SAP Message Class J_1A_WS_CAE

Technical Information

Message Class J_1A_WS_CAE
Short Text
Package J1AF


These are the messages of message class J_1A_WS_CAE.

ID Text (EN) Text (DE)
000 Official document type could not be determined.
001 Print character could not be determined.
002 RFC Destination is not maintained for & and &
003 You cannot modify document &1 as it is locked by RFC.
004 Posting date & cannot be earlier than last Annexure creation date &
005 No log for this document.
006 Document & is being processed with Background Job Scheduler.
007 Document & is already approved.
008 Action cancelled. Documents with CAE number cannot be modified.
009 No record set for contingency.
010 No branches are available to set to contingency mode
011 Invalid print character &
012 Error while updating J_1ACONTINGENCY table.
013 Error while updating J_1ACAE table.
014 Sales service indicator is not maintained
015 No selection was made.
016 Company code does not belong to Argentina.
017 Action Cancelled.
018 Document Number & can only be processed through contingency.
019 Cuit number could not be determined.
020 Select at least one record.
021 Branch is in contingency mode, but substitution branch is missing.
022 File cannot be saved in presentation server in background mode
023 No selection made for output file location at selection screen
024 Cannot create file &1 on the application server
025 Selected branch is not applicable for web service communication
026 Contingency branch is not maintained