SAP Message Class SW

Meldungen des SAPLPD.

Technical Information

Message Class SW
Short Text Meldungen des SAPLPD.
Package SPOO


These are the messages of message class SW.

ID Text (EN) Text (DE)
000 Function group TREE
001 Note with ID & not found
002 Cannot be created as father of the root node
003 Cannot be created as brother of the root node
004 Node & cannot be deleted, since sons exist
005 The name & already exists on this level
006 The root node cannot be deleted
007 Create no longer possible, IDs exhausted (--> long text)
008 Target is in sub-tree, therefore no transfer possible
009 Apart from the root nodes, no sub-tree can be transferred
010 Tree is empty and must first be initialized
012 No further nodes exist for node with ID &
013 Path is too long for variable passed
014 Node with ID & has no brother
015 Node with ID & has no left brother
016 Node with ID & is a root node
017 Node with ID & has no right brother
018 Path cannot be completed
999 & & & &