SAP Function Group CR01

Read accesses to work center for CIM

Technical Information

Function Group CR01
Short Text Read accesses to work center for CIM
Package CR

Function Modules

This is a list of function modules that belong to the function group CR01.

CO_TA_TCR00_READ Lesen TCR00 - Steuerungsdaten Arbeitsplatz
CR_CAPACITIES_OF_WORKCENTER Read capacities assignments for a work center
CR_WORKCENTERS_OF_CAPACITIES Read allocation of work centers to capacities
CR_WORKCENTERS_OF_CAPACITY Read allocations of work centers to capacities
CR_WORKCENTERS_OF_COSTCENTER Lesen Zuordnungen Arbeitsplätze einer Kostenstelle
CR_WORKCENTERS_OF_PERSONS Read assignment of people to work centers and/or capacities
CR_WORKCENTER_BUFFER_REFRESH Refresh object buffer in function group CR01
CR_WORKCENTER_PRE_READ Read work centers in buffer
CR_WORKCENTER_READ_ACTIVTEXT Lesen der Leistungstexte eines Arbeitsplatzes
CR_WORKCENTER_READ_CAPACITIES Read work center detail data
CR_WORKCENTER_READ_COSTING Read work center cost center allocation
CR_WORKCENTER_READ_INDEX Read work center with index from Manpower Planning II
CR_WORKCENTER_READ_INDEX_TAB Read work center with index table from Manpower Planning II
CR_WORKCENTER_SEL_READ Read work center with general Range table for Manpower Planning II
CR_WORKSTATION_CHECK Check existence of the work center
CR_WORKSTATION_READ Read work center
CR_WORKSTATION_READ_ROUTING Read work center from point of view of the task list
OBJECT_CHECK_CRHD Read work center for classification