SAP Function Group CR06

Operating resource hierarchy

Technical Information

Function Group CR06
Short Text Operating resource hierarchy
Package CR

Function Modules

This is a list of function modules that belong to the function group CR06.

CR_HIERACHIES_OF_OBJECT Determine hierarchies in which an object occurs
CR_HIERARCHY_ARBPL_UPD Maintain hierarchy from work center
CR_HIERARCHY_DIALOG Hierarchy maintenance online
CR_HIERARCHY_DIALOG_ARBPL Maintain hierarchy from work center
CR_HIERARCHY_DIALOG_STC Operating resources hierarchy maintenance dialog
CR_HIERARCHY_FATHER_AND_SONS Read hierarchy from work center maintenance
CR_HIERARCHY_GET_VALUES Hierarchy: Possible entries with F4
CR_HIERARCHY_OBJECTS Lesen Objekte einer Hierarchie/ Netz
CR_HIERARCHY_READ Read hierarchy with ID
CR_HIERARCHY_READ_NAME Read hierarchy via names