SAP Package CVDI

DMS - Document Distribution

Technical Information

Package CVDI
Short Text DMS - Document Distribution
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package CVDI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package CVDI contains 13 function groups.

0CV3 Customizing for DDS (generated)
CVV1 DDS: Recipient Lists and Distribution
CVV3 DDS: DDOC (distribution order)
CVV5 DDS: distribution due to event
CVV6 DDS: action log
CVV8 DDS: number ranges
CVV9 DDS: send modules
CVVA DDS: context
CVVC DDS: Classification
CVVW DDS: WEB access to original files


The package CVDI contains 20 transactions.

CVI0 Document distribution
CVI1 Create recipient list
CVI2 Change recipient list
CVI3 Display recipient list
CVI4 All recipients of a document
CVI6 Display documents of recipient
CVI7 Start distribution with rec. list
CVI8 Start document distribution
CVI9 Log for distribution orders
CVII Display Initial Order on Classific.
CVIX Activate event type linkage
CVIY Task-specific Customizing
CVWD WWW access:Distribtution order pack.
ODI1 Number range for distr. order Id
ODI2 Number range for initial order Id
ODI3 Number range for dist.order pack. Id
ODI4 Number range for partial order Id
ODI5 Number range for original files
ODI6 Number range for recipient list
TS_WS200001040100 Transaction to Task WS20000104

Database Tables

The package CVDI contains 20 database tables.

DRZA DDS: Recipient list (document <-> recipient allocations)
DRZAO DDS: task-specific data for recipient list
DRZAT DDS: Language-dependent texts for recipient list
DRZO DDS: Distribution order (DDO)
DRZOC DDS: partial order
DRZOF DDS: Original application files of partial order
DRZOI DDS: initial order
DRZOP DDS: distribution order package
TDIBP DDS: context
TDIBP_T DDS: context - language-dependent description
TDICO DDS: type of copy
TDICO_T Language-dependent description of copy type
TDICT DDS: communication type
TDICT_T Language-dependent description of communication type
TDIEV DDS: context - event allocation
TDIEX DDS: user exits for the distribution types
TDIM DDS: medium
TDIM_T DDS: language-dependent texts for medium
TDIMCT DDS: possible media for communication type
TDIPR DDS: definition of plotters


The package CVDI contains 17 views.

V_DRZA Search help: relations
V_DRZAO Search help: recipient list
V_DRZAT Search help: recipient list according to short text
V_TDIBP View: context
V_TDIBP_T View: language-dependent description of context
V_TDICO View: copy type
V_TDICO_S DB view: type of copy
V_TDICO_T View: language-dependent description of copy type
V_TDICT View: communication type
V_TDICT_T View: language-dependent description for comm. type
V_TDIEV View: context - event allocation
V_TDIEX View: user exits for communication types
V_TDIM View: medium
V_TDIM_CT View: possible media for communication type
V_TDIM_T View: language-dependent description for medium
V_TDIMCT Search help: medium per communication type
V_TDIPR View: definition of plotters


The package CVDI contains 27 structures.

CVDIDRZAO DDS: structure of order-specific data
CVDIMESSAGE DDS: Message information
CVDIOBJ DDS: structure with object-specific attributes
CVDIOBJECT DDS: structure for the object ID
CVDIREASON DDS: reason for the initial order
CVDIREASON_TAB DDS: context structure (TDIBP)
CVDIREC DDS: structure with recipient-specific attributes
CVDIRECID DDS: recipient ID structure
CVI_CHARACTERISTIC DDS: Classification Characteristic
CVIBOR DDS: object attributes (BOR)
CVICOMTYPE DDS: communication type
CVIDOC_TAB DDS: document data in screen 100
CVIDRZA DDS: recipient list (recipient - document relationships)
CVIDRZAT DDS: Recipient list (language-dependent texts)
CVIFILE DDS: file name of partial order
CVIITEM DDS Log partial orders
CVIMESSAGE DDS: message structure for ALV display
CVIOBJDATA DDS: Structure with attributes for a document
CVIORDERCOMP DDS: Partial order (structure for BOR objects)
CVIORDERPACK DDS: Distribution order package (handling BOR methods)
CVIREC_TAB DDS: REcipient data in screen 100
CVISCREEN DDS fields on screens without reference to a DB table
CVITEXT DDS: Language-dependent texts


The package CVDI contains 8 programs.

RCDDSACT Log entries
RCDDSDEL Delete temporary original application files on the application server
RCDDSPLOT Start plotting for a document from document management
RCDDSSEL Distribution log
RCDDSSTAR DDS: start distribution in background
RCDDSWFTEST DDS: test workflow document distribution
SAPMCDDS DDS: module pool for document distribution
SAPMWS20000104 Module pool for task WS20000104

Search Helps

The package CVDI contains 18 search helps.

CVI Search help for recipient list
CVI_APPLICATION Possible Workstation Applications
CVI_COM_TYPE DDS: communication type
CVI_COM_TYPE_PLOT DDS: communication type
CVI_COPY_TYPE Type of copy
CVI_DDM Medium
CVI_DISP_OFF DDS: distribution point Id
CVI_DRZA Search using recipient and document
CVI_DRZAO Search using general data
CVI_DRZAT Search using short text
CVI_EVENT DDS: Events of an Object Type
CVI_OBJ Find Document
CVI_OBJ_CV04 Find document using CV04
CVI_OBJ_MCD Find document using matchcode
CVI_ORIGINAL Possible originals
CVI_PLO Find distribution point plotter
CVI_PLOTTER Find possible plotter
CVI_RECID Find recipient Id

Message Classes

The package CVDI contains 1 message classes.

25 DDS: Dokumentenverteilung (DMS)

Authorization Objects

The package CVDI contains 2 authorization objects.

C_DRZA_TCD Document Distribution: Authorization for Recipient Lists
C_DRZI_TCD Document Distribution: Authorization for Distribution Order