SAP Message Class U1

Tax reporter interface

Technical Information

Message Class U1
Short Text Tax reporter interface
Package PC10


These are the messages of message class U1.

ID Text (EN) Text (DE)
001 Do not specify date when current date is set
002 Interface tables are already set for this combination
003 Only the tax form group can be specified
004 Payroll area & does not have payroll results until &
005 Inconsistent control record for payroll area &
006 Date & is changed according to chosen time base
007 Date was set to : &
008 No forms meet specified criteria
009 Not enough data available to generate form until &
010 Data will be written to tables (Update)
011 Job has started
012 Job put into job queue
013 No fields defined for tax form & on date &
014 Work site not defined for this date
015 Employee number & does not exist
016 Warning: Data may become inconsistent
017 Manual entries were saved
018 Manual entries require tax company
019 Employee number requested for this function &
020 No form was selected
021 No tax form groups to fill
022 Error in batch processing. Cannot close job.
023 Error in batch processing. Please check result of program run.
024 Employee no longer exempt from tax reporting
025 Cannot remove employee from exempt list for tax reporting
026 Employee exempt from tax reporting due to transfer out
027 Cannot insert employee into exempt list for tax reporting
028 No employees are exempt from tax reporting
029 No transferred-in employees to be evaluated
030 Please enter the start date
031 Payroll area & has payroll modifier & which is not defined in T549Q.
032 This will delete results for ALL tax companies with form number.
033 Overwrite prod. results using 'Tools' menu. Display using 'Print Copies'.
034 You are not authorized to &1 (Authorization object 'P_USTR')
035 Form has not been generated with end date: &1
036 Error in batch processing. Unable to open job. Check SYSLOG.
100 No fields were imported. Do not start report directly.
101 Tax form could not be generated for date: &
102 No further level of detail available
103 Customizing menu is not accessible. Action is cancelled.
104 & & & &
105 Form has already been filed on &.
106 The Original form for the correction has not been filed.
107 The Original form has not been produced yet.
108 No entries exist
109 Select a form to process information
110 No entries in the interface tables fit your selection
111 File & already exists
112 Select a valid line
115 Click on a valid line.
116 Unable to read TR monitor information & & &
117 The Original form has not been filed yet.
118 Unable to create Control Record &
121 Productive results not found for the selection in the forms cluster
123 No Magnetic Media files exist for the selection.
128 Previous post filing run has not been filed.
130 Unable to lock T5UYY, please wait 10 minutes and try again
131 Unable to update T5UYY, please wait 10 minutes and try again
132 Configuration Check found fatal error, program abort
150 TemSe file not created for processing W-2 multi
200 Tax form group maintained in Table T5UTP. Double maintenance unnecessary.
300 Forms not maintained for the selected form class
301 Insufficient authorization
302 Variant is locked
303 Variant does not exist
304 Tax authorities cannot be maintained for the selected form class
305 Select form class to continue processing
306 Variant not maintained for form class
307 Form details have not been specified
308 Enter personnel numbers for processing
309 Selection set & &
310 Maintain values to save as selection set
311 Selection set already exists, use a different name.
312 Magnetic tape selected for generation, cannot reprint employee copy.
313 Magnetic tape must be selected to generate a correction run
314 Form has been created for a future date.
315 No original run exists for this correction form
316 Correction run exists for this tax form
317 Magnetic media or form has been filed with one or more tax authorities
318 No data created for the given selection since the last run
320 Error saving selection set - &
321 Error saving variant - &
322 Selection set & replaced by & and saved
323 Magnetic media file will always be created for this condition
324 Insufficient information to process form
325 Information on screen has been saved for future access
326 Choose a form to continue processing
327 Selection set & should not be deleted
350 Problem with & control,ErrCd.: &
351 Problem with event &,ErrCd.: &
352 Error with &
353 Date is required to process selections
354 Exception in date control &
355 Unable to display list , Err.&
356 Generation of forms cancelled
357 Exception in call: &
500 Error when reading number range object: &
501 Latest as of date for the given period is: &
502 Use 'Consider Payroll Results to' date greater than &
503 Employee numbers required for test run (use 1-99999999 to test all ee's)
560 No log found for the given selection criteria.
570 Error when creating TemSe object: &
600 User does not have authority to create a TemSe file
601 The upper/lower limit of RP_TRLOGNR is not configured correctly
602 The upper/lower limit of RP_TEMSE is not configured correctly
603 The upper/lower limit of RP_TRCRLNR is not configured correctly
604 The upper/lower limit of RP_TRFRMNR is not configured correctly
607 Form number required for selected action.
608 No data was found for the given selection criteria.
609 Option '&' is not supported in Employee Number.
610 Sign '&' is not supported in Employee Number.
611 There are no employees found in T5UX1 for tax company '&'.
612 No available type & control number in T5UX6 for tax company &.
700 Select (double-click) specific line for additional information
701 Only entries with green light have been saved
702 Enter both personnel number and tax form group, or leave both blank
703 Error when uploading file
704 Function 'Import from local file' is only valid for Taxable and Tax tab
705 Check validity of tax form group
706 No entries found for specified selection/parameter
707 You cannot modify entries that are included in the production run
708 Change saved
709 Bad data format, check specification of data file in user document
710 Number of deleted entries: &1
711 Select entries before performing the function
712 Personnel No: Lower limit is greater than upper limit
713 Tax Form Group: Lower limit is greater than upper limit
714 Tax Form Group does not exist
715 Reporting period: Start date is later than end date
716 Personnel number(s) not yet assigned
717 Number of entries will be limited to 500
718 You cannot delete entries that are included in the production run
719 Unable to locate the xml node '&1' for data population
720 Unable to delete the unwanted xml nodes
721 Element &1 for deletion not found
722 Unable to set value for attribute &1