SAP Function Group CPMF

Task lists: field modifications

Technical Information

Function Group CPMF
Short Text Task lists: field modifications
Package CP

Function Modules

This is a list of function modules that belong to the function group CPMF.

CP_MF_ALTERNATIVE Field attribute modification for alternative detail screens.
CP_MF_CONTROL_BY_ACTTYP Feldmodifikation für TableControls nach Transaktion
CP_MF_CONTROL_BY_TRANS Feldmodifikation für TableControls nach Transaktion
CP_MF_MILESTONE Field modifications for milestone
CP_MF_OPERATION Field attribute modification for operation detail screens
CP_MF_QDATEN Field attribute modification for quality data screen
CP_MF_QM_OPERATION Feldattribute-Modifikation für Vorgangsdetailbilder.
CP_MF_SELECTION Field modification of the request screen for task lists
CP_MF_SEQUENCE Field attribute modification for follow-on detail screens.
CP_MF_TABLE_CONTROL Feldmodifikation für TableControls