SAP Function Group CPTD

Task lists: secondary dialog table proc.

Technical Information

Function Group CPTD
Short Text Task lists: secondary dialog table proc.
Package CX

Function Modules

This is a list of function modules that belong to the function group CPTD.

CP_TD_AOB_READ_WITH_INDEX Read an AOB record from the internal table via the index
CP_TD_INIT Dialog table setup for the scheduling
CP_TD_MARK_LST_DELETE Remove all selections of a list
CP_TD_MARK_SET_WITH_INDEX Select record to index in term dialog table
CP_TD_NET_CYCLE_ANALYSIS Set up internal tables for loop analysis
CP_TD_OPR_READ Read operation from term dialog table
CP_TD_READ_WITH_INDEX Read record to the index from term dialog table
CP_TD_READ_WITH_SORTKEY Read record for the logical key from the term dialog table