SAP Package FBZC

R/3 customizing for payments

Technical Information

Package FBZC
Short Text R/3 customizing for payments
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package FBZC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package FBZC contains 3 function groups.

FCDP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FCPM Payment Program Customizing
FCT1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package FBZC contains 3 transactions.

OBF3 Bank selection, current setting
OBVCS C FI Display View
OBVCU C FI Maintain View Cluster


The package FBZC contains 18 views.

V_T042 Company Codes
V_T042A Bank selection for payment program
V_T042B Paying Company Codes
V_T042B_Z Forms for Paying Company Codes (Pmnt Program)
V_T042BD Paying Company Codes
V_T042D Available Amounts for Payment Program
V_T042E Maintenance of Company Code Data for a Payment Method
V_T042E_Z Forms for Payment Methods in Company Code (Pmnt Program)
V_T042I Account determination
V_T042P Bank Selection by Postal Code
V_T042S Charges/Expenses for Automatic Payment Transactions
V_T042T Sender Details
V_T042T_Z Sender details (Payment program)
V_T042V Value Date for Automatic Payments
V_T042W Permitted currencies for payment method and country
V_T042Z_Z Payment methods (Payment program)
V_T042ZL Payment Program: Payment Methods per Country
VT042_1 Payment Program: Transfer Bank Details To BSEC


The package FBZC contains 7 programs.

RF42_SHW Program RF42ZSHW
RFFBZP00 FBZP: Call of view maintenance 'Payment method in country'
RFFBZP10 Payment Program Customizing: Call of a View (Payment Methods/CoCodes)
RFFBZP20 FBZP: Call of Postal Code Maintenance
RFT042D_CALL Customer Payment Program: Start of Maint. View for Available Amounts

Search Helps

The package FBZC contains 2 search helps.

FI_UMSKZ_F4 Search Help: Special G/L Indicator for Bills of Exchange
FI_ZBUKR_F4 Search Help for Paying Company Code

Authorization Objects

The package FBZC contains 1 authorization objects.

F_T042_BUK Payment Program Customizing: Authorization for Company Codes