKK9P Screen Fields for Account Balancing (Interest and Charges)
IBKK9Q Transfer Structure for Account Balancing Det.Data Inter.Scle
IBKK9R Task Fields for Account Balancing
IBKK9S Accounts to be Restarted
IBKK9T Settled Accounts
IBKK9V Account Balancing: Incorrect Accounts (Internal Numbers)
IBKK9W Account Balancing: Incorrect Accounts (External Numbers)
IBKK9W1 Capital Yield Tax: Notify Locked Accounts
IBKKFOREXP Import Structure for Transaction Figures Update
IBKKM19 Account in New Start or Skip Table
IBKKWHTAX1 Import Structure for Interest Income Tax Calculation
IBKKWHTAX2 Export Structure for Interest Income Tax Calculation
IBKKWHTAX3 Export Structure for Interest Income Tax Calculation (BAPI)
IBKKWHTAX4 Other Data Interface BCA Int.Inc.Tax
VBKK81 Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VBKK82 Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VBKK83 Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VBKK84 Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VBKK85 Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000


The package FKBC contains 47 programs.
KCBKKKAB External data transfer acct balancing (direct input): Template program
RFBKACFA Archiving Balance Carry Forwards: Archiving Program
RFBKACFD Balance Carry Forward Archiving: Delete Program
RFBKACFR Archiving Balance Carry Forwards: Reload Program
RFBKACFS Archiving Balance Carry Forwards: Analysis Program
RFBKAICA BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Detail Data: Archiving Program
RFBKAICD BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Detail Data: Delete Program
RFBKAICR BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Detail Data: Reload Program
RFBKAICS BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Detail Data: Read Program
RFBKAPCA BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Data: Archiving Program
RFBKAPCD BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Data: Delete Program
RFBKAPCR BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Data: Reload Program
RFBKAPCS BCA, Archiving Account Balancing Data: Read Program
RFBKARLG BCA: Initial Screen for Output of Application Log Acc./Def.
RFBKATOA Archiving Value Date Trans. Figures: Archiving Program
RFBKATOD Archiving Value Date Transaction Figures: Delete Program
RFBKATOR Archiving Value Date Trans. Figures: Reload Program
RFBKATOS Archiving Value Date Transaction Figures: Read Program
RFBKBDCOND RFBKBDCOND - Retroactive Changes of Standard Conditions
RFBKCLLG BCA: Initial Screen for Output of Application Log Account Balancing
RFBKCON3 Interest Scale List
RFBKCON4 BCA: Rewrite Transaction Figures Tables Per Account
RFBKCON5 BCA: Rewrite Transaction Figures Tables per Bank Area
RFBKCON6 Internal Reference Accounts (for Balancing)
RFBKCON6X External Reference Accounts (for Balancing)
RFBKCONA BCA: Initial Screen Interest Acc./Def. for General Ledger
RFBKCONB BCA: Initial Screen Restart Account Balancing (Interest & Charges)
RFBKCONC BCA: Initial Screen Mass Acct Balancing (Interest/Charge Calculation)
RFBKCOND BCA: Initial Screen Indiv. Acct Balancing (Inters./Charge Calculation)
RFBKCONH BCA: Setting Data for Early Balancing (Periodic)
RFBKCONHLST Data List for Settlement Brought Forward
RFBKCONI BCA: Initial Screen for Early Mass Account Balancing
RFBKCONJ BCA: Initial Screen for Output of Balanced Accounts
RFBKCONL BCA: Initial Screen Restart Individual Account Balancing
RFBKCONM BCA: Initial Screen Restart Interest Accrual/Deferral for Gen. Ledger
RFBKCONN BCA: Initial Screen for Early Individual Account Balancing
RFBKCONO Initial Screen: Check of External Data Transfer Account Balancing
RFBKINDCOND Report: Individual Condition Processing
RFBKXPR_BDC Implement XPRA BKK92 - Update Charge Amounts if NRADD>0
RFBKXPR402_2 XPRA for BKK9B: Transfer of Data from BKK91
RFBKXPR402_3 XPRA for BKK92: Conversion X-Field XNOPOST to a Value Field
RFBKXPR402_9 XPRA for BKK96: Field Added BALOBJCATG. Enter Data in This
RFBKXPR5 XPRA for Key Enhancement BKK93: CLOS_TYP
RFBKXPR6 XPRA for Key Enhancement BKK94: CLOS_TYP
RFBKXPR7 XPRA for Key Enhancement BKK96: CLOS_TYP
RFBKXPR8 XPRA for Key Enhancement BKK98: CLOS_TYP

Search Helps

The package FKBC contains 6 search helps.
BKK_F4_PROGDATE F4 Help for Overview of Balanced Accounts
BKK_F4_PROGNO F4 Help for Overview of Balanced Accounts
H_BONUS Search Bonus (Characteristics)
H_DURA_CONDDIF Search for Terms
H_DYNS Dynamic Balances Search (Specifications)

Message Classes

The package FKBC contains 1 message classes.
1G BKK: Konditionen

Authorization Objects

The package FKBC contains 7 authorization objects.
F_CLOS_ACT BCA Balancing: Activity
F_COND_ACT BCA Conditions: Activity
F_COND_ATT BCA Conditions: Authorization Types
F_COND_BDC BCA Conditions: Retroactive Condition Change
F_COND_COA BCA Conditions: Condition Area
F_COND_ITP BCA Conditions: Individual Conditions Condition Category
F_COND_TYP BCA Conditions: Condition Category