SAP Message Class J_1BEFD

Message Class for report J_1BEFD_MAIN

Technical Information

Message Class J_1BEFD
Short Text Message Class for report J_1BEFD_MAIN
Package J1BA


These are the messages of message class J_1BEFD.

ID Text (EN) Text (DE)
000 Business place &1 is not defined for company code &2
001 Output file can only be generated if a file name is entered
002 The file is already open
003 No data transferred
004 Data transferred successfully
005 Company code &1 doesn't exist
006 Dates must be in the same year
007 You can only select one state in block 8
008 For the period &2, &1 will be reported
009 When block I is selected, you have to fill &1
010 The layout version &1 doesn't exist
011 The file usage code &1 doesn't exist
012 The profile of fiscal file &1 doesn't exist
013 The activity type &1 doesn't exist
014 Data for company code &1 and business place &2 not maintained
015 Table J_1BEFD_BADI should be customized
016 There is no possible entries help for this field in the current system
017 Cannot download to presentation server in the background
018 File with this name already exists and will be overwritten
019 The file & could not be opened
020 Define an output file name
021 Testing output on screen
022 Write to Local File in Background Mode not possible
500 Selected value out of range
501 Only valid when &1 is &2
502 Selected value out of 'Selection Period'
503 Branch &1 or company &2 not found
504 Field &1 must have size &2
505 Field &1 is mandatory