SAP Customer Exit LTBLX003

Limit Management: Additional Fileds for Limit Maintenance

Technical Information

Customer Exit LTBLX003
Short Text Limit Management: Additional Fileds for Limit Maintenance


These are the components of customer exit LTBLX003.

Function Modules

Function module exits are called from SAP programs at defined points with the ABAP statement CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION <nnn>.


Function Codes

With custom function codes, it's possible to add functionality to SAP screens. It can be triggered with the respective function code. The custom logic must be added in a corresponding function module exit, to which the triggered function is passed as a parameter.

  • SAPLTBL1+001

Screen Areas

Screen area exists allow the addition of custom UI elements in a predefined place in SAP programs. In business objects, this is often on a "customer enhancement" tab. They usually come with two function module exits to include PBO and PAI logic.