SAP Package FC00_UC

Cons: General consolidation (cannot be FC01-FC09)

Technical Information

Package FC00_UC
Short Text Cons: General consolidation (cannot be FC01-FC09)
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package FC00_UC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package FC00_UC contains 23 database tables.

MCDX2 Compressed Consolidation transaction data
TF001 SAP Cons.: Global Specifications
TF002 SAP Cons.: Assignment of Sets -> Items
TF003 SAP Cons.: Assignments of Items --> Sets
TF010 Generate Request Screen: Control Information
TF011 Generate Request Screen: Formating Instructions
TF020 Textinformation for Domains
TF030 Dimension and Version-Dependent Settings
TF040 Default Values for Subassignments
TF080 List Directory of MCDX
TF090 Interactive Excel Attributes
TFIN011 Mapping of Profit Centers to Profit Center Groups
TFMIG01 Allocation: Ledger -> Ledger
TFMIG02 Allocation: Company -> Consolidation Unit
TFMIG03 Allocation: Subgroup -> Consolidation Group
TFMIG04 Allocation: FS Item -> FS Item
TFMIG05 Allocation: Transaction Type -> Subitem
TFMIG06 Assignment: Version -> Legacy Data Version
TFMIG10 Migration: Processing Options
TFMIG11 Migration: Control for Cons Charts of Accounts
TFMIG12 Migration: Control for Subitem Categories
TFMIG13 Migration: Control Sets
TFMIG15 Migration: Status


The package FC00_UC contains 15 views.

V_T881_CS Ledger Currency
V_TF001 Global System Settings
V_TF010 Selection Screen Generation
V_TF011 Selection Screen Generation
V_TF020 Textinformation for Domains
V_TF030 Integrated Entry: Investment/Equity
V_TF040 Default Values for Characteristics
V_TF040_DEP Default Values for Characteristics
V_TFMIG01 Allocation: Ledger -> Ledger
V_TFMIG02 Allocation: Company -> Consolidation Unit
V_TFMIG03 Allocation: Subgroup -> Consolidation Group
V_TFMIG04 Allocation: FS Item -> FS Item
V_TFMIG05 Allocation: Transaction Type -> Subitem
V_TFMIG06 Assignment: Version -> Legacy Data Version
V_TFMIG10 Migration: Processing Options


The package FC00_UC contains 178 structures.

ECCS_AUTHA EC-CS: Structure for authorization fields in Consolidation
ECCS_T884 SAP Cons.: Extension of T884
FC00 Screen Fields for Function Group FC00
FC00_BCF_LCC_ROUND Structure for Rounding with Local Currency Change
FC00_S_ADD_FIELDS Selected Information on Characteristics
FC00_S_ARCHIVE_RYEAR SAP Cons: Years with Open Status for Archiving
FC00_S_AUX_SEL Specification of Characteristics for Determining Max Sets
FC00_S_BCF Interface for FC_BCF: Reclassification using Carryforwarding
FC00_S_BCF_CU_CURR Interface for FC_BCF: Local Currency and Data Entry Flag
FC00_S_CHDV Interface for FC_CHAR_DEFVAL_GET: Default Value (Structure)
FC00_S_CHDV_PARAM Interface for FC_CHAR_DEFVAL_GET: Parameters
FC00_S_DDINFO SAP Cons.: DDIC Information for Structure Download
FC00_S_EXTRACT_BCS File Structure for Extract
FC00_S_FATTR Attributes
FC00_S_FDEP Characteristic Compounds
FC00_S_FICLST30 List Display f. FICLST30
FC00_S_FICLST30SCR Generation Screen f. LST30
FC00_S_FICSTC00 List Display for FICSTC00: Main List
FC00_S_FICSTC00SCR Generated Screen for FICSTC00
FC00_S_FIELDS Row Structure: Fields to be Selected
FC00_S_FLD_SCR_FDISP Displayed Chars/Attributes for FC_FIELD_SCREEN_x Modules
FC00_S_FLD_SCR_FFIX Fixed Char. Values for FC_FIELD_SCREEN_x Modules
FC00_S_FLD_SCR_FIELD Value per Char./Attribute(Single Value or Set, Default Flag)
FC00_S_FLD_SCR_HANDLE Handle for Usage of FC_FIELD_SCREEN_x Modules
FC00_S_FLD_SCR_LAYOUT Interface for FC_FIELD_SCREEN_... Modules: Layout
FC00_S_FPROP Field Attributes
FC00_S_FPROP_BUF Field Attributes: Buffer
FC00_S_FPROP_BUFFER Field Attributes: Buffer
FC00_S_LVC_EVENTS General List Display (ALV Grid Control): Events
FC00_S_LVC_FCAT General List Display (ALV Grid Control): Field Catalog
FC00_S_LVC_SORT General List Display (ALV Grid Control): Sorting
FC00_S_LVC_TOOLBAR General List Display (ALV Grid Control): Toolbar
FC00_S_MESSAGE Messages for Consolidations
FC00_S_POST_COMMIT_DECIDE Information for Determining Data Volume in Update Task
FC00_S_RA_BUNIT Structure Range - Consolidation Unit
FC00_S_RA_CACTT Structure Range - Task Category
FC00_S_RA_CFHVARIANT Structure Range - Hierarchy Variant
FC00_S_RA_CMETH Structure Range - Method
FC00_S_RA_CONGR Structure Range - Consolidation Group
FC00_S_RA_CURRENCY Structure Range - Currency
FC00_S_RA_DIMEN Structure Range - Dimension
FC00_S_RA_DOCTY Structure Range - Document Type
FC00_S_RA_ITCLG Structure Range - Cons Chart of Accounts
FC00_S_RA_ITEM Structure Range - FS Item
FC00_S_RA_PERID Structure Range - Period
FC00_S_RA_PERTP Structure Range - Period Category
FC00_S_RA_PLEVL Structure Range - Posting Level
FC00_S_RA_RVERS Structure Range - Cons Version
FC00_S_RA_RYEAR Structure Range - Fiscal Year
FC00_S_RA_SITYP Structure Range - Subitem Category
FC00_S_RA_SUBIT Structure Range - Subitem
FC00_S_RA_UNIT Structure Range - Unit of Measure
FC00_S_RANGE General Range Definition (for fc_totals_select)
FC00_S_RIC_00 Header Information for Referential Integrity Check
FC00_S_RIC_01 Detail Information for Referential Integrity Check
FC00_S_SEL Row Structure: Selection Condition (Range per Field)
FC00_S_SEL_SCREEN_FDESCR Field Descriptions of Selection Screens for Report Programs
FC00_S_SETUSE Where-Used List for Consolidation Sets
FC00_S_VHELP_DISPLAY Possible Entries for Chars: Indep. Fields for Display Only
FC00_S_VHELP_VALUE Possible Entries for Chars: Selection Results
FC00_S_VM_TF040 View Maint.for TF040 (Defaults for Chars)
FC00_S_YEARPER Structure with 7-digit Period
FC00_SETUSE Where-Used List for Sets
FC00ACG10 Structure of Table Control for Program FICACG10
FC00ACHGEN Selection Screen for Authorization Generator
FC00ACHLST List Processor Output for Generated Authorizations
FC00ATTR Attributes of Consolidation (Characteristics w/o Trans.Data)
FC00ATTR_RBUNIT Attributes of Consolidation for Consolidation Unit
FC00ATTR2 Attributes of Consolidation (Characteristics w/o Trans.Data)
FC00ATTR2_COICU Attributes of Consolidation for Investee Unit
FC00ATTR2_RBUNIT Attributes of Consolidation for Consolidation Unit
FC00ATTR2_RBUPTR Attributes of Consolidation for Partner Unit
FC00CPDGEN for selection screen generation FICCPD00
FC00CPDLFX List Fields for Copying Totals Records
FC00CPDLST List Fields for Copying Totals Records
FC00CPSGEN for Selection Generation FICCPS00
FC00CPSLFX List Boxes ECCS Set Copy Program
FC00CPSLST List Boxes ECCS Set Copy Program
FC00CPY10 Structure f. FICCPY10
FC00FIELD Characteristics for Consolidation
FC00FLDATTR Characteristics and Attributes for Consolidation
FC00FLDSCR Char. Selection, reserved for FC_FIELD_SCREEN_x Modules
FC00LPDEL EC-CS: Output Structure FICLPDEL
FC00LST00D List Display f. FICLST00: Detail List
FC00LST00F List display f. FICLST00: Fixed Fields
FC00LST00M List display f. FICLST00: Main List
FC00LST01M List display f. FICLST00: Main List
FC00LST10M List Display f. FICLST10: Main List
FC00LSTGEN Generated Screen for LST00/LST10
FC00MIGLFX SAP Cons: Migration: Fields for List Header
FC00MIGLST SAP Cons.: Migration: Fields for List Output
FC00SIUFIX FICSIU00: Help Structure for List Output
FC00SIULST FICSIU00: Structure for List Output
FC00SUBACCNT Subassignments (without external key because of dimension)
FC00SUBACCNTFLG Flag per Subassignment
FC00SYSLST Performance Analysis of SAP Consolidation
FC00TAB Screen Fields for Function Group FC00
FC00TPCGEN for selection screen generation FICTPC00
FC01_HLPTRANSTEXT Include texts for hierarchy maintenance
FC01_S_CPT00LST Structure for Output List of Report FICCPT00
FC01_S_CPT10LST Structure for Output List of Report FICCPT10
FC01_S_CPTSSC Structure for Selection Screens
FC01_S_ITGRPMAX Breakdown Category: Maximum Set
FC01_S_STP00LST Structure for List Output of Report FICSTP00
FC01_S_STPSSC Structure for Selection Screen of Report FICSTP00
FC01ATAB Internal Structure for Specifying Several Item Ranges
FC01BASEITCLG Screen Fields, Item Master
FC01BTAB Structure (FS Items with Texts)
FC01CGCU Selection criteria for CU/CG
FC01CSTREEFIND Search in a Hierarchy
FC01CTAB Structure for Specifying CG/CU Ranges
FC01DTAB Structure for Creating CGs/CUs in Hierarchy Maintenance
FC01ETAB Structure for Creating Hierarchies in Hierarchy Maintenance
FC01FICLMD61 Print Item Hierarchy
FC01FTAB Structure for Creating CGs/CUs in Hierarchy Maintenance
FC01H90LST CG/CU where-used list - List proc. output
FC01I90LST Item Where-Used List - List Proc. Output
FC01ITCLST Mass Change CU: Structure of List Output
FC01ITM Selection criteria 'FS items'
FC01ITXLST Structure for List Output FICITX00 Item Used-list in Cust.
FC01KITEM Structure for SET Breakdown of Financial Statement Items
FC01KSITEM Structure for SET Breakdown of Subitems
FC01LMDL10 Data fields for master data lists: Dimensions
FC02V90LST List Proc. output - Versions
FC03_S_UPL16 Flexible Upload: Documents
FC03_S_UPL16FLD Field Catalog Flexible Upload: Documents
FC03_S_UPL16LST List Fields Flexible Upload: Documents
FC03CPY10 Copy Totals Records
FC05_ECMC_VAL SAP Cons.: Validation of Records to be Written
FC05_S_DOCID_INFO Posting Transaction: Keys of Held Documents
FC05_S_IUELIST IU Elimination: Structure for Output Lists
FC05ECMCALIST SAP Cons.: Structure for List Processor Output of ECMCA
FC05ECMCLP SAP Cons.: Structure of List Processor Output for ECMC
FC05I90LST IU Elimination: Structure for List Output
FC05I91LST IU Elimination: Structure for List Output
FC05IPI90LST Elim. of IU Profit/Loss - List Processor Output
FC05PI85LST Inventory Data: Structure for List Output
FC05PI86LST Supplier Data: Structure for List Output
FC05U90LST Reclassification Methods - List processor output
FC05U92LST Reclassification Methods - List processor output
FC06ASSLST Equity Holdings Adjustments: Structure for List Output
FC06C90LST C/I Customizing: List Processor Output
FC06COI40LSV Structure w/fields for program FICCOI40 f. ALV
FC06COI40LSV2 2nd Structure w/Fields for Program FICCOI40 for ALV
FC06COI70LST List Output: GWA, Change of Cons Freq, Cons Groups
FC06EQULST Changes in investee equity: Layout for list output
FC06GWALST Goodwill: Layout for list output
FC06GWHLST Goodwill History Sheet: Structure for List Output
FC06LCULST Company List: Structure for List Output
FC06PBDC Posting transaction: Forwarding table for BDT processing
FC06RTLIST Changes in investments: Layout for list output
FC06UPTAB Structure for List Fields of Program FICUP620
FC07EISLFX Fields f. List Header f. Transfers (EC-CS to EC-EIS)
FC31_S_ITEM Consistency Check: FS Items
FC31_S_ITEM_PROC Consistency Check: FS Items to be Processed
FC31_S_ITGRP Consistency Check: Breakdown Categories
FC31_S_ITGRP_PROC Consistency Check: Breakdown Categories to be Processed
FC31TAB Screenfields for Function Group 31
FCCPYLIST Structure f. List Output of FICCPY10
FCIN_S_GLT3_DIFF Differences Between GLT0 and GLT3
FCIN_S_GLT3_KEY1 Totals Data for Prep. for Cons: Key Structure 1
FCLP_MCDXKEY Key for MCDX Saving of Lists
FCTYPETAB Fields for Types of Type Group FC (31I)
FCVLGRP Decentralized data entry with MS Access: Validation groups
FIC_MAIN_VERSIONS Search Help for Main Versions in Consolidation
KITEM Structure for SET Breakdown of Financial Statement Items
KSITEM Structure for SET breakdown of Subitems
TABCON_MF23A Structure of Table Control for Program SAPMF23A/SAPMF23B

Search Helps

The package FC00_UC contains 70 search helps.

FC_ACGR Task groups
FC_ASSVS Version: Equity holdings adjustments
FC_BUNIT Consolidation units
FC_CACTI Consolidation tasks
FC_CACTI_CACTT Consolidation Tasks (can be restricted to task category)
FC_CACTI_RO Consolidation tasks
FC_CACTT_N Task Categories (Tasks without Settings)
FC_CACTT_U Custom Task Categories
FC_CMETH Methods
FC_CMETH_CACTT Methods (can be restricted to task category)
FC_COCAT Financial Data Types
FC_COITP Accounting Techniques from System Utilization
FC_COIVS Versions of Consolidation of Investment Methods
FC_CONGR Consolidation groups
FC_CONTYP Consolidation Types
FC_CTRGR Currency translation methods
FC_CTRVS Versions of Currency Translation Methods
FC_CURVS Versions for Exchange Rates
FC_DENGR Data entry groups
FC_DIMEN Dimensions
FC_DTEQI Scope of Reported Data for the Equity Method
FC_EQUVS Versions of Equity Capital
FC_EXRIND Exchange Rate Indicators
FC_EXRTYP Exchange rate type
FC_FIXVS Versions for Selected FS Items
FC_FPERS Position of contact person
FC_FSCAT Consolidation frequencies
FC_GWAVS Versions of Goodwill
FC_HIRVS Versions for Fair Value Adjustments (hidden reserves)
FC_HLEVL Hierarchy levels
FC_HRCHY Hierarchy
FC_INPVS Versions for Data Entry
FC_INVVS Versions for Investment Holdings
FC_ITCLG Consolidation Charts of Accounts
FC_ITEM ECCS: Search Help for FS Items
FC_ITGRP Breakdown categories
FC_ITHRY FS item hierarchy
FC_ITTYP FS item categories
FC_JEFRM Journal entry layout
FC_KOKRS Controlling Areas
FC_LDRVS Versions for Ledgers
FC_LIB Libraries for Consolidation
FC_LOGFILE Logical file name
FC_NRRNG_505 Help on searching number ranges
FC_PCGRP Profit center group
FC_PERIV Fiscal Year Variant
FC_PERTP Period Categories
FC_PRGRP Product groups
FC_RCLVS Version: Reclassifications
FC_REASN Reasons for inclusion in consolidation
FC_REPID Drilldown Reports for Consolidation
FC_RFCDEST Search Help for RFC Destinations
FC_RGJNR Report Groups of Library
FC_RHRVS Versions of Eliminated Hidden Reserves (FVA)
FC_RLDNR Ledgers
FC_RUNIT Quantity unit of measure for Consolidation
FC_RVERS Consolidation versions
FC_SITEM ECCS: Subitem in Subitem Category
FC_SITYP Subitem categories
FC_STRVS Versions of structures
FC_TAXVS Versions for Tax Rate
FC_UPMETH Upload methods
FC_UPMETH_FOR_UPCAT Upload Methods of an Upload Method Type
FC_VALID Search help for validations
FC_WAERS Transaction currency

Message Classes

The package FC00_UC contains 5 message classes.

G0 Nachrichten SAP Konsolidierung
G00 SAP Konsolidierung
G01 SAP Konsolidierung
G1A EC-CS/SEM-BCS: Datenreduzierung (Archivierung/Datenvermeid.)
GK Nachrichten SAP Konsolidierung

Authorization Objects

The package FC00_UC contains 10 authorization objects.

E_CS_BUNIT Consolidation Unit
E_CS_CACTT Consolidation Tasks
E_CS_CONGR Consolidation Group
E_CS_DEFRM SAP Consolidation: Data Entry Layout
E_CS_DIMEN Dimension
E_CS_ITCLG Consolidation Chart of Accounts
E_CS_JEFRM SAP Consolidation: Journal Entry Layout
E_CS_PERMO Monitor, Open/Close Periods
E_CS_RPTNG Reporting using Report Writer/Painter and Drilldown Reports
E_CS_RVERS Version