SAP Package FB_RC

Reconciliation Tool

Technical Information

Package FB_RC
Short Text Reconciliation Tool
Parent Package FIN_TOOLS

Package Contents

The package FB_RC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package FB_RC contains 2 function groups.

FB_RC_SERVICES Reconciliation Tool: Services
FBRC_CENTRAL_FUNCS Generic FMs related to Recon Process


The package FB_RC contains 12 transactions.

FBICIMG Cross-System IC Reconciliation
FBRC001 Maintain Message Templates
FBRC002 Maintain Placeholders
FBRC003 Set Up Reconciliation Display
FBRC004 Define Sets
FBRC005 Define Rules for Document Assignment
FBRC006 Define Possible Status for Documents
FBRC007 Reconciliation Process Attributes
FBRC008 Maintain Field Catalogs
FBRC009 Set Up Display Categories
FBRC010 Contact Database Maintenance
FBRC011 Application ID Maintenance

Database Tables

The package FB_RC contains 30 database tables.

FBRC0001C Application IDs
FBRC0001T Application IDs: Texts
FBRC0010C Reconciliation Processes: Attributes
FBRC0010T Reconciliation Processes: Texts
FBRC0020 Reconciliation Processes: Field Catalogs
FBRC0030C Display Categories
FBRC0030T Display Categories: Texts
FBRC0040 Display Subcategories
FBRC0050 Tree Display Hierarchy Setup
FBRC0060 Reconciliation Processes: User Settings
FBRC0070C Reconciliation Processes: Status Value and Icons
FBRC0070T Reconciliation Processes: Status Texts
FBRC0075 Status Relevant Fields
FBRC0080C Reconciliation Processes: Rules
FBRC0080T Reconciliation Processes: Rule Texts
FBRC0085 Reconciliation Processes: Rule Definitions
FBRC0090C Sets
FBRC0090T Sets: Texts
FBRC0095 Sets: Single Entries
FBRC1100C Contact Person Databases
FBRC1100T Contact Person Databases: Texts
FBRC1110 Contact Persons
FBRC1115 Contact Persons: Organization Addresses
FBRC1200C Message Template Groups
FBRC1200T Message Template Groups: Texts
FBRC1210C Message Templates
FBRC1210T Message Templates: Texts
FBRC1215 Message Templates: Textlines
FBRC1220C Message Placeholders
FBRC1220T Placeholders: Texts


The package FB_RC contains 15 structures.

FBRC_S_CLUSTR Cluster Structure
FBRC_S_CPDATA Structure to hold Contact Person data
FBRC_S_DISP_TOPOVW FBRC: Display Structure for Top Overview ALV Grid
FBRC_S_FNAME_MAP Mapping of Field Names
FBRC_S_FNAME_RTEXT Field Name, Role Text
FBRC_S_LANGU Structure for storing Language Data
FBRC_S_LANGUAGE Structure for storing Language Data
FBRC_S_SEL_OUT Output Structure for Selections
FBRC_S_TEMPLATE Structure for storing Template Data
FBRC_S_TNAME_FNAME Structure With Table Name and Field Name
FBRC_S_TNAME_FTAB Structure with Table Name and Field Table
FBRC_S_TREE_LIST Structure for List Output of Tree
FBRC_SX_FIELD_SEL Structure for Selection Restrictions Regarding any Field
FBRC_SX_TABLE_SEL Structure of Selection Restrictions for Any Table


The package FB_RC contains 2 programs.

FBICRCIMG Start IMG for Cross-System Intercompany Reconciliation
FBRCVIM00 Call up View Maintenance and View Cluster Maintenance

Search Helps

The package FB_RC contains 1 search helps.

FB_RC_SETID Reconciliation Sets

Message Classes

The package FB_RC contains 1 message classes.

FB_RC Messages for Package FB_RC

Authorization Objects

The package FB_RC contains 1 authorization objects.

F_RPROC Intercompany Reconciliation: Authorizations