SAP Function Group CPSE

Task lists: external selections

Technical Information

Function Group CPSE
Short Text Task lists: external selections
Package CP

Function Modules

This is a list of function modules that belong to the function group CPSE.

CPSE_DUMMY Dummy module to generate SAPLCPSE
CP_PLNAL_SELECTION Automatische Alternativenselektion Pläne
CP_PLNAL_SELECTIONX Automatische Alternativenselektion Pläne
CP_SE_ALT_READ_BY_EQU Read all EAPL and PLKO records for EQUNR from DB at a key date
CP_SE_ALT_READ_BY_IFL Zu TPLNR alle TAPL und PLKO-Sätze von DB-lesen zu einem Stichtag
CP_SE_ALT_READ_BY_MAT Read all MAPL and PLKO records for MATNR/WERKS from DB for a key date
CP_SE_ALT_SELECT_AUTO Automatic selection of alternative task lists
TCA44_READ Determine Perform for user exits for planned selection of alternatives