ICM: Authorization

Technical Information

Package CACSAU
Short Text ICM: Authorization
Parent Package CACSTF

Package Contents

The package CACSAU is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package CACSAU contains 2 function groups.

CACS_AUTH Commissions: Authorization Checks
CACS_AUTH_CUST Customizing Views for Authorization

Database Tables

The package CACSAU contains 7 database tables.

TCACS_AUT04 Commissions: Existing Authorization Groups
TCACS_AUT04T Commissions: Information on Authorization Groups
TCACS_AUT05 Commissions: Assignment of Users to Authorization Group
TCACS_AUT08A Table with Quantifying Authorizations for Amount Fields
TCACS_AUT08B Table with Quantifying Authorizations for Volume Fields
TCACS_AUT08C Table with Quantifying Authorizations for Free Fields
TCACS_AUT08D Table with Quantifying Authorizations for Conditions


The package CACSAU contains 5 views.

V_TCACS_AUT04 Settings for Group Description
V_TCACS_AUT05 Authorization Groups
V_TCACS_AUT08A Maintain Table with Quant. Authorizations for Amount Fields
V_TCACS_AUT08B Maintain Quant. Authorizations for Volume Fields
V_TCACS_AUT08C Maintain Quant. Authorizations for Free Fields


The package CACSAU contains 2 structures.

CACS_AUTH Comn: Commission System Authorization Fields
CACS_S_MOD Structure with Modification Time and User

Search Helps

The package CACSAU contains 1 search helps.

CACS_T006_MSEIH Unit of Measurement Search Help

Authorization Objects

The package CACSAU contains 19 authorization objects.

E_CACS_ACC Settlement Authorization
E_CACS_ALV Save Authorization for Global ALV Layouts
E_CACS_APP Application Authorization
E_CACS_BDL Authorization for Contract Bundling
E_CACS_BK Post Commission Case
E_CACS_CHG Authorization for Follow-Up and Additional Postings
E_CACS_CSD Authorization for Transactions in Interface Dispatcher
E_CACS_CTR Authorization for Commission Contracts
E_CACS_FGB Commissions: Field Groups - Contract Bundle
E_CACS_FGC Commissions: Field Groups - Commission Contract
E_CACS_GEN Generator Authorization
E_CACS_MAS Mass Processing
E_CACS_REV Authorization for Releasing and Returning
E_CACS_SEG Authorization for Segment Assignment
E_CACS_SFA Display External Account
E_CACS_SFC Display/Change External Commission Contract
E_CACS_SLC Enables Changing Head of Organizational Unit
E_CACS_SMA Display Own Account
E_CACS_SMC Display/Change Own Commission Contract