SAP Package CBWA

EH&S: Waste Management

Technical Information

Package CBWA
Short Text EH&S: Waste Management
Parent Package EA-EHS

Package Contents

The package CBWA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package CBWA contains 99 function groups.

BOMN Disposal Documents Object Number
BOWM Object Number Disposal Processing Waste
EHSWA_000 MD (BDT): Application Object WAMA
EHSWA_001 MD (BDT): Waste Mgmt Business Partner
EHSWA_001A MD (BDT): Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWA_001B MD (BDT): Waste Code Partner
EHSWA_001C MD (BDT): Master Data Object/Integration
EHSWA_001D MD (BDT): Licenses Partner
EHSWA_001K MD (BDT): Partner for Accnt Assignments
EHSWA_002 MD (BDT): Waste Gen./Disposal/Transport
EHSWA_002D MD (BDT): Waste Generation - Waste Code
EHSWA_002E MD (BDT): Partner-Waste Qty Prediction
EHSWA_003 MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWA_004 MD (BDT): Waste Approval
EHSWA_004A MD (BDT): Waste Approval - Waste Code
EHSWA_004API API Waste Approval
EHSWA_004B MD (BDT): Waste Approval - Partner
EHSWA_004C MD (BDT): WApvl - WCode - Prdcted Qties
EHSWA_004D MD (BDT): Waste Permit - Disposal Chnl
EHSWA_004E MD (BDT): WApvl - Prtnr - Outline Agrmnt
EHSWA_008 MD : Service Modules
EHSWA_008A MD: Service Modules 2
EHSWA_020 TC Data
EHSWA_030 Partner: API Business Partner Waste Mgmt
EHSWA_031 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT000
EHSWA_032 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT100
EHSWA_033 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT001
EHSWA_034 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT001ACC
EHSWA_035 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT001_DESCR
EHSWA_037 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPID
EHSWA_038 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPLIZ
EHSWA_039 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPWAAM
EHSWA_040 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT_BPWAKEY
EHSWA_042 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT002
EHSWA_043 Partner: Buffer EHSWAT003
EHSWA_090 Customizing Master Data
EHSWA_091 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
EHSWA_100 Disposal Processing: Frame
EHSWA_101 Disposal Processing: Entry Aid
EHSWA_102 Disposal Processing: Selection
EHSWA_109 Disposal Processing: GUI Status/Title
EHSWA_110 Disposal Processing: Doc. Detail Screen
EHSWA_111 Disposal Processing: TC Overview
EHSWA_112 Disposal Processing: Dialog
EHSWA_113 Disposal Processing: Partner Detail
EHSWA_115 Disposal Processing: Reporting
EHSWA_131 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENTAM
EHSWA_132 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENFOD
EHSWA_133 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENACC
EHSWA_134 Disposal Processing: Buffer EHSWAT_ENPRT
EHSWA_136 Disposal Processing: API
EHSWA_140 Disposal Processing: Split Op. + BAPI
EHSWA_141 DP: Transfer Stock/GR/GI Operation
EHSWA_142 Disposal Proc.: Assign Function Partner
EHSWA_143 *** don´t use !!! / obsolete !!! ***
EHSWA_143WM Disposal Processing: Disposal Docs - NEW
EHSWA_149 Disposal Processing: Subseq. Doc. Prcsng
EHSWA_150 Disposal Processing: Status Switch
EHSWA_160 Disposal Processing: Function List
EHSWA_161 Disposal Processing: Messages
EHSWA_162 Disposal Processing: Functions
EHSWA_190 Disposal Processing: Customizing
EHSWA_195 Disposal Processing: Read Core
EHSWA_200 Waste Manifests: Dialog Modules
EHSWA_201 Waste Manifests: Selection
EHSWA_202 Waste Manifests: Copy
EHSWA_203 Waste Manifests: Create
EHSWA_204 Waste Manifests: Create TC
EHSWA_205 Waste Manifests: Create Waste Manifest
EHSWA_208 Waste Manifests: Status and Functions
EHSWA_209 Waste Manifests: User Exits Menu/PBO/PAI
EHSWA_210 Waste Manifests: Selection Data
EHSWA_212 Waste Manifests: ALV
EHSWA_219 Waste Manifests: Control Detail
EHSWA_220 Waste Manifests: Generic Detail
EHSWA_225 Text Edit Control Handling
EHSWA_230 Waste Manifests: Waste Tree
EHSWA_233 Waste Manifests: Waste Manifest Tree
EHSWA_241 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MN
EHSWA_242 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MNPOS
EHSWA_243 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MNBP
EHSWA_244 Waste Manifest: Buffer EHSWAT_MNWAKEY
EHSWA_246 Waste Manifests: API
EHSWA_280 Disposal Documents Print Output
EHSWA_290 Customizing Waste Manifest
EHSWA_291 Read Customizing - Lock Modules
EHSWA_400 Library: Specification/Waste Code
EHSWA_401 Library: Addresses (CAM)
EHSWA_403 Library: Phrases
EHSWA_404 Library: Material Master
EHSWA_420 Library: Account Assignment
EHSWA_450 Library: Application Log
EHSWA_490 Library: Service Modules
EHSWA_501 User Configuration
EHSWA_600 Waste Management - Cockpit - New
EHSWA_700 Integration IS Waste/EH&S Waste Mgmt
EHSWA_801 Reporting: Waste Life-Cycle Analysis


The package CBWA contains 284 transactions.

CBWA00 Area Menu Waste Management
CBWABDT BDT Configuration Menu Waste Mgmt
CBWAMD Waste Management Master Data
S_SH8_22000310 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_002
S_SH8_22000311 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_004
S_SH8_22000312 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_002
S_SH8_22000313 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_002
S_SH8_22000314 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_001
S_SH8_22000315 IMG Activity: WA_MD_009
S_SH8_22000316 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_003
S_SH8_22000317 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_004
S_SH8_22000318 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_001
S_SH8_22000319 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_002
S_SH8_22000320 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_002
S_SH8_22000321 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_003
S_SH8_22000322 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_006
S_SH8_22000323 IMG Activity: WA_MN_SV_002
S_SH8_22000324 IMG Activity: WA_REPORTS_001
S_SH8_22000325 IMG Activity: WA_MD_AUTH_001
S_SH8_22000328 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_000
S_SH8_22000330 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_001
S_SH8_22000332 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_004
S_SH8_22000334 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_005
S_SH8_22000337 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_002
S_SH8_22000340 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008A
S_SH8_22000344 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_02
S_SH8_22000347 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_03
S_SH8_22000350 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004
S_SH8_22000354 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003
S_SH8_22000357 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_01
S_SH8_22000360 IMG Activity: WA_MD_005
S_SH8_22000363 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004B
S_SH8_22000367 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008
S_SH8_22000370 IMG Activity: WA_BS_004
S_SH8_22000376 IMG Activity: WA_MD_007
S_SH8_22000379 IMG Activity: WA_MD_006
S_SH8_22000380 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004C
S_SH8_22000381 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003A
S_SH8_22000382 IMG Activity: WA_MD_001
S_SH8_22000383 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_001
S_SH8_22000384 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_WM_001
S_SH8_22000385 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_001
S_SH8_22000386 IMG Activity: WA_MD_002
S_SH8_22000387 IMG Activity: WA_BS_002
S_SH8_72000024 Waste Approval Call-Off
S_SH8_72000025 Waste life-cycle analysis
S_SH8_72000026 Disposal Documents List Display
S_SH8_72000027 Disposal Documents List Display
S_SH8_72000028 Disposal Documents List Display
S_SH8_72000029 Check If Time and Quantity Exceeded
S_SH8_72000032 Partners in Entry Documents
S_SH8_72000732 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_004
S_SH8_72000733 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_002
S_SH8_72000734 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_002
S_SH8_72000735 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_001
S_SH8_72000736 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_002
S_SH8_72000737 IMG Activity: WA_EA_SV_002
S_SH8_72000738 IMG Activity: WA_MD_010
S_SH8_72000739 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_003
S_SH8_72000740 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_004
S_SH8_72000741 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_001
S_SH8_72000742 IMG Activity: WA_EA_BS_002
S_SH8_72000743 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_CO_003
S_SH8_72000744 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_003
S_SH8_72000745 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_006
S_SH8_72000746 IMG Activity: WA_MN_SV_002
S_SH8_72000747 IMG Activity: WA_REPORTS_001
S_SH8_72000748 IMG Activity: WA_MD_AUTH_001
S_SH8_72000749 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_002
S_SH8_72000750 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_000
S_SH8_72000751 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_001
S_SH8_72000752 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_004A
S_SH8_72000753 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_004
S_SH8_72000754 IMG Activity: WA_MN_MD_005
S_SH8_72000755 IMG Activity: WA_MD_009
S_SH8_72000756 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_02
S_SH8_72000757 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_03
S_SH8_72000758 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004A_01
S_SH8_72000759 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004B
S_SH8_72000760 IMG Activity: WA_MD_005
S_SH8_72000761 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003
S_SH8_72000762 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004
S_SH8_72000763 IMG Activity: WA_BS_005
S_SH8_72000764 IMG Activity: WA_BS_004
S_SH8_72000765 IMG Activity: WA_MD_003A
S_SH8_72000766 IMG Activity: WA_MD_006
S_SH8_72000767 IMG Activity: WA_MD_007
S_SH8_72000768 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008
S_SH8_72000769 IMG Activity: WA_MD_008A
S_SH8_72000770 IMG Activity: WA_MD_004C
S_SH8_72000771 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_PROC_001
S_SH8_72000772 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_WM_001
S_SH8_72000773 IMG Activity: WA_MD_001
S_SH8_72000774 IMG Activity: WA_BS_002
S_SH8_72000775 IMG Activity: WA_MD_002
S_SH8_72000776 IMG Activity: WA_EA_INT_MM_001
S_SH8_72000789 Check If Time and Quantity Exceeded
S_SH8_72000790 Entry Document List
WAA01 WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr)
WAA02 WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr)
WAA03 WA Display (Auth-Apprvd Waste Gnrtr)
WAA04 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Waste Gener.)
WAA10 WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr)
WAA11 WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr)
WAA12 WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Dispsr)
WAA13 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Disposer)
WAA19 WA Create (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.)
WAA20 WA Change (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.)
WAA21 WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Trnsp.)
WAA22 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Transp.)
WAA23 WA Create (Authority)
WAA24 WA Change (Authority)
WAA25 WA Display (Authority)
WAA26 WA Extend (Authority)
WAAP Nummernkreispflege: EWA_APPROV
WACB01 Define Document Types
WACM01 Define Doc. Types: Disp. Processing
WACM02 Define Doc. Cats for Follow-On Fctns
WACM03 Define Operation Types
WACM04 Define Follow-On Functions
WACM10 Material Type/Inventory Mgmt Active
WACM30 Parameters for Purchasing Management
WACO02 Waste Workbench
WACO02OLD EHS: Edit Waste Code
WACO03OLD EHS: Display Waste Code
WACO04OLD EHS: Waste Code - Subs. Info. System
WACS1 Partner Type Customizing
WACS2 License Type Customizing
WACS3 Condition Type Customizing
WACS4 Proof Type Customizing
WACS6 Define Object Types for Integration
WADC Nummernkreispflege: EWA_DISWAY
WADI Nummernkreispflege: EWA_WAA130
WAE01 Create Entry Document
WAE02 Change Entry Document
WAE03 Display Entry Document
WAE10 Easy Entry
WAEA Nummernkreispflege: EWA_ENTNAM
WAGE Nummernkreispflege: EWA_WAA100
WAM01 Create Disposal Documents
WAM02 Edit Disposal Documents
WAM03 Display Disposal Documents
WAM04 Find Disposal Documents
WAM05 Disposal Documents List Display
WAMC Nummernkreispflege: EWA_MNANOC
WAMI Nummernkreispflege: EWA_MNINO
WAMR Nummernkreispflege: EWA_MNANOR
WANP Nummernkreispflege: W_PARTNER
WASM100 WA: Create Generator
WASM101 WA: Change Generator
WASM102 WA: Display Generator
WASM109 WA: Extend Generator
WASS100 WA Control: Applications
WASS101 WA Control: Field Groups
WASS102 WA Control: Views
WASS103 WA Control: Sections
WASS104 WA Control: Screens
WASS105 WA Control: Screen Sequences
WASS106 WA Control: Events
WASS107 WA Control: GUI Standard Functions
WASS108 WA Control: GUI Additional Functions
WASS110 WA Control: Matchcodes
WASS111 WA Control: Assgnmt Scrn Fld->DB Fld
WASS112 WA Control: Field Grouping Criteria
WASS113 WA Control: Role Categories
WASS114 WA Control: Role Category Groupings
WASS115 WA Control: Application Transactions
WASS116 WA Control: Tables
WASS117 WA Cust: Field Grouping - Activity
WASS118 WA Cust: Field Grouping - Role Cat.
WASS119 WA Cust: Authorization Types
WASS120 WA Cust: Field Groups for Authorizn
WASS121 WA Cust: Screen Configuration
WASS122 WA Control: Activities
WASS123 Field Control
WASS124 WA Control: Data Sets
WAST Copied to CBWABDT (Copy BP Config
WATR Nummernkreispflege: EWA_WAA160
WATREE Call Master Data

Database Tables

The package CBWA contains 88 database tables.

EHSWAC_ACCOBJ Customizing Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management
EHSWAC_APPCAT CD: Waste Approval Types
EHSWAC_APPCATBP Waste Approval Types - Number of Partners Allowed per Role
EHSWAC_APPCATD CD: Description of the Waste Approval Type
EHSWAC_APPCATMN CD: Approval Types - Waste Manifest Types
EHSWAC_APPCATWC Approval Types - Permitted Number of Waste Codes per Catalog
EHSWAC_APSTAT Waste Approval Processing Status
EHSWAC_APSTATDES Description of Waste Approval Processing Status
EHSWAC_DUTCAT CD: Condition Types
EHSWAC_DUTCATD CD: Description of the Condition Type
EHSWAC_DUTCATROL CD: Condition Types per Role
EHSWAC_EAFODCAT Document Categories for Follow-On Document Processing
EHSWAC_EAFODCATD Text Table for Subsequent Document Categories
EHSWAC_EAFOFCAT Functions per Document Category in Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_EAIMMCAT Waste-Relevant Material Types
EHSWAC_EANOCAT Document Category - Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_EANOCATD Document Category - Disposal Processing: Description
EHSWAC_EAOPTCAT Application Functions per Doc. Categ. in Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_EAOPTYPE Application Functions
EHSWAC_EAOPTYPED Application Functions: Descriptions
EHSWAC_ENTAMBW Parameters for Purchasing Management
EHSWAC_ENTAMFOF Functions for Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_ENTAMFOFD Functions for Disposal Processing: Texts
EHSWAC_ENTAMMW Parameters for Inventory Management
EHSWAC_LIZCATD CD: Description of the License Type
EHSWAC_LIZCATROL CD: License Types per Role
EHSWAC_MN_CATSTA Document Type and Status Assignment
EHSWAC_MN_STAPRE Table of Valid Previous Statuses
EHSWAC_MNCAT Disposal Documents: Types
EHSWAC_MNCATBPRL Document Type - Number of BP Permitted per Role
EHSWAC_MNCATD Document Type Description
EHSWAC_MNCATFOF Assignment of Document Types to Follow-On Functions
EHSWAC_MNCATWC Disposal Documents: Permitted Number of Waste Codes/Catalog
EHSWAC_MNDYNPRO Screens for Screen Exit for Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNDYNPROD Language Table for Screens for Screen Exit
EHSWAC_MNFLDCTRL Customizing: Disposal Documents Field Control
EHSWAC_MNFOF Functions for Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_MNFOFD Functions for Disposal Processing: Texts
EHSWAC_MNGRP Modification Groups for Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNGRPD Modification Groups for Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNSTATUS Customizing Table Status Waste Manifests
EHSWAC_MNSTATUSD Text Table Status Disposal Documents
EHSWAC_MNTABS Customizing Tab Pages
EHSWAC_MNTABSD Texts for Tabstrips
EHSWAC_OBJART MD: Integration - Object Types
EHSWAC_OBJARTD MD: Integration - Object Type Description
EHSWAC_OBJARTROL MD: Integration - Object Types per Role
EHSWAC_ROLE Check Table for Disposal Document Roles
EHSWAC_ROLE_HELP CD: Role-Dependent Elementary Search Helps
EHSWAC_WABPCATD CD: Partner Type Description
EHSWAC_WABPCATRL CD: Partner Types per Role WM BP
EHSWASYST_USAGE Table Names and Fields for Deletion Where-Used List
EHSWAT_APP_LKEY MD (BDT): Dummy Table for Waste Approval Lock Concept
EHSWAT_APPAMOUNT MD: Waste Permit Predicted Quantities
EHSWAT_APPBP MD: Waste Permit Partner
EHSWAT_APPBPCON MD: Waste Permit - Partner - Contracts
EHSWAT_APPWAKEY MD: Waste Permit Waste Code
EHSWAT_BPDEFINIT MD: Partner Reference to Master Data Objects
EHSWAT_BPID MD: Partner - Jurisdiction-Dependent Data
EHSWAT_BPLIZ Licenses for Partner
EHSWAT_BPWAAM MD: Partner-Waste Quantity Predictions
EHSWAT_BPWAKEY MD: Partner Waste Codes
EHSWAT_BPWAWAKEY MD: Partner-Waste Waste Code
EHSWAT_DCAPP MD: Disposal Channel-Waste Permit
EHSWAT_ENACC Disposal Processing: Account Assignments for Entry Document
EHSWAT_ENFOD Disposal Processing: Follow-On Document Table
EHSWAT_ENPRT Disposal Processing: Partner for Entry Document
EHSWAT_ENTAM Disposal Processing (Quantity Entry/Planning)
EHSWAT_ENTAMDEV Disposal Processing: Entry Aids for Each User
EHSWAT_MN Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Header Data
EHSWAT_MNACC Account Assignments for Disposal Document
EHSWAT_MNBP Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Partners
EHSWAT_MNPOS Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Items
EHSWAT_MNWAKEY Waste Manifest/Delivery Note: Waste Code
EHSWAT_USER User-Defined Settings
EHSWAT000 MD (BDT): Master Table for the Waste Management Master Data
EHSWAT000_LKEY MD (BDT): Dummy Table for Partner Lock Concept
EHSWAT001 MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter
EHSWAT001_DESCR MD (BDT): Language-Dependent Data for Partner
EHSWAT001ACC MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter - Accnt Assignment
EHSWAT002 MD (BDT): Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAT003 MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWAT100 MD (BDT): Business Partner Roles


The package CBWA contains 107 views.

EHSWAV_000 MD: Determines the Logical Number from RECN
EHSWAV_001 MD: Logical Table EHSWAT001
EHSWAV_002 MD: Logical Table for EHSWAT002
EHSWAV_003 MD: Disposal Channel and Logical Generator Number
EHSWAV_003A MD: RECN Disposal Channel and Logical Disposer Number
EHSWAV_100 MD: Logical Table for EHSWAT100
EHSWAV_ACCOBJ Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management
EHSWAV_APC Specify Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_APC_MNCAT Customizing: Approval Type - Disposal Doc. Type Assignment
EHSWAV_APP Waste Permits Database View
EHSWAV_APP_MN Determines Document Types for Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_APPAMOUNT MD: Waste Code/Predicted Quantity
EHSWAV_APPBP MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPBP2 MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPBP3 Partner, Partner Type, and Partner Cat. for Waste Approval
EHSWAV_APPBPCON MD: Partners/Contracts
EHSWAV_APPBPID MD: (BDT): Waste Approval - Partner - Auth.-Assigned Numbers
EHSWAV_APPCAT Specify Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_APPCATBP Customizing: Waste Approval Types - Role Assignment
EHSWAV_APPCATMN Customizing: Approval Type - Disposal Doc. Type Assignment
EHSWAV_APPCATWC Approval Type: Permitted Number of Waste Codes
EHSWAV_APPQUANT MD: Partner/Role/Approval/Waste Code Test View
EHSWAV_APPR_STAT MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPROVAL MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_APPWAKEY MD: Partner/Role/Approval/Waste Code Test View
EHSWAV_APSTAT Waste Approval Processing Status
EHSWAV_AUFK View of Order Master Data
EHSWAV_AUTH MD: Search for Authorities
EHSWAV_BPACC MD: (BDT): Account Assignments for Partner
EHSWAV_BPDEFINIT MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPID MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPID2 MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPLIZ MD: (BDT): Licenses for Partner
EHSWAV_BPWAAM MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPWAKEY MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_BPWAWAKEY MD: (BDT): Master Data Objects
EHSWAV_DCAPP MD: Partner/Role/Permit/Disposal Channels Test View
EHSWAV_DIS_CHAN F4 As Disposer in Disposal Channel
EHSWAV_DUTCAT Condition Types
EHSWAV_DUTCATRLH Condition Types per Role
EHSWAV_DUTCATROL Customizing: Condition Types per Role
EHSWAV_EAFOD Document Categories for Follow-On Documents
EHSWAV_EAFOF Specify Functions
EHSWAV_EAFOFCAT Functions per Document Category - Only Display Possible
EHSWAV_EAFOFCAT1 Functions per Document Category - Access via Doc. Category
EHSWAV_EAIMMCAT Specify Waste-Relevant Material Types
EHSWAV_EANOCAT Document Categories for Disposal Processing
EHSWAV_EAOPTCAT Application Functions per Doc. Categ. - Only Display Poss.
EHSWAV_EAOPTCAT1 Applicat. Functions per Doc. Categ. - Access via Doc. Categ.
EHSWAV_EAOPTYPE Specify Application Functions
EHSWAV_ENSTATUS Disposal Processing: Selection of Entry Documents via Status
EHSWAV_ENTAM Dispsl Processing: All Entries From EHSWAT_ENTAM W/o DELFlag
EHSWAV_ENTAMBW Customizing: Purchasing Management
EHSWAV_ENTAMMW Specify Movement Types
EHSWAV_GEN F4-Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAV_GEN_CHAN F4 As Generator in Disposal Channel
EHSWAV_LIZCATRLH License Types per Role
EHSWAV_LIZCATROL Customizing: License Types per Role
EHSWAV_MAT_APP_2 MD: Waste - Waste Approval + Generation Field
EHSWAV_MAT_CUST View Generated for Matchcode ID MAT1
EHSWAV_MATNR_APP MD: Waste - Waste Permit
EHSWAV_MN View of Table EHSWAT_MN with Data Records Not Deleted
EHSWAV_MN_APP Determines Document Types for Waste Approval Types
EHSWAV_MN_CATSTA Maintenance View for Assigning Disposal Doc. Type to Status
EHSWAV_MN_STAPRE Maintenance View: Valid Previous Statuses for Document Types
EHSWAV_MNBP View of Table EHSWAT_MNBP Without Deleted Data Records
EHSWAV_MNCAT Specify Disposal Document Types
EHSWAV_MNCATBPRL Business Partner per Disposal Document Type
EHSWAV_MNCATD Read Disposal Document Types
EHSWAV_MNCATSTA Assignment of Disposal Document Type to Status
EHSWAV_MNCATWC Permitted Number of Waste Codes per Disposal Document Type
EHSWAV_MNDYNPRO Screen Maintenance View for Disposal Document Screen Exit
EHSWAV_MNFLDCTRL Field Control per Document Type
EHSWAV_MNFOF Maintenance View for Menu Functions - Disposal Documents
EHSWAV_MNFOFCAT Maintenance View: Assignment of Document Types and Functions
EHSWAV_MNFOFD Menu Functions and Text Table
EHSWAV_MNFOFV Relationship of Disposal Documents to Follow-On Functions
EHSWAV_MNGRP Maintenance View for Modification Groups - Disposal Docs
EHSWAV_MNSTAPRE Database View: Valid Previous Statuses for Document Types
EHSWAV_MNSTATUS Maintenance View for Defining the Disposal Document Status
EHSWAV_MNSTATUSD Status for Waste Manifests with Texts
EHSWAV_MNTAB Selection View Tabs
EHSWAV_MNTABS Customizing Tab Pages
EHSWAV_MNVHSIGN Structure for Search Help for Indicators
EHSWAV_MTART_CUS Selection View: Waste-Relevant Material Types with Text
EHSWAV_MTRT_CUS Help View: Waste-Relevant Material Types
EHSWAV_OBJART Object Types Integration Master Data
EHSWAV_OBJARTROL Customizing: Object Types - Role Assignment
EHSWAV_PART_ROL2 Database View: Search for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAV_PART_ROLL Database View: Search for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAV_PARTNER Database View: Search for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAV_ROLE_HELP Role-Dependent Search Helps
EHSWAV_TJ02 Disposal Processing: Selection of System Status
EHSWAV_VALID_DR MD: Valid Disposer
EHSWAV_VALID_GR MD: Valid Generator
EHSWAV_VALID_TR MD: Valid Disposer
EHSWAV_WABAL1 Data Basis for Waste Life-Cycle Analysis (Generator in BGS)
EHSWAV_WABAL2 Data Basis for Waste Life-Cycle Analysis (Disposer in BGS)
EHSWAV_WABAL3 Data Basis for Waste LC Analysis (Waste Code for an Item)
EHSWAV_WABAL5 Data Basis for Waste Life-Cyc. Analysis (Transporter in BGS)
EHSWAV_WABPCATRH Help View: Partner Types per Role
EHSWAV_WABPCATRL Customizing: Partner Types per Role
EHSWAV_WKEYCAT Waste Code and Waste Catalog
EHSWAV_WTD_BDT Partner Type Maintenance Dialog for BDT


The package CBWA contains 219 structures.

EHSWAM_DI BP: Transfer Structure WAMA GESAMT (Direct Input)
EHSWAM000_DI BP: General Data EHSWAT000 (Direct Input)
EHSWAS_ACC_ADD_DATA Additional Data for Account Assignment
EHSWAS_ACC_CHECK Fields for Verifying Acct Assignment Objects in Waste Mgmt
EHSWAS_ACCOUNT_OBJECTS Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management (with Code)
EHSWAS_ACCOUNT_OBJECTS_IOT IOTab Account Assignment Objects in Waste Management
EHSWAS_ADKOM Address - Communication Data
EHSWAS_ADKOM_D Address - Communication Data for Disposer
EHSWAS_ADKOM_G Address - Communication Data for Generator
EHSWAS_ADKOM_T Address - Communication Data for Transporter
EHSWAS_ADRESS_D Address of Disposer
EHSWAS_ADRESS_G Address of Generator
EHSWAS_ADRESS_T Address of Transporter
EHSWAS_APP_ALV Structure for Waste Approval in ALV
EHSWAS_APP_CON_ALV Structure for Waste Approval - ALV Outline Agreement
EHSWAS_APP_FIND For Determining Waste Approvals
EHSWAS_APP_SELSCREEN MD (BDT): Selection Screen for Waste Approval
EHSWAS_APPAMOUNTIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Predicted Quantities
EHSWAS_APPAMOUNTIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Predicted Qnty - Details
EHSWAS_APPBP_LOG_KEY Master Data: Waste Approval - Business Partner
EHSWAS_APPBPCONIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Partner - Contracts
EHSWAS_APPBPCONIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit - Partner - Contract Details
EHSWAS_APPBPIOT Master Data: Waste Approval - Business Partner
EHSWAS_APPBPIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Apprvl - Business Partner - Details
EHSWAS_APPROPAHT Waste Approval: 'Key Path' for Function Module Call
EHSWAS_APPROVAL Structure for Waste Manifest Fields
EHSWAS_APPROVAL_LOG_KEY Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit
EHSWAS_APPROVAL_SEL Structure for Waste Manifest Fields
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOT_ALV Master Data: IOTab Waste Permit
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOT_HEAD Master Data: Waste Permit Header Information
EHSWAS_APPROVALIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Details
EHSWAS_APPWAKEY_LOG_KEY Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Waste Code
EHSWAS_APPWAKEYIOT Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Waste Code
EHSWAS_APPWAKEYIOTD Master Data: IOTab Waste Approval - Waste Code - Details
EHSWAS_BALANCE_ALV Structure ALV Output Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_BP Partner Structure Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_DOC Structure for List Disposal Docs Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_LIC License Structure Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BALANCE_WAKEY Structure Waste Code Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_BDT_GENERAL MD (BDT): Fields Generally Required
EHSWAS_BPDEFINITIOT Master Data: IOTab Master Data Object Assignment
EHSWAS_BPDEFINITIOTD Master Data: IOTab Master Data Object Assignment - Details
EHSWAS_BPIDIOT Master Data: IOTAB Partner Authority-Assigned Numbers
EHSWAS_BPIDIOTD Master Data: IOTAB Partner Authority-Assigned Nos - Details
EHSWAS_BPLIZIOT Master Data: IOTab Partner - Licenses
EHSWAS_BPLIZIOTD Master Data: IOTab Partner Licenses - Details
EHSWAS_BPWAAMIOT Master Data: Partner/Waste - Quantity Predictions
EHSWAS_BPWAAMIOTD Master Data: Partner/Waste - Quantity Predictions (Details)
EHSWAS_BPWAAUTNOS Authority-Assigned Numbers for a Partner
EHSWAS_BPWAKEY_LOG_KEY Master Data: Partner - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAKEYIOT Master Data: Partner - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAKEYIOTD Master Data: Partner - Waste Code (Details)
EHSWAS_BPWAWAKEY_LOG_KEY Master Data: Partner/Waste - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAWAKEYIOT Master Data: Partner/Waste - Waste Code
EHSWAS_BPWAWAKEYIOTD Master Data: Partner/Waste - Waste Code (Details)
EHSWAS_CONTROL_TAB DP: Structure for Toolbar Table Control
EHSWAS_DCAPP_LOG_KEY Master Data: Waste Approvals - Disposal Channels
EHSWAS_DCAPPIOT Master Data: Waste Approvals - Disposal Channels
EHSWAS_DCAPPIOTD Master Data: Waste Approvals - Disposal Channels - Details
EHSWAS_DOCCATS Disposal Document Type/Approval Type
EHSWAS_DOCCATS_EXT Disposal Document Type/Approval Type-Number of Waste Codes
EHSWAS_EACLTFLD Include for Customer Fields in EHSWAT_ENTAM
EHSWAS_ENACCAPI DP: API Structure for Account Assignment for Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENACCBUF DP: Account Assignment Buffering (Table: EHSWAT_ENACC)
EHSWAS_ENACCIOT DP: IOTAB for Account Assignment (Table: EHSWAT_ENACC)
EHSWAS_ENFODAPI DP: API Structure for Follow-On Documents
EHSWAS_ENFODBUF DP: Buffering of Follow-On Doc. Table (Table: EHSWAT_ENFOD)
EHSWAS_ENFODIOT DP: IOTAB for Follow-On Document Table (Table: EHSWAT_ENFOD)
EHSWAS_ENPRTAPI DP: API Structure for Disposal Processing Partners
EHSWAS_ENPRTBUF DP: Partner Assignment Buffering (Table: EHSWAT_ENPRT)
EHSWAS_ENPRTIOT DP: IOTAB for Partner Assignment (Table: EHSWAT_ENPRT)
EHSWAS_ENTAM_BUFTAB_ADD DP: Fields IOTab for Entry Document in Buffer Table
EHSWAS_ENTAM_OP_REP1 Disp. Processing: Input Structure Transfer Stock Inv. Mgmt
EHSWAS_ENTAM_OP_TRP1 Disp. Processing: Input Structure Transfer Stock Whse Mgmt
EHSWAS_ENTAM_TRPOS Quantity Entry: Structure for Stock Transfer
EHSWAS_ENTAM_WM I/O Fields Structure for Warehouse Management
EHSWAS_ENTAMAPI DP: API Structure for Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENTAMBUF DP: Entry Document Buffering (Table: EHSWAT_ENTAM)
EHSWAS_ENTAMDISPOS DP: Structure I/O Fields Partner Selection/Assignment
EHSWAS_ENTAMEA DP: Structure I/O Fields Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENTAMNO DP: Structure Is Used for Locking Document Number
EHSWAS_ENTAMPATH DP: 'Key Path' Entry Document for FM Calls
EHSWAS_ENTAMSCR Dialog Structure for Disposal Processing (EHSWAT_ENTAM)
EHSWAS_ENTAMSEL DP: Structure I/O Fields for Selecting Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENTAMSPL IOTab for Dispsl Procsg Split/Transfer Stock (EHSWAT_ENTAM)
EHSWAS_ENTAMTXT DP: Description Fields in Entry Document
EHSWAS_ENXXXIOT Structure for List Output ALV
EHSWAS_ERROR_TAB Structure for Message Table
EHSWAS_F4_BPID Input Help: Partners and Authority-Assigned Numbers
EHSWAS_F4_WAKEY Structure for Selection Help for Waste Codes
EHSWAS_F4WAKEY_TITLE Structure for the Title Line of the Waste Code Input Help
EHSWAS_F4WASTECODE Structure Return Values F4 Help Waste Code
EHSWAS_FLAGSTRIP Indicators for Program Control
EHSWAS_INPUT_NODIALOG Input Structure for Processing Without Dialog
EHSWAS_LTXTAPI API Structure Long Text Description (SAPscript)
EHSWAS_LVSEA DP: Structure I/O Fields Inventory Mgmt/Warehouse Mgmt
EHSWAS_MATNR_USE_LIST Where-Used List for Material in Waste Management
EHSWAS_MDINT Master Data: IOTab Screen Structure Integration
EHSWAS_MDINTD Master Data: IOTab Screen Structure Integration - Texts
EHSWAS_MDINTO Master Data: IOTab Screen Structure Integration - Objects
EHSWAS_MESSAGE Message Structure Waste Management
EHSWAS_MN Waste Manifest: Header Data Structure
EHSWAS_MN_ALV Waste Manifest: Header Data Structure
EHSWAS_MN_EXT Structure Import/Export Parameters Disposal Documents
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_BP Data for Partner
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_DISP Data for Disposer - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_DISP_NA Data for Disposer - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_GEN Data for Waste Generator - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_GEN_NA Data for Waste Generator - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_HEAD Disposal Document Header Data
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_STORE Data for Temporary Storage Facility - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS_NA Data for Transporter - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS1 Data for Transporter 1 - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS2 Data for Transporter 2 - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_PRI_TRANS3 Data for Transporter 3 - Obsolete
EHSWAS_MN_UPD_EXT Structure for Update of Disposal Documents
EHSWAS_MNAPI Waste Manifest: API Structure (EHSWAT_MN)
EHSWAS_MNBGS Structure German Waste Manifest
EHSWAS_MNBGSIOT Input/Output Structure German Waste Manifest
EHSWAS_MNBP Waste Manifest: Business Partner Structure
EHSWAS_MNBPAPI Waste Manifest: API Structure (EHSWAT_MNBP)
EHSWAS_MNBPBUF Waste Manifest Buffering (EHSWAT_MNBP)
EHSWAS_MNBPIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MNBUF Waste Manifest Buffering (EHSWAT_MN)
EHSWAS_MNDISP1IOT Structure: Disposer - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNDISPIOT Waste Manifest: Disposer Structure
EHSWAS_MNEA Waste Manifest: Structure for I/O Fields
EHSWAS_MNGEN1IOT Structure: Generator - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNGENIOT Waste Manifest: Generator Structure
EHSWAS_MNINO Locking Structure for Logical Number: Disposal Document
EHSWAS_MNIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MNNEW Create New Waste Manifests
EHSWAS_MNNOCTRY Locking Structure for Authority-Assigned No.: Disposal Doc.
EHSWAS_MNNOST Locking Structure for Regional Auth.-Assigned No.: Disp.Doc.
EHSWAS_MNPOS Waste Manifest: Structure - Waste Item Data
EHSWAS_MNPOSIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MNSELECT Waste Manifest: Structure for Selection
EHSWAS_MNSTORE1IOT Structure: Temporary Storage Facility - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNSTOREIOT Waste Manifest: Structure - Temporary Storage Facility
EHSWAS_MNTOT Waste Manifest: Total Quantities
EHSWAS_MNTRANS1IOT Structure: Transporter - Header Level
EHSWAS_MNTRANS2IOT Waste Manifest: Structure - Transporter 2
EHSWAS_MNTRANS3IOT Waste Manifest: Structure - Transporter 3
EHSWAS_MNTRANSIOT Waste Manifest: Business Partner Structure
EHSWAS_MNWAKEY Waste Manifest: Waste Code
EHSWAS_MNWAKEY1IOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data 2
EHSWAS_MNWAKEYIOT Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_MULTACC Multiple Account Assignment Screen Structure
EHSWAS_MULTACC_DB Dummy for dbrecord_type
EHSWAS_OBJ_FURTHER_DATA Further Data for Integration Object
EHSWAS_PARTNER Structure for the Field 'Partner'
EHSWAS_PARTNER_ID Structure: Waste Management Business Partner - 10-Digit ID
EHSWAS_PARTNER_RLTYP Category That Only Contains Partner and Role Category
EHSWAS_PHRFLDTAB Structure for Text Determination
EHSWAS_PHRUSAGE EHS: Usage Structure for Phrases in Waste Management
EHSWAS_PO_ACCO DP: Structure Determine Procurement Transaction - Acct Assgt
EHSWAS_PO_ITEM DP: Structure Determine Procurement Transaction - Item
EHSWAS_POS_ALV Waste Manifest: IOTab Header Data
EHSWAS_RECN DP: Minimum Key for Interface Calling FM - Waste
EHSWAS_RELATED Table Name, Field Name, and RECN
EHSWAS_RELATED_EXPORT Table Name, Field Name and RECN for Deletion Where-Used List
EHSWAS_RELATED_IMPORT Table Name, Field Name for Deletion Where-Used List
EHSWAS_REP_MN Structure Set of Hits Waste Life-Cycle Analysis
EHSWAS_REP_MN_HEAD Structure of Set of Hits: Waste LC Analysis - Header Info
EHSWAS_REP_MN_POS Structure of Set of Hits: Waste LC Analysis - Item Data
EHSWAS_REP_MN_POS_ALV ALV - Structre of Set of Hits: Waste LC Analysis - Item Data
EHSWAS_REPORT_SEL Waste Life-Cycle Analysis Selection Structure
EHSWAS_ROLE_HELP MD (BDT): Structure for Role-Dependent Help
EHSWAS_SELECT Structure for Selection Tables
EHSWAS_SELOPT_BPID Type-Specific Select Options for Auth.-Approved Partner No.
EHSWAS_SELOPT_DATE Type-Specific Select Options for Selection Date
EHSWAS_SELOPT_MNCAT Type-Specific Select Options for Disposal Document Type
EHSWAS_SELOPT_MNSTATUS Type-Specific Select Options for Disposal Document Status
EHSWAS_SUCCESSORS Successor of a Node
EHSWAS_TEXT Text for Text Edit Control
EHSWAS_WA_BALANCE Waste Life-Cycle Analysis Test Structure
EHSWAS_WA_BALANCE1 Waste Life-Cycle Analysis, No QUAN Fields
EHSWAS_WACODE_SUBID Structure: Waste Code-Specification Assignment
EHSWAS_WASTE MD: Waste for Table Definition in FM interface
EHSWAS_WASTE_APP_EXT Structure for Checking Waste and Waste Approval
EHSWAS_WASTE_DYN I/O Fields for Screen
EHSWAS_WASTE_HM DP: Structure of Import Interface for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTE_HME DP: Structure of Export Interface for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTE_PRT Partner for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTE_PRTIOT Partner for Disposal Document
EHSWAS_WASTECODE_DATA Structure: Data for Waste Code
EHSWAS_WMTREE Structure for Node Table for SAPTree Waste Manifests
EHSWAS_XFIELDS Work Fields for Lists/Reports
EHSWAS000 MD (BDT): Master Structure for the Waste Mgmt Master Data
EHSWAS001 MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter
EHSWAS001_ALV Only for ALV
EHSWAS001_DI MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter (Direct Input)
EHSWAS001ACC_LOG_KEY Logical Key: Partner - Account Assignment
EHSWAS001ACCIOT Master Data: IOTab Partner - Account Assignments
EHSWAS001ACCIOTD IOTab: Partner - Account Assignment Detail
EHSWAS002 MD (BDT): Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAS002_LOG_KEY Logical Key
EHSWAS002D MD (BDT): Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport - Details
EHSWAS003 MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWAS003_F4 MD (BDT): Input Help for Disposal Channel
EHSWAS003_LOG_KEY Disposal Channel Logical Key
EHSWAS003D MD (BDT): Disposal Channel
EHSWAS0DIINIT BP: Initial Data (Direct Input)
EHSWAS100 MD (BDT): Business Partner Roles
EHSWASHDR_DI BP: Header Data for Application Object WAMA (Direct Input)
EHSWASKOSTADR Master Data: Cost Center Data (Incl. Address) - Obsolete


The package CBWA contains 12 programs.

EHSWAR_115_001 Entry Document List
EHSWAR_115_003 Partners in Entry Documents
EHSWAR_115_004 Overview: Follow-On Documents for Entry Document
EHSWAR_115_100 Easy Entry
EHSWAR_160_LS24 Program for Calling Stocks for Material (LS24)
EHSWAR_BP_DELETE EHS: Logical Delete of Waste Management Business Partners
EHSWAR_MNCHECK Check Whether Time and Quantity Exceeded in Disposal Documents
EHSWAR_MNCHECKM Check Whether Time and Quantity Exceeded in Documents with Message
EHSWAR_TMP_ENTRYDOC_DELETE EHSWA: Delete Entry Documents with Temporary Document Number

Search Helps

The package CBWA contains 74 search helps.

EHSWAH_APC Determines the Waste Approval Types from Customizing
EHSWAH_APC_APMCAT Determines Permissible Apprvl Types per Waste Manifest Type
EHSWAH_APC_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Waste Approval Type
EHSWAH_APPBP Waste Approval - Partner
EHSWAH_APPBPID Waste Approval - Partner - Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWAH_APPBPIDST Waste Approval - Partner - Regional Authority-Assigned No.
EHSWAH_APPROVAL Search Help for a Waste Approval
EHSWAH_APPROVAL_EXT Search Help for Waste Approvals
EHSWAH_APPSTATUS Search Help for Processing Status of Waste Approvals
EHSWAH_AUFK Search in AUFK for CO Orders (Type 01)
EHSWAH_BALANCE_STATUS Disposal Document Status for Waste Life-Cycle Analyses
EHSWAH_BPDEFINIT Determination of a Partner That Is Vendor
EHSWAH_BPID Selection of All Partners with Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWAH_BPID_COCKPIT Selection of All Partners with Auth.-Assigned No. (Cockpit)
EHSWAH_BPID_COCKPIT2 Selection of All Partners with Auth.-Asgd No. (Cockpit) - WA
EHSWAH_BPID_COLLECT Coll. Search Help Auth.-Ass. No. for Partner on Disp. Doc.
EHSWAH_BPID_COLLECT2 Collective Search Help - Auth. No. Partner for Temp. Storage
EHSWAH_BPID2 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Partner/Waste Comb.
EHSWAH_BPID3 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Disposal Channel
EHSWAH_BPIDST_COLLECT Search Help for Regional Authority-Assigned Number
EHSWAH_COLLECT_DISPOSER Collective Search Help for Disposers in Disposal Processing
EHSWAH_DD03L Search Help for Field Names in Table DD03L
EHSWAH_DIS Determination of a Disposer for a Given Waste Generation
EHSWAH_DIS_CHAN Partners That Occur as Waste Disposers in a Disposal Channel
EHSWAH_DUTCATROL Condition Types per Role
EHSWAH_EANOCAT_LP Disposal Processing: Entry Document Categories
EHSWAH_ENTAMNOA Search Help: Entry Doc. According to Doc. Date/Creation Date
EHSWAH_GEN_CHAN Partners That Occur as Waste Generators in a Dispsl Channel
EHSWAH_GENERATION F4-Waste Generation/Disposal/Transport
EHSWAH_GENERATION_ABFALL Waste Generations for Disposal Processing
EHSWAH_GENERATOR Search for Generators for Given Waste
EHSWAH_HIERARCHICAL_DWAY (Hierarchical) Search for Disposers from Disposal Channels
EHSWAH_KOST Search for Cost Centers
EHSWAH_LIZCATROL License Types per Role
EHSWAH_MAT_APP Search for Wastes for a Waste Approval
EHSWAH_MAT_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Waste
EHSWAH_MAT_CUST Material by Material Type
EHSWAH_MAT_DWAY Search for Wastes with Suitable Disposal Channels
EHSWAH_MAT_PARTNER Search for Wastes with Suitable Partner Assignment
EHSWAH_MN Search Help for Waste Documents
EHSWAH_MN_APP Determines Document Types for a Waste Approval Type
EHSWAH_MN_DG_REGUL Search for Dangerous Goods Regulation
EHSWAH_MNCAT Search Help for Disposal Document Type
EHSWAH_MNORDNO Search Help for Order Numbers at Partner
EHSWAH_MNSTAPRE Status for a Disposal Document Type with Authorization Check
EHSWAH_MNVHSIGN Search Help for Order Numbers at Partner
EHSWAH_MTART_CUST Material Types Defined in Customizing
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL Search for Partners/Generator Numbers
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN Selection of All Partners
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Partners on Disposal Documents
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN_COLLECT2 Collective Search Help - Prtnr in Disp. Docs for Temp. Strg.
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN2 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Partner/Waste Comb.
EHSWAH_PART_ROLL_MN3 Selection of All Partners with Suitable Disposal Channel
EHSWAH_PARTNER Collective Search Help for Waste Management Business Partner
EHSWAH_PARTNER_COLLECT Collective Search Help for Partners
EHSWAH_PARTNER_DIS Search for Disposers from Waste Disposals
EHSWAH_PARTNER_GEN Determination of a Disposer for a Given Waste Generation
EHSWAH_PARTNER_INFO Search for Partners
EHSWAH_PARTNER_INFO_ELEMETARY Search for Partners: Complex Dialog
EHSWAH_PTYPE_ROL Partner Types per Role from Customizing Table
EHSWAH_REGULATION Master Data: Search for Dangerous Goods Regulation
EHSWAH_ROLLEN_BDT_SELECTION Search for All Existing Roles in Waste Management
EHSWAH_STATUS_EA Disposal Processing: Collective Search Help for Status
EHSWAH_STATUS_EA_SYS Disposal Processing: System Status for Object
EHSWAH_STATUS_SEL Disposal Processing: Selection System Status (F4)
EHSWAH_T001 Search for Company Codes
EHSWAH_T158B Search for Movement Types
EHSWAH_WERK Search for Plants
H_EHSWAC_EANOCAT Disposal Processing: Entry Document Categories

Message Classes

The package CBWA contains 2 message classes.

EHS_WA EHS Abfallmanagement
EHS_WA2 Nachrichten EH&S Abfallmanagement

Authorization Objects

The package CBWA contains 5 authorization objects.

C_EHSE_EAF EHS: *** Do Not Use!!! / Obsolete !!! *** (Use C_EHSW_EAF)
C_EHSW_EAD EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing
C_EHSW_EAF EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Processing Functions
C_EHSW_PRT EHS: Waste Management - Waste Management Business Partner
C_EHSW_WMN EHS: Waste Management - Disposal Documents