SAP Function Group CPVB

Task lists: update : core data

Technical Information

Function Group CPVB
Short Text Task lists: update : core data
Package CP

Function Modules

This is a list of function modules that belong to the function group CPVB.

CP_VB_CHANGEDOCUMENT_CLOSE Close change document creation for an object
CP_VB_CHANGEDOCUMENT_OPEN Task lists: Start change document creation for object characteristic
CP_VB_PLAS_POST Update function for operation/sequence assignments PLAS document table
CP_VB_PLFL_POST Update function for sequences from PLFL document table
CP_VB_PLKO_POST Update function for headers of PLKO document table
CP_VB_PLPO_POST Update function for operations from PLPO document table
CP_VB_PLZU_POST Verbuchungsbaustein für die Tabelle PLZU
CP_VB_ROUT_DELETE Delete entire task lists