SAP Package CL

R/3 Application development: PP Classification System

Technical Information

Package CL
Short Text R/3 Application development: PP Classification System
Parent Package ABA

Package Contents

The package CL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package CL contains 38 function groups.

CACL_GRAPHIC_SEARCH Graphical Object Search
CAPI Old API Modules for Classes - DON'T USE!
CLA2 Help Functions for API
CLAF1 Classification Data for Class/Object
CLAL Classes - ALE Link
CLAS Editor for Internal Table with one Field
CLCA Class Type Processing
CLCM Class Maintenance
CLCN Classification: Engineering Change Mgmt
CLCV Classification: Object in Fields
CLEF Effectivity modules: classification sys.
CLFC1 Queries to Classification System
CLFU Access to Table TCLR
CLLT Generate long text
CLMA Classes: General Function Modules
CLMA1 Classes: General Function Modules
CLME Characteristics Data on Class
CLMO Maintain Classes and Similar Objects
CLMU Classification: Change Class with Allocs
CLNS Find Class w/o Superior
CLOB Classification: Access to Object Tables
CLOCH Object Properties
CLPOP Dialog Boxes for Confirming Entries
CLPR Classification: User Settings
CLSE Database Accesses for Classification
CLTB Access to System Tables for Classes
CLTCLO Special Logic for TCLO
CLUF Use of characteristics in classes
CLUS Where-Used Lists
CLVM Class Maintenance Update, Changes
CLX2 Procure Characteristics Data (Classes)
CTAP API Modules - Maintain Characteristics
CUOB Internal Object Number Management
CUVI Object Allocation Update Program


The package CL contains 17 transactions.

CL00 Classification Menu
CL01 Create Class
CL02 Classes
CL03 Display Class
CL04 Delete Class
CL2B Class Types
CL6A Class List
CL6AN Class List (ALV)
CL6K Delete Characteristic (Class w. Obj)
CL6Q Where-Used List for Classes
CL6T Copy Text for Classes
CLCO 2.1A Copy Tables for Classes
CLCP Copy Classification C Tables
CLNK Number Ranges for Class Maintenance
O020 Record Layout for BTCI (Classes)
S_ALR_87009588 .
S_ALR_87011758 .

Database Tables

The package CL contains 40 database tables.

AUSP Characteristic Values
CABS Result of the Statistical Analysis of Table AUSP
CLAENNR Change number-to-class alloc.: classification effectivity
CLBUF Cluster Table for Classes and Variants
CLINDEX Indices of Classification System
CLINDEXATINN Characteristic - Index Assignment
CLINDEXOBTAB Restriction of Index to Object Types
CLINDEXPROT Log Table for Document Search Index in Web
CLPROF Classification: Parameters for Settings
CLSELSTATISTICS Statistics for Optimizing Object Search
CLSELSTATISTICS2 Statistical AUSP Information for Characteristics
INOB Link between Internal Number and Object
KLAH Class Header Data
KLAT Classes: Long Texts
KSML Characteristics of a Class
KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
SWOR Classification System: Keywords
TCL_MENU_BUTTON Menu Options and Buttons in the Classification System
TCLAO Several Objects in one Class Type
TCLAT Class Type Texts
TCLAU Subscreen for Additional Data of Class
TCLAUT Tab Text for Additional Class Maintenance Screen
TCLCAT Catalogs for Finding Objects in Classes
TCLD Characteristic Data from Standard
TCLFM Control Table Include Screen Module Pool for Classification
TCLG Class Groups
TCLGT Class Groups (Texts)
TCLO Key Fields of Objects
TCLOKCODE OK Code Control for Classification System
TCLR Object-Specific Reports and Transactions
TCLS Classes: Organizational areas
TCLST Classes: Org. Areas (Texts)
TCLT Classifiable Objects
TCLTT Classifiable Objects: Texts
TCLU Class Status
TCLUT Class Status (Texts)
TCLX Class Text IDs
TCLXT Class Text IDs, Language-Dependent
TCOBJ Help table for optimization reports (INTERNAL USE ONLY!)


The package CL contains 27 views.

AUSPC_V1 AUSP: for Char. Characteristics w/o ECH
AUSPC_V2 AUSP: for Char. Characteristics with ECH
AUSPC_V3 AUSP: for CHAR Characteristics with Tolerance
AUSPN_V1 AUSP: for Numeric 1-Value Characteristics Without ECH
AUSPN_V2 AUSP: for Numeric 1-Value Characteristics with ECH
AUSPN_V3 AUSP: for Numeric N-Value Characteristics Without ECH
AUSPN_V4 AUSP: for Numeric N-Value Characteristics with ECH
H_TCLA Help View on Class Types
H_TCLG Class Group
H_TCLT Classifiable Object Files
H_TCLU Class Status
H_TCLX Class Texts: Blocks
KSAUSPOB View for Finding Objects, Specifying Class Nodes
KSSK_INOB View for Finding Objects
KSSKAUSP View for Finding Objects in AUSP
M_CLASA Generated view for matchcode ID CLAS -A
M_CLASB Generated view for matchcode ID CLAS -B
M_CLASC Generated view for matchcode ID CLAS -C
M_CLASD Generated view for matchcode ID CLAS -D
M_CLASE Generated view for matchcode ID CLAS -E
M_CLASF Generated view for matchcode ID CLAS -F
M_KLSWA Generated view for matchcode ID KLSW -A
M_KLSWB Generated view for matchcode ID KLSW -B
M_KLSWC Generated view for matchcode ID KLSW -C
VCLPROF User Profile
VKLAH1 View for KLAH


The package CL contains 336 structures.

ABAUSP Classification: Value Assignment Change Document
API_ALLOC Classification: API All Assignments to Object
API_AUSP Classification: API
API_CAWN Insert Characteristic Values
API_CH_CMP Structure for Setting Comparison Type for Characteristic
API_CHAR_I Statement on Class from Which Characteristic Was Inherited
API_CHARAC Characteristic Keys
API_CHDAT Global Characteristics Data Maintenance
API_CHDESC Characteristic Description
API_CHKLRT Validity for Global Characteristics
API_CHVAL Change Characteristic Values
API_CHVDES Characteristic Value Descriptions for Characteristic
API_CLCH_C Change Characteristic for Class
API_CLCH_I Insert Characteristic in Class
API_CLCHV Maintain Characteristic Values for Class
API_CLCHVD Characteristic Value Descriptions for Charact. for Class
API_CLDAT Class Data
API_CLDESC Class Description
API_CLINT Class List by Request
API_CLLTXT Class Long Text
API_CLTYPE Classification: API Class Types for Object
API_CLV_I Insert Characteristic Values for Characteristic in Class
API_GHCL Classification: Internal Table for Class Hierarchy
API_KSSK Classification: API All Assignments to Object
API_OB_KEY Classification: Object Keys
API_VAL_IN Insert Characteristic Values
API_VAL_R Classification: RFC Read Values
APICABN Global Characteristics Data from User Interface
APIUB Overwritten Characteristics Data
AUSP_COM Classification: Transfer Structure for ALE
AUSPADDF Att. structure for ADD fields
AUSPADDX Include structure for appl.-dependent fields (addnl to AUSP)
AUSPARCH Classification: Display Assigned Values
AUSPUNIT Classification: Reference Fields for Change Documents
BAKLAT Batch Structure: Insert Class Long Texts
BAPI_CHAR Char. attributes
BAPI_CLASS_KEY Key Structure for BUS1003 Class BAPI Object_selection
BAPI_CLASS_OBJECTS Transfer Structure for Classification Objects
BAPI_DEPENDENCY_DATA BAPI for Basic Data of Dependency
BAPI_LANGU Language key
BAPI_LANGUAGE Structure for ISO and Internal Language
BAPI_MAX_HITS Maximum number of hits
BAPI_OBJECT_VALUES Data on vals assigned to class. objs
BAPI_SELECTION_CRITERIONS Selection criteria for BAPI object select bus 1003
BAPI_WITH_VALUES Indicator with values
BAPI1003_ADD Class BAPI: Additional Data
BAPI1003_ADD_NEW Class BAPI: Additional Data
BAPI1003_ALLOC_DEP Class Assignments BAPI: Local/Global Dependencies
BAPI1003_ALLOC_DETAIL BAPI for Details of Class Allocation
BAPI1003_ALLOC_LIST Class BAPI: Assignment List
BAPI1003_ALLOC_VALUES BAPI for Characteristic Values Assigned to Class Assignment
BAPI1003_ALLOC_VALUES_CHAR Classification BAPI - Values of Type CHAR, BOOL
BAPI1003_ALLOC_VALUES_CURR Classification BAPI - Values of Type CURR
BAPI1003_ALLOC_VALUES_NUM Classification BAPI - Values of Type NUM, DATE, TIME
BAPI1003_BASIC BAPI for Basic Data of Class
BAPI1003_BASIC_NEW BAPI for Basic Data of Class
BAPI1003_CATCH Class BAPI: Keywords
BAPI1003_CATCH_NEW Class BAPI: Keywords
BAPI1003_CATCH_R Read Class BAPI: Keywords
BAPI1003_CHAR_GLOB_DEP Class BAPI: Global Dependencies for Characteristic
BAPI1003_CHAR_VAL_R Read Class BAPI: Characteristic Values
BAPI1003_CHARACT Class BAPI: Characteristics
BAPI1003_CHARACT_NEW Class BAPI: Characteristics
BAPI1003_CHARACT_OVERWR Class BAPI: Change Characteristic Attributes for Class
BAPI1003_CHARACT_OVERWR_NEW Class BAPI: Change Characteristic Attributes for Class
BAPI1003_CHARACT_R Read Class BAPI: Characteristics Information
BAPI1003_CHARACT_VALUE_OVR Class BAPI: Maintain Characteristic Values for Class
BAPI1003_CHARACT_VALUE_OVR_NEW Class BAPI: Maintain Characteristic Values for Class
BAPI1003_CHARVAL_GLOB_DEP Class BAPI: Global Dependencies for Characteristic Value
BAPI1003_CHARVALTEXT Class BAPI: Overwrite Characteristic Value Description
BAPI1003_CHARVALTEXT_NEW Class BAPI: Overwrite Characteristic Value Description
BAPI1003_CLASS_NUM_RANGE Classification BAPI - Range Table for Class Numbers
BAPI1003_DELGLOBDEP Class BAPI: Delete Global Dependencies
BAPI1003_DOCU Class BAPI: Document Link
BAPI1003_DOCU_NEW Class BAPI: Document Link
BAPI1003_GLOB_DEP_DEL Class BAPI: Delete Global Dependencies
BAPI1003_KEY Classification BAPI - Key Fields
BAPI1003_LONGTEXT Class BAPI: Long Texts
BAPI1003_LONGTEXT_NEW Class BAPI: Long Texts
BAPI1003_LONGTEXT_R Read Class BAPI: Long Texts
BAPI1003_OBJECT_KEYS Classification BAPI - Object Keys
BAPI1003_OBJECT_RANGE BAPI Range Table for Concatenated Object Keys
BAPI1003_STAND Class BAPI: Standards Fields
BAPI1003_STAND_NEW Class BAPI: Standards Fields
BAPI1003_STATUSINFO Class: Status Information
BAPI1003_TREE Representation of Class Hierarchy
BAPICLASSRANGEGROUP BAPI Classes - Range Table for Finding by Group
BAPICLASSSEL Structure for BAPI Interface to Class: Class Interval
BAPIFIELDSCACL Various Single Fields Used in BAPIs
BIKSSK_WA Classification
CACHARACT Descriptions and attributes of a characteristic
CACHARDEPS Dependencies for characteristic
CACHARDOCS Document for characteristic
CACHARINHE Class from which characteristic is inherited
CACHARREF Data of reference characteristic
CACHVALDEP Dependencies for characteristic value
CACHVALDOC Document for characteristic value
CACHVALHIE Values in value hierarchy
CACLNAME Class description and level in class hierarchy
CACLPATH Path in class hierarchy
CACLSTRUCT Class-to-class relationship in class hierarchy
CACLVALUE Value of characteristic in external format
CACN Change number with date
CAT_OBJECTS Objects from External Catalog
CAWNTARCH Archiving: value description
CHA_CL_TYP Restrict Use of Characteristics to Certain Class Types
CHA_DESC_D Characteristic and Description
CHA_DESCR Characteristic Description
CHA_REFTAB API Structure for Reference Characteristics
CHA_VAL Characteristic Value
CHA_VAL_DL Characteristic Values and Deletion Indicator
CHA_VALS Change Characteristic Values
CHA_VALS_D Characteristic Values Currently Assigned and Allowed Values
CHA_VDESCR Characteristic Value Descriptions for Characteristic
CHAR_ATTR1 Characteristic Attributes (that can be changed for class)
CHAR_CHNG API: Change Char. Attributes Locally for Object
CHAR_CLTYP Validity of Global Characteristics
CHAR_DESCR Characteristic Description
CHAR_LIST Chars list for class (and its superior classes)
CHAR_VALS Change Characteristic Values
CHAR250 contains 4 table elements of 250 Bytes
CHAR8000 Search Result Format: 8000-Byte Field
CHDAT Characteristic Name and Attributes
CHDAT_VIEW Characteristics Data and Organizational Areas
CHR_BASIC_OVR Current State of Overwritable Characteristic Basic Data
CHV_DESCR Characteristic Value Descriptions for Characteristic
CHVALS Change Characteristic Values
CHVIEW Organizational Areas for Characteristics
CKSSK Communication for Application: Objects in a Class
CLA_CH_AT Characteristics, Descriptions, and Attributes
CLA_CH_ATR API: Change Characteristic for Class
CLA_CH_CHG API: Change Characteristic Attributes for Class
CLA_CH_VAL API: Maintain Characteristic Values for Class
CLA_CH_VDS API: Characteristic Value Descriptions for Class
CLA_DESCR API: Class Descriptions/Keywords
CLA_LNGTXT API: Class Long Texts
CLADDITION API Additional Data for Class
CLAENNRDATUV Change Statuses of Classified Object
CLASS Reference structure: Class data
CLASS_LIST List of superior classes of class
CLASSX Class List Structure ALV Tree
CLBASD API: Basic Data of Class
CLCLASS Transfer Structure for Class List with Description
CLCLASSRANGE Range Structure for CLASS (Class Name)
CLCLINTRANGE Range Structure for CLINT (Class Key)
CLDAR Display Options for Search Result - Classification
CLDRAD Document-Object Link
CLDYNSEL_RESULT Object key plus search result
CLHP I/O Fields for Class Hierarchy Maintenance
CLIAUSP Inconsistent characteristics in a hierarchy/network
CLKLARTRANGE Range Structure for KLART (Class Type)
CLMDCP Classification View of MRP Record
CLMERK Transfer Structure for Characteristics
CLOBJ Object Table
CLOBJDAT Reference structure: Classification data per object
CLOBJEKTE Transfer structure: classified objects
CLOBJGEN Structure for Objects for Generated Tables
CLOBTABRANGE Range Structure for OBTAB (Object Table in Customizing)
CLPAR_CLDAR Display Options for Search Result - Classification
CLPAR_DARST Classification: Parameters for Display Options
CLPAR_SPRACHE Classification: Parameters for Language Settings
CLPAR_SPRACHE1 Parameters for Language Settings
CLPAR_SUCHERG Classification: Parameters for Search Result Display Options
CLPAR_UMFANG Classification: Parameters for Scope
CLPAR_VORSCHL Classification: Parameters for Default Values
CLRS_CHARAC Transfer Structure: Result Screen of Search in Classes
CLS_BASIC Class: Basic Data
CLS_CATCH Class: Keywords
CLS_CHARAC Characteristics with Values for a Class
CLS_CHARACT Class: Characteristics
CLS_CHARACT_I Class: Characteristics with Internal Characteristic Numbers
CLS_CHARACT_OVR Class: Overwritten Characteristic Attributes
CLS_CHARACT_VAL_OVR Class: Overwritten Characteristic Values
CLS_CHARACT_VALTEXT_OVR Class: Overwritten Characteristic Value Descriptions
CLS_KNOWL Dependency Key for Class Header
CLS_LTEXTS Class: Long Texts
CLS_TEXTID Class: Long Text ID
CLSEL_R_ATINN Ranges Table for Internal Characteristic Number
CLSEL_R_CLINT Ranges Table for Internal Class Number
CLSEL_R_STATUS Ranges Structure for KSSK Status
CLSEL_SEARCH_OBJECTS Objects in Search Result
CLSELCAWN Structure for Managing Characteristic Values
CLSELCHARACTERISTICS Transfer Structure for Characteristic Attributes
CLSELFEATURES Transfer Structure for Characteristic Attributes
CLSICHTRANGE Range Structure for SICHT/ABTEI (Org. Areas in KLAH/KSML)
CLSMERKAE Char. changes for UP class maintenance
CLSTANDARD API: Structure for Identifying Standard
CLTABLE Transfer Object to Value Assignment for Object Characts
CLTEXT Class texts
CLTLINE Text Lines with Language Key
CLTREEITM Tree control item for class tree
CLUMERK Transfer Structure for Conversion
CLVAUSP Transfer Structure: AUSP and Posting Indicators
CLVKSSK Transfer Structure: KSSK and Posting Indicators
CLVM_M Control Fields for Multiple Class Update
CLWWS API: R/3 Retail Structure Indicator
CLX2F Classification: Struct. for Characteristics in External Use
CLX2V Classification: Struct. for Charac. Values in External Use
CLZUORD_PU Classification: Allocations in Buffer
CPDEP_DAT Basic Data of Dependency in Variant Table Line
CPDEP_DESC Descriptions of Object Dependencies in Variant Table Lines
CPDEP_DOC Documentation on Object Dependencies in Variant Table
CPDEP_ORD Sequence of Object Dependencies in Variant Table Line
CPDEP_SORC Sources of Object Dependencies in Table Lines
CSITEMID_CL Help Structure for CSITEMID -Classification-
CTCU_01 Information on characteristics group
CTMSEXIT001 Characteristic values with selection data
DOC_IDENT Structure for Identifying Document
DOC_LANG Documentation: SAPscript Text Lines
DOCIDS Document Links for Class
DOCUMTATON Documentation: SAPscript Text Lines
DPROF Listpainter Profile
DRAD_CL Auxiliary Structure for DRAD -Classification-
E1BP1003_ADD Class BAPI: Additional Data
E1BP1003_BASIC BAPI for Basic Data of Class
E1BP1003_CATCH Class BAPI: Keywords
E1BP1003_CHARACT Class BAPI: Characteristics
E1BP1003_CHARACT_OVERWR Class BAPI: Change Characteristic Attributes for Class
E1BP1003_CHARACT_VALUE_OVR Class BAPI: Maintain Characteristic Values for Class
E1BP1003_CHARVALTEXT Class BAPI: Overwrite Characteristic Value Description
E1BP1003_DOCU Class BAPI: Document Link
E1BP1003_LONGTEXT Class BAPI: Long Texts
E1BP1003_STAND Class BAPI: Standards Fields
E1CLASS_CREATE Header Segment
E1TEXTL Class: long text lines
EXTDKSML Extended KSML for Finding Objects
HIER_BLOCK_CL Auxiliary Structure for HIER_BLOCK -Classification-
HIERARCHY_CL01 Auxiliary Structure for HIERARCHY -Classification-
KLAHD Class Header + Description + External Date Formats
KLAS Sort table - internal class number
KLASSE Class Data
KLBASD Class: basic data
KLDAT Table structure for characteristics in a class
KLDOKM Class: document link
KLKLAT Class: descriptions
KLMERK Structure for Characteristics Directly Assigned to Class
KLMERKA Direct Characteristics of a Class with Attributes
KLMERKAV Direct Characteristics of a Class with Attributes
KLMERKS Characteristics of Class
KLNORM Class: standards fields
KLVMERA Inherited Characteristics of a Class with Attributes
KLVMERK Structure for Inherited Characteristics
KLZU Display for Objects in a Class
KLZUSD Class: Additional Data
KSML_VALID Validity of KSML Entries (Regarding Assigned Characteristic)
KSSK_COM Classification: Transfer Structure for ALE
KSSK_OBJEK Object Definition for Classific. Data
KSSK_V0 Classification: KSSK+KLAH
KSSKARCH Classification: Display Archived Allocations
KSSKKS Block Table for Class to Class Links
KSSKX Helpü structure to block Table KSSK
LONG_TEXT API long texts
MCLS_R_TABELLE Ranges Structure for DE Table
MESSAGES Log Interface Messages
MTEXT_CL Material Description
MTRX_CHAR Characteristics Relevant to Matrix
MTRX_MSEL Characteristic Values Assigned to Matrix Node
MTRX_SSEL Sums of Rows and Columns
MTRX_VALI Characteristic Values Relevant to Matrix
MTRX_VART Nodes in Variant Article Matrix for Transfer to Int. Article
MTRX_WSEL Matrix Node Values Dependent on Mode (Qty, Price, and so on)
OBJECT_KEY Key of SAP Object to be Processed (for Example, Material)
OBJECT_KEYFIELDS_CL Auxiliary Structure for OBJECT_KEYFIELDS -Classification-
RCCLLIST Classification: Screen in Lists
RCHAR_VALS Values of a Characteristic
RCLA_CH_AT Characteristics, Descriptions, and Attributes
RCLA1 Maximum Counters for KSML
RCLAEBLG Classification: Change Documents
RCLMMD Screen Fields for Mass Processing of Classification
RCLVL Variable List Structure
RCLVLFLD Field Selection Transfer Structure for Variable Lists
RCURE Transfer Structure for Renaming Objects
RCURI Transfer Structure for KRIF Elements
REF_TABLES API Structure for Reference Characteristics
RINOB Internal Dependency Number Structure
RINOB1 Transfer Structure: Internal Object Number/Object
RMCBC I/O fields for include screens from classification
RMCL1 Screen Structure
RMCLAUSP Update interface
RMCLDEL Transfer of classifications to be deleted
RMCLDOB Classification: Delete Object
RMCLF Classification: I/O Structure for Assgmt of Object to Class
RMCLINDX Classification: INDX File
RMCLK Structure of the classification table
RMCLKLART Classification: Class Types
RMCLKSSK Update interface
RMCLM I/O fields - Classification
RMCLO Classification: Temporary/Final Object Key
RMCLOBJ Classification: Object - one Class Type
RMCLOBTX Classification
RMCLPAR Classification: User Parameters
RMCLRE Selection Fields for Reports (Classification)
RMCLS I/O Fields for Finding Objects by Classification
RMCLSINEX Internal class number - external class number
RMCLY Classification: Customer-Defined Objects
RMMME_CL Alternative Units with Conversions to Basic Unit
RMMME_CL01 Auxiliary Structure for RMMME -Classification-
ROBJECTS Transfer Structure for Classification System Objects
SCHARACTLIST ALV Output Structure for Characteristics List
SCHLAG Keyword Transfer Structure
SCHLAGD Catchword Change Old/New Transfer Structure
SCLASS Reference Structure: Class Data
SEL_CHAR Selection Characteristics
SI_RMCLM SI Include RMCLM (Foreign Key)
SKLAS Class Header
SMERK Characteristics Structure (Class List)
SMERKAE_M Changes to Characteristics: Update Multiple Classes
SPALT Classification: Headings for horiz. char. list offset
SVALUELIST ALV Output Structure for Values in Characteristics List
SWORARCH Archiving fields for SWOR
TAB_MATNR Material Numbers
TABLEKEY Table and key for selecting change number in CLEF modules
TABLSTRUCT Variant Tables Structure
TCL_MENU_BUTTON_S Structure Menu Options and Buttons in Classification System
TCLRX Executable Functions per Class Type with Text
TFEATURE Characteristics Table with Field for Organizational Areas
VABAUSP Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VABKSSK Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VAL_LIST Char. values for all chars of a class (and its sup. classes)
VARL Variable Lists
VKLAT Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VKSML Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VSWOR Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000


The package CL contains 26 programs.

CACL_UPDATE_CL_STATUS Classification Status: Missing Entries, Automatic Release
RCCLCDOC Change History
RCCLCN00 Display All Characteristics of Classes for Change Number
RCCLRMAC Program for Generating RMAC Entries for Dynamic Selection
RCCLTYP0 Set Class Types
RCCLURED XPRA: Set Redundancy Indicator
RCCTMV00 Characteristics List
RCEXITCHECK Active User Exits for the Selected Development Classes
RCKSMLPOS Cumulation of KSML Items for Engineering Change Management
RMCLAEBL Display Change Documents
RMCLCLMO Initial Program for Class Maintenance
RMCLCNKL Overview of Characteristic Changes for Class
RMCLDLIN Delete INDX Entries
RMCLINDX Set User Settings from INDX in User Profiles
RMCLKLVW Class Where-Used List
RMCLKSWD Delete Description/Keywords for an Entire Language
RMCLMDEL Delete Characteristic from Class with Assignments
RMCLPROF Where-Used List for Profile/User/Role (Classification)
RMCLSIKZ Select Organizational Areas
RMCLTEXT Copy Long Texts to Existing Classes in Background

Search Helps

The package CL contains 20 search helps.

CLAS Class Matchcodes
CLASA Find via keyword
CLASB Find via class number
CLASC Find via class group
CLASD Find via DIN class
CLASE Find via standard
CLASF Find via document
CLASI Graphical Object Search
H_TCLA Help View on Class Types
H_TCLG Class group
H_TCLT Classifiable Object Files
H_TCLU Class Status
H_TCLX Class Texts: Blocks
KLSW R/3 Retail Objects in Class Tables
KLSWA Find material groups via description
KLSWB Find characteristic profile via description
KLSWC Find MG hierarchy levels via description
MAT1K Materials for class
MCHAC Find batch via class
PROF Find Profile

Message Classes

The package CL contains 3 message classes.

C- Klassentool
CL Klassensystem
X2 Matrixverarbeitung

Authorization Objects

The package CL contains 13 authorization objects.

C_CACL_DSG Interface Design
C_CLA_PROF Profile Maintenance/Assignment of Settings in Classification
C_CLAS_ERS Replace Characteristic
C_CLAS_NRM Load Standards Data
C_CLAS_UMS Class Split/Merge
C_CLAS_UTI Authorization for Class Utilities
C_KLAH_BKL Authorization for Classification
C_KLAH_BKP Authorization for Class Maintenance
C_KLAH_BSE Authorization for Finding Objects
C_TCLA_BKA Authorization for Class Types
C_TCLS_BER Authorization for Org. Areas in Classification System
C_TCLS_MNT Authorization for Characteristics of Org. Area
C_VARLIST Authorization for Objects in Variable Lists